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Astronomy wing field guide pages, The magical halls of Hogwarts Castle hold countless mysteries, and the Astronomy Wing is no exception. For aspiring witches and wizards in Hogwarts Legacy, this wing offers not only breathtaking views of the celestial expanse but also a collection of intriguing Field Guide Pages. These pages, scattered throughout the area, serve as a captivating challenge and a valuable source of knowledge. This guide delves into everything you need to know about finding and completing the Astronomy Wing Field Page collection.

Astronomy wing field guide

The Significance of Field Guide Pages

Field Guide Pages are a core collectible element in Hogwarts Legacy. They function like a magical scavenger hunt, leading you to discover hidden secrets and fascinating details about the castle and its inhabitants. Completing these pages not only rewards you with a sense of accomplishment but also unlocks additional content within the game. Some pages might grant you cosmetic items for your character, while others might provide interesting lore snippets about the castle’s history or the magical creatures that reside within its walls.

The Astronomy Wing Field Pages specifically focus on this particular area of the castle, encompassing its various classrooms, towers, and hidden nooks. By collecting these pages, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the role astronomy plays at Hogwarts, learn about the professors who teach the subject, and uncover some of the unique magical objects housed within the wing.

Conquering the Collection: Essential Spells and Tools

Before embarking on your quest for the Astronomy Wing Field Pages, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the necessary tools and spells. Here’s a breakdown of the essentials:

Lumos Spell: This spell acts as your magical flashlight, illuminating dimly lit areas and revealing hidden secrets, including Field Guide Pages.

Revelio Spell: Casting Revelio near an obscured Field Guide Page will make it shimmer and stand out from its surroundings, allowing you to easily spot it.

Accio Spell: This spell is your go-to for grabbing Field Guide Pages that are out of reach, often suspended in mid-air or tucked away in high corners.

Level 1 and Level 2 Alohomora: These spells come in handy when you encounter locked doors or gates that may be guarding certain Field Guide Pages. As you progress through the game, you’ll learn these spells, granting access to previously restricted areas.

Fire Spells (Confringo or Incendio): A couple of Field Guide Pages are cleverly concealed behind interactive objects that require a fire spell to activate.

Levioso Spell: In some instances, you might need Levioso to lift a small object that’s blocking access to a Field Guide Page.

With this magical arsenal at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenges presented by the Astronomy Wing Field Pages.

A Field Guide Page Odyssey: Unveiling Their Locations

The Astronomy Wing Field Pages are strategically placed throughout the area, often requiring you to utilize your spells and explore hidden corners. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their locations, based on popular searches and inquiries:

Top Floor of the Astronomy Tower:

Astronomy Telescope: Head to the very top of the Astronomy Tower and locate the massive telescope. Casting Revelio near it will reveal the Field Guide Page.

Dragon Statue: Descend a short flight of stairs from the top platform to find a small room. Inside, there’s a dragon statue. Use a fire spell (Confringo or Incendio) to light it up, revealing the Field Guide Page.

Lower Levels of the Astronomy Tower:

Tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy: As you descend the stairs from the top floor, keep an eye out for an animated tapestry depicting a rather eccentric wizard named Barnabas the Barmy. Cast Revelio to reveal the Field Guide Page hidden within the tapestry.

Charms Classroom:

Charms Class Statue 1: Right beside the Charms Classroom Floo Flame, you’ll find a small statue. Revelio will highlight the Field Guide Page hovering above it, which you can grab using Accio.

Charms Class Flying Page: In the same room as the Charms Classroom Floo Flame, look up to spot another Field Guide Page simply floating in mid-air. Use Accio to retrieve it.

Charms Class Statue 2: Within the Charms Classroom, there’s another small statue near a gold-framed painting. Cast Revelio to make the Field Guide Page appear, and use Accio to claim it.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower:

Moth Painting in Dark Arts Tower: As you venture down the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower, keep an eye out for a small painting depicting a moth. Revelio will reveal the Field Guide Page hidden within the painting.


Q. How many Field Guide Pages are there in the Astronomy Wing?

There are a whopping 23 Field Guide Pages scattered throughout the Astronomy Wing and its neighboring areas. Prepare for an adventure that takes you through classrooms, hallways, and even hidden corners!

Q. Where can I find these Field Guide Pages?

The beauty of these pages lies in their clever hiding places. You’ll need to utilize some of the spells you learn throughout the game to reveal them. Here’s a breakdown of the locations:

Astronomy Tower: This is where your hunt begins! The top floor holds the grand telescope and a hidden page (use Revelio to reveal it). Explore the room with the dragon statue; a fire spell (Confringo or Incendio) on the statue ignites it, uncovering another page. Don’t forget to check the animated tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy on your way down.

Charms Classroom: Look for a small statue near the golden-framed painting. Use Levioso to make it float and reveal the page. Another page playfully flits around the room; cast Accio to snatch it! A third page waits near the other statue in the classroom.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower: Keep an eye out for a moth painting – there’s one in this tower too. Head to Professor Fig’s classroom Floo Flame and look up; a fire spell (Confringo) on the distant dragon brazier will bring the page down (use Accio to collect it). Explore the hallway for another moth painting and a hidden page.

Other Locations: Your quest extends beyond these towers! Explore the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom for hidden pages. The Transfiguration Courtyard and its statue hold a page, while a partially Transfigured object conceals another. Look out for a spooky passage (Pungent Passage) with a hidden page and a moth painting. The Alchemy Class, accessible through the Bell Tower Courtyard, has a final page waiting behind a level 2 Alohomora lock (use Demiguise Moons to upgrade).

Q. Do I need any special spells to find these pages?

Yes, for some pages you’ll need spells like Revelio to reveal hidden ones, Accio to summon flying pages, Levioso to move objects that block them, and Confringo or Incendio to light up fire-based clues.

Q. What are the rewards for collecting all the Field Guide Pages?

The joy of exploration and the thrill of the hunt are rewards in themselves! But beyond that, you’ll earn valuable points that contribute to your overall completion percentage.

Q. Are there any guides available to help me find all the pages?

Absolutely! Many online resources offer visual guides and walkthroughs to pinpoint the exact locations of each Field Guide Page. Don’t hesitate to search for “Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Wing Field Guide Pages” for detailed instructions YouTube.

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