Guide to Bobbleheads: Unearthing Every Bonus in Fallout 4


Bobblehead locations fallout 4, Scattered throughout the Commonwealth of Fallout 4 lie the coveted bobbleheads. These miniature figures aren’t just for decoration; they provide permanent stat boosts to your character, making them a valuable commodity in the wasteland. But with 20 bobbleheads to track down, their locations can feel like a guarded secret. Fear not, Vault Dwellers! This guide will be your roadmap to unearthing every bobblehead and maximizing your character’s potential.

Bobblehead locations fallout 4

Understanding Bobbleheads: Stats and Effects

Before we embark on our treasure hunt, let’s understand what bobbleheads offer. Each bobblehead permanently increases a specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) stat by one point. This bonus applies from the moment you pick up the bobblehead and remains active for the rest of the game. Remember, you can only have one of each bobblehead’s effect active at a time, so choose wisely based on your character build.

Here’s a breakdown of each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat and how a bobblehead can benefit it:

Strength: Increases your carry weight and melee damage.

Perception: Improves V.A.T.S. accuracy and critical chance.

Endurance: Boosts your health regeneration and resistance to damage.

Charisma: Enhances your bartering abilities and companion affinity gain.

Intelligence: Grants more experience points and unlocks higher-level weapon and armor crafting.

Agility: Improves movement speed, sneak attack damage, and action point regeneration.

Luck: Increases your critical damage multiplier and the chance of finding legendary items.

Now that you understand the power of bobbleheads, let’s delve into where to find them!

Bobblehead Bonanza: A Location-by-Location Breakdown

Fallout 4 throws bobbleheads into various locations, some readily accessible and others requiring exploration or completing quests. We’ll explore each bobblehead’s location and provide tips for easy retrieval.

Agility Bobblehead: Ahoy, mateys! This bobblehead is perched on the bow of the wrecked ship FMS Northern Star, located southeast of the Commonwealth on the edge of the map. Be prepared for irradiated waters and potentially hostile creatures guarding the wreck.

Big Guns Bobblehead: Descend into the depths of Vault 95, southwest of the map. Navigate the vault’s treacherous path until you reach the living quarters’ northernmost room. Look for the bobblehead resting on a radio.

Barter Bobblehead: Head to Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, northwest of Diamond City. Inside the upper level’s northwestern shack, you’ll find the bobblehead nestled amongst a series of terminals.

Charisma Bobblehead (This one requires some extra legwork): This bobblehead is hidden within Parsons State Insane Asylum. However, to access it, you’ll need to complete a specific quest chain:

Reach level 10 and find Edward Deegan in one of four locations: Dugout Inn, Bunker Hill market, Colonial Taphouse, or Third Rail.

Complete his quests, “Special Delivery” and “Emogene Takes a Lover.”

This unlocks “The Secret of Cabot House” quest, granting you entry into the asylum.

Follow Jack Cabot through the asylum and locate the bobblehead on his office desk.

Explosives Bobblehead: Brace yourself for a fiery encounter! This bobblehead is located within Saugus Ironworks, northeast of the map. Be prepared to face off against tough enemies, particularly raiders wielding flamers and a powerful boss in Power Armor. The bobblehead rests behind him on a table.

Lockpick Bobblehead: This bobblehead is cleverly hidden within Pickman Gallery in the far south of the Commonwealth. As you explore the gallery, keep an eye out for a locked display case on the second floor. Pick the lock to claim your prize.

Luck Bobblehead: Feeling lucky? This bobblehead is located within the Vault 75 experimental vault, directly west of Diamond City. Explore the vault until you reach the overseer’s office, where you’ll find the bobblehead on the desk.


Q: What are bobbleheads and what do they do?

Bobbleheads are miniature figures that provide a one-time perk to a specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) or skill in Fallout 4. For example, the Bobblehead of Small Guns increases your damage output with non-automatic pistols.

Q: How many bobbleheads are there and where can I find them?

There are a total of 20 bobbleheads to collect in Fallout 4. They’re hidden in various locations throughout the Commonwealth, from abandoned buildings to deep within vaults. Some are readily accessible, while others require completing quests or facing off against enemies.

Q: Is there a list of all bobblehead locations?

Absolutely! Several resources online have comprehensive lists of bobblehead locations. You can find them through a quick web search or consult Fallout 4 guides.

Q: Are there any bobbleheads I should prioritize?

It depends on your character build and playstyle! If you focus on V.A.T.S. combat, the bobblehead for Perception (V.A.T.S. Dweller) would be ideal. For sneaky characters, the Agility bobblehead (Action Boy/Action Girl) is a great pick.

Q: Can I miss any bobbleheads?

Technically, no. You can revisit most locations throughout the game. However, a few bobbleheads are tied to specific quests or areas that become inaccessible later. It’s best to grab them when you encounter them.

Q: What happens if I pick up a bobblehead I already have?

No worries! If you grab a bobblehead you already possess, it gets converted into 1000 caps, the in-game currency. Not a bad consolation prize!

Q: Any tips for finding bobbleheads?

Explore everywhere! Bobbleheads can be found in seemingly random places, so keep your eyes peeled.

Pay attention to your environment. Look for desks, shelves, and other surfaces where bobbleheads might be displayed.

Talk to people! Some characters might offer hints or point you towards bobblehead locations.

Use your Pip-Boy. As you explore and discover locations, bobbleheads will be marked on your map once you get close enough.

Q: Can I display my bobblehead collection?

Yes! Once you pick up a bobblehead, it gets placed on a stand in your workshop. You can arrange them however you like to create a unique collection.

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