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After the Flood” is a British crime drama television series with one season currently available (as of May 7, 2024). Here’s the main cast of the show:

  • Sophie Rundle as PC Joanna Marshall: A police constable tasked with investigating the mysterious death of an unidentified man found in an underground car park after a devastating flood.
  • Matt Stokoe as Pat Holman: A character potentially connected to the case being investigated by PC Joanna Marshall.
  • Nicholas Gleaves as DS Phil Mackie: A detective sergeant likely working alongside PC Marshall on the case.
  • Lorraine Ashbourne as Molly Marshall: Potentially a relative of PC Joanna Marshall.
  • Jonas Armstrong as Lee Ellison: Another character whose role in the story is yet to be revealed.
  • Philip Glenister as Jack Radcliffe: The details surrounding his character are unknown at this point.
  • Tripti Tripuraneni as Deepa Das: Her role in the series remains unclear based on currently available information.
  • Anita Adam Gabay as Tasha Eden: The specifics of her character are yet to be disclosed.
  • Jacqueline Boatswain as Sarah Mackie: Possibly related to DS Phil Mackie, although the exact connection is unknown.
  • George Bukhari as Keith: Details about his character are unavailable at this time.
  • Daniel Betts as DCI Roy: This character likely holds a higher rank within the police department investigating the case.
  • Faye McKeever as Kelly: The details surrounding her role are unknown.

“After the Flood,” a gripping British crime drama miniseries, takes viewers on a suspenseful journey following a devastating flood. Here’s a deeper dive into what the series offers:

Central Mystery:

  • The Unexplained Death: The core of the story revolves around the discovery of an unidentified man’s body in an underground car park after the floodwaters recede. This sets the stage for a puzzling investigation.
  • PC Joanna Marshall’s Determination: Leading the investigation is PC Joanna Marshall, a police constable determined to uncover the truth behind the man’s death.

Characters and Potential Connections:

  • Pat Holman: A character whose connection to the deceased or the case remains unclear, but he seems to be a person of interest for PC Marshall.
  • Supporting Cast and Their Roles: Other characters like DS Phil Mackie, Molly Marshall (potentially Joanna’s relative), Lee Ellison, and Jack Radcliffe introduce possibilities for allies, suspects, or individuals with hidden secrets that could impact the investigation.

Setting and Atmosphere:

  • Aftermath of the Flood: The series takes place in the aftermath of a major flood, creating a unique setting with potential challenges and a sense of unease. The flooded landscape could serve as a metaphor for the characters’ hidden secrets coming to light.
  • Uncertainties and Tensions: The post-flood environment might create a sense of distrust and suspicion within the community, potentially hindering the investigation or introducing unexpected twists.

Possible Themes:

  • Secrets and Lies: The unidentified man’s death likely unlocks a web of hidden truths that the characters must confront.
  • The Human Cost of Disaster: The flood’s devastation might serve as a backdrop for exploring themes of loss,resilience, and the fragility of life.
  • Uncovering Justice: PC Marshall’s pursuit of the truth highlights the importance of justice, even amidst the chaos caused by the flood.

Limited Information, But Intriguing Potential:

  • Limited Season Availability: With only one season currently available, comprehensive details about the plot,character development, and resolution might be scarce.
  • Open to Interpretation: The limited information allows viewers to piece together the clues and form their own theories about the characters’ motives and the events leading to the unidentified man’s death.

Where was After the Flood filmed?

New ITV six-part mystery thriller, After the Flood, comes from screenwriter Mick Ford and tackles the fallout from a catastrophic deluge on Waterside, a town in Yorkshire โ€“ with more bad weather expected in the coming days.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a murder investigation that gets underway when the body of a man is found in a lift in an underground carpark. Initially, it’s thought he’s a victim of the flood, but it quickly becomes clear that there’s far more to his death lurking beneath the surface.

“I found this picture of a town in Yorkshire, which was in a flash flood, and it was just this rage of water coming between houses,” said Ford of an image that inspired this particular story. “It was important to get that impact.

After the Flood filming locations

For the opening scene, in which a river bursts its banks, threatening to drown a baby, the cast and crew spent a week in Stockton-on-Tees. They were based at Tees Barrage White Water Centre, which lead Sophie Rundledescribed as “like being on a school trip”.

She explained that it’s “where they train all the emergency services”, adding: “There’s this water course and they have control of the speed and the scale of the water.”

As you’d expect, the physicality of the role proved a challenge.

“Filming days are long and they’re hard,” said Rundle. “I was totally knackered. I just took a lot of vitamins and then I went away to Spain at the end of it and drank a gallon of white wine.”

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