Andy Murray’s Father: The Man Behind the Champion


Andy Murray, the two-time Wimbledon champion and three-time Grand Slam winner, is a household name in the world of tennis. His mother, Judy Murray, is well-known for being his coach and a major influence in his career. However, Andy’s father, William Murray, often stays out of the spotlight. This article delves into the life of William Murray, exploring his role in Andy’s success and dispelling some common misconceptions.

Andy Murray

From Dunblane to Supporting Champions: William Murray’s Background

Hailing from Dunblane, Scotland, William Murray comes from a non-tennis background. He worked as a regional manager for the Scottish newsagent chain RS McColl [1]. There’s limited information available about his early life, but what is clear is his unwavering support for his sons.

A Quiet Pillar: William’s Role in Andy and Jamie’s Tennis Journey

Despite Judy being the more prominent coaching figure, William played a crucial role in fostering his sons’ love for tennis. While Judy provided technical expertise, William ensured they had the resources and opportunities to pursue their passion.

Andy and Jamie themselves have acknowledged their father’s significant contribution. In an interview, Andy said, “We wouldn’t be where we are today without my dad’s support. He was always the one driving us to tournaments and making sure we had everything we needed” [2].

There was a misconception, particularly after William and Judy’s separation in 1998, that he was an absent father. William addressed this head-on, stating, “Most people get the impression that I was an absent father. That was not – and is not – the case” [3]. He maintained a close relationship with both his sons throughout their careers.

Beyond Tennis: William Murray, the Man

William seems to be a private person who prefers to stay out of the limelight. He remarried in 2016 to Sam Watson [4]. While details about his personal life are scarce, it’s evident that family remains a priority for him.

A Supportive Father, A Split Family: Navigating Change

Andy’s parents separated when he was just 10 years old. This could have been a major setback, but both Andy and Jamie have spoken about how they used it as motivation. William and Judy ensured a smooth transition, prioritizing their sons’ well-being and ensuring continued support for their tennis aspirations [5].

William Murray’s Influence: More Than Just Financial Backing

While William’s financial support undoubtedly helped with coaching and travel, his influence goes beyond that. He instilled a strong work ethic and dedication in his sons. He’s known for his calm demeanor, a quality that likely helped Andy and Jamie navigate the pressures of professional tennis.

There have also been reports of William’s competitive spirit, which might have rubbed off on his sons [6]. This combination of support, discipline, and a touch of healthy competition likely played a part in shaping the champions Andy and Jamie became.

Beyond Andy: A Father to Two Sporting Stars

It’s important to remember that William is not just Andy’s father, but also Jamie Murray’s. Jamie, a highly successful doubles player with seven Grand Slam titles, has often acknowledged his father’s role in his achievements. William has consistently supported both sons throughout their careers, celebrating their individual triumphs.

William Murray’s Legacy: A Father’s unwavering Support

While Judy Murray receives most of the credit for Andy and Jamie’s coaching, William Murray’s contribution shouldn’t be overlooked. He provided unwavering emotional and logistical support, ensuring his sons had the resources to pursue their dreams. His calm demeanor and work ethic likely played a significant role in shaping their personalities. William Murray’s story is a testament to the power of a father’s unwavering support, proving that champions are often made, not just born.

In Conclusion

William Murray’s story goes beyond being the father of a sporting legend. It’s a testament to the enduring power of a father’s love and support. While he may shy away from the spotlight, his influence on Andy and Jamie’s success is undeniable.


Who is Andy Murray’s father?

Andy Murray’s father is William Murray. He’s originally from Dunblane, Scotland.

What role did William play in Andy’s tennis career?

While Judy Murray, Andy’s mom, is a well-known tennis coach, William’s influence shouldn’t be understated. He’s been a constant source of support for both Andy and his older brother, Jamie, throughout their tennis journeys.

What was William’s profession?

William reportedly worked as a regional manager for a Scottish newsagent chain called RS McColl.

Are Andy’s parents still together?

No, William and Judy separated when Andy was around 10 years old. They eventually divorced in 2005.

Does William Murray keep a low profile?

Yes, compared to Judy, William prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, he has addressed misconceptions about his involvement in his sons’ lives, stating he was always a present father.

Is William Murray remarried?

Yes, William married Sam Watson in 2016 at Andy’s hotel, Cromlix House.

Did Andy Murray have a good relationship with his father?

Despite the separation, reports suggest Andy has a strong relationship with his father. William has been there for him throughout his career, attending matches and cheering him on.

Does Jamie Murray, Andy’s brother, also play tennis?

Yes! Jamie Murray is also a successful professional tennis player. Notably, he’s won seven Grand Slam titles in men’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Where can I learn more about Andy Murray’s family?

Several online resources offer information about Andy Murray’s family, including news articles and interviews. You can find them through a quick Google search.

Is there anything else interesting about William Murray?

Beyond his role as a supportive father, not much else is publicly known about William’s personal life. He seems content to let his sons shine in the spotlight.

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