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The action game genre continues to be a powerhouse in the gaming industry, thrilling players with high-octane adventures, challenging combat, and captivating stories. This month, the news is buzzing with everything from upcoming releases to rumours of exciting new titles. Here’s a dive into the latest happenings in the action game world:

New Releases and Upcoming Games

  • AVA and the Half-World: French developer Bread Panda has announced a new roguelike action game, AVA and the Half-World. Players take on the role of Ava, destined to vanish in a world shrouded in forgotten myths. Explore a unique world built on drifting islands, face off against mysterious creatures, and uncover the secrets of the Sidereal Riptide [roguelike action game AVA and the Half-World announced for PC].
  • Possible LoL MMO Shooter: A recent job posting by Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends (LoL), has sparked speculation about a new third-person action game. Fans are theorizing it could be the long-rumoured LoL MMO shooter set in the popular Runeterra universe. While details are scarce, this is exciting news for LoL enthusiasts who crave a new way to experience the vast world [Riot job posting hints at a new 3rd person action game; speculated to be the LoL MMO shooter].

Tomb Raider Joins Xbox Game Pass

Calling all tomb raiders! One of the best Tomb Raider games is making its way to Xbox Game Pass. This is a great opportunity for players to revisit a beloved classic or experience it for the first time. While the specific title hasn’t been revealed yet, it adds to the already impressive library of action-adventure games available on the subscription service [Action Game News, Guides, Features and Reviews].

Beyond the Headlines: What Gamers Are Talking About

While official announcements grab headlines, there’s always a buzz around rumours, leaks, and player communities. Here’s a look at what gamers are discussing:

  • PS5 Pro: Rumors about a potential PS5 Pro upgrade continue to circulate. Gamers are curious about potential release dates, specs, and pricing. With the ongoing chip shortage impacting production across the industry, there’s no official confirmation from Sony, but speculation suggests a possible launch in 2024 or 2025.
  • Open-World Fatigue: Discussions about open-world fatigue are simmering within the gaming community. While vast, explorable worlds offer endless possibilities, some gamers feel a saturation of repetitive open-world game design. Developers are likely looking at ways to innovate and create open worlds that feel fresh and engaging.
  • The Future of Action-Adventure: With the success of titles like Elden Ring, which seamlessly blend action and adventure elements, many gamers are wondering what the future holds for the action-adventure genre. Will we see more titles that combine these elements to create truly immersive experiences?

Looking Ahead: What to Expect

The action game genre is constantly evolving, with developers pushing boundaries and creating new experiences. Here are some trends to keep an eye on:

  • Rise of Indie Action Games: Indie studios are making a big splash in the action game market, delivering innovative and unique titles. With lower development costs and the ability to take creative risks, indie games are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Focus on Narrative: Action games are no longer just about adrenaline-pumping combat. Developers are placing a stronger emphasis on storytelling, creating games that offer not only thrilling action sequences but also compelling narratives that draw players in.
  • VR Integration: Virtual Reality (VR) continues to evolve, and action games are a natural fit for immersive technology. Expect to see more VR titles that put players right in the heart of the action.

Beyond the Cutting Edge: Classic Games Making a Comeback

While new releases dominate the headlines, there’s a growing trend of classic action games being remastered or remade for modern audiences. This allows players to revisit their favourites with updated visuals and gameplay mechanics, while also introducing them to a new generation of gamers. Whether it’s a beloved side-scroller or a groundbreaking 3D action title, these remakes and remasters are a great way to experience the classics in a whole new light.

The world of action games is brimming with excitement. From the thrill of upcoming releases to the ongoing discussions within the gaming community, there’s always something new to discover. So, grab your controller, gear up for adventure, and get ready to experience the next generation of action gaming!


Q. What’s the latest buzz in action games?

  • Two main stories are heating up the action game world right now:
    • Rumoured League of Legends MMO Shooter: A job listing from Riot Games hints at a new third-person action title, with speculation swirling that it could be the long-awaited League of Legends MMO shooter set in the Runeterra universe. [Source: Sportskeeda]
    • New Roguelike on the Horizon: AVA and the Half-World French developer Bread Panda recently announced AVA and the Half-World, a roguelike action game for PC with a captivating world of forgotten myths and challenging exploration. [Source: Gematsu]

Q. Is there any news about upcoming Tomb Raider games?

  • While there haven’t been announcements of new titles, Tomb Raider fans can rejoice!  Tomb Raider is one of the four titles added to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of May 2024. [Source: Digital Trends]

Q. What are some new action games I can play?

  • If you’re looking for a new action fix, check out AVA and the Half-World (PC), coming soon.  For a blast from the past, Tomb Raider is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Q. Are there any upcoming action game releases I should know about?

  • There’s no official confirmation yet, but speculation is high that Riot Games might be developing a League of Legends MMO shooter. Stay tuned for future announcements!

Q. What’s the most awarded action game?

  • This is a tough one, as awards vary year to year. However, Uncharted 2 holds the record for most wins at a single BAFTA Awards ceremony, snagging five trophies in 2009. [Source: The Independent]

Q. Are there any classic action games worth revisiting?

  • Absolutely!  The Independent also mentions titles like  Diablo III and Red Dead Redemption as excellent choices for gamers looking for a retro fix.

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