Unveiling the Mysteries: A Guide to Hogwarts’ Astronomy Tables


Astronomy table Hogwarts, For aspiring witches and wizards venturing into the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, the Astronomy Tables hold a unique charm. These scattered stone circles are more than just scenic overlooks; they’re gateways to celestial puzzles and a chance to unravel the secrets of the night sky. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy, from their locations and functions to helpful tips for solving the celestial riddles they present.

Astronomy table Hogwarts

What are Astronomy Tables?

Astronomy Tables are interactive puzzles encountered during your Hogwarts education. After completing the “Astronomy Class” mission, you’ll unlock the ability to interact with these tables scattered throughout the castle grounds and the wider open world. Each table features a celestial map, a representation of a specific constellation. By manipulating the celestial dials on the table, you’ll be tasked with aligning the stars on the map to match the actual constellation.

Where to Find Astronomy Tables

There are a total of fifteen Astronomy Tables hidden across Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. Thankfully, you won’t have to rely solely on exploration to find them. As you progress through the game, the tables will be marked on your mini-map with a crescent moon icon. Here’s a breakdown of the regions where you can find these celestial puzzles:

Hogwarts Castle: One table is nestled within the castle grounds, offering a serene view of the night sky.

Hogwarts Valley: Explore the regions around Brocburrow, Keenbridge, and the path leading to Hogsmeade to discover several tables.

South Hogwarts: Venture beyond the castle’s main gates towards the Forbidden Forest and the South Ford Bog to find hidden tables.

Feldcroft: Both North and South Feldcroft regions hold Astronomy Tables waiting to be solved.

The Coast: Explore the Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, Manor Cape, Clagmar Coast, and Cragcroftshire for tables overlooking the vast ocean.

Hogsmeade Valley: Discover a table nestled within the picturesque valley near Hogsmeade.

Tip: Refer to online resources or community-created maps for a more detailed visual guide to all Astronomy Table locations.

Solving the Celestial Puzzles

Each Astronomy Table presents a unique constellation puzzle. To solve them, simply interact with the table and manipulate the celestial dials. Here are some key points to remember:

Zooming In and Out: The dials allow you to zoom in and out of the celestial map. Use this function effectively to match the overall pattern of the constellation.

Rotating the Dials: You can also rotate the dials to adjust the positions of individual stars within the map.

Matching the Pattern: Carefully align the stars on the map to perfectly match the actual constellation you’re trying to represent. Most constellations consist of distinct shapes formed by connecting stars with lines.

Trial and Error: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t solve the puzzle on the first try. Experiment with zooming and rotating the dials until the celestial map reflects the intended constellation.

Rewards for Completing Astronomy Tables

The satisfaction of solving a celestial puzzle isn’t the only reward you’ll receive. Completing each Astronomy Table unlocks a new cosmetic appearance for your equipped gear. These rewards add a touch of personalization to your character’s attire, allowing you to showcase your astronomical achievements.

Beyond the Puzzles: The Lore of Astronomy at Hogwarts

Understanding the celestial bodies and their movements is not just for stargazers; it holds practical applications in spellcasting, potion-brewing, and even divination. By completing the Astronomy Tables, you’re not just solving puzzles; you’re delving deeper into the rich lore of magic and its connection to the cosmos.

For instance, some constellations might be linked to specific spells or magical creatures. Solving these puzzles could be a subtle way for the game to introduce you to these connections, building a deeper understanding of the wizarding world’s intricate systems.

Astronomy Tables: A Launchpad for Exploration

The hunt for Astronomy Tables encourages exploration beyond the familiar confines of Hogwarts castle. As you venture into the vast open world, you’ll discover hidden secrets, encounter new challenges, and uncover breathtaking landscapes bathed in the moonlight. These excursions not only enhance your gameplay experience but also provide a sense of accomplishment as you complete the celestial map network.

Who knows, you might even stumble upon hidden treasures or encounter unique creatures while on your quest to solve these celestial puzzles!

The Final Verdict: A Starry Adventure Awaits

The Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy are more than just puzzles; they’re interactive elements that enrich the overall gameplay experience. They encourage exploration, reward you with cosmetic upgrades, and subtly introduce you to the fascinating world of astronomy within the wizarding universe.


What are Astronomy Tables?

Astronomy Tables are interactive puzzles you encounter throughout Hogwarts and the surrounding open world. They’re circular stone structures etched with constellations. By interacting with these tables, you can rotate and zoom in/out on the celestial patterns to match the actual constellation they represent.

How Do I Use Astronomy Tables?

Using Astronomy Tables is fairly straightforward. Here’s a breakdown:

Find an Astronomy Table: Keep an eye out for the moon icon on your mini-map. This indicates the presence of a nearby table.

Interact with the Table: Approach the table and press the designated button (usually interact button) to activate the puzzle.

Solve the Puzzle: You’ll see an incomplete constellation on the table. Use the provided tools to:

Rotate the entire pattern to match the constellation’s orientation.

Zoom in and out to adjust the scale and ensure all the stars align correctly.

Match the Constellation: Once you’ve correctly aligned the stars, the puzzle will be solved, and you’ll be rewarded with a short animation showcasing the complete constellation.

What Do I Get for Solving Astronomy Tables?

The primary reward for solving Astronomy Tables is the satisfaction of a celestial puzzle well-solved! But there’s more! Completing a certain number of tables unlocks new cosmetic appearances for your gear. So, the more you stargaze, the cooler your equipment looks!

Where Can I Find Astronomy Tables?

There are a total of 15 Astronomy Tables hidden throughout Hogwarts Legacy. One table is located within Hogwarts Castle, while the remaining 14 are scattered across the open-world regions surrounding the castle. These regions include:

North Ford Bog

Forbidden Forest

South Hogwarts

Hogwarts Valley (various locations)

South Feldcroft

North Feldcroft

Poidsear Coast

Marunweem Lake

Manor Cape

Clagmar Coast


Hogsmeade Valley

Are there any Tips for Solving Astronomy Tables?

Absolutely! Here are a few pointers to make your celestial endeavors smoother:

Pay Attention to Scale: Sometimes, the solution involves matching not just the constellation’s shape but also the relative sizes of the stars.

Zoom In and Out: Don’t be afraid to zoom in and out to get a better view of the individual stars and their arrangement.

Explore Everywhere: Keep an eye out for the moon icon on your mini-map as you explore. You might stumble upon a hidden table you weren’t expecting!

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