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The vast and vibrant world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: botw holds many secrets to uncover. Scattered throughout the landscape are thirteen Captured Memories, fragments of Link’s past that offer glimpses into his relationship with Zelda and the events that led to Hyrule’s devastation. Collecting these memories is an essential part of the game’s narrative, allowing Link to piece together his forgotten history and strengthen his resolve.

This guide will serve as your trusty Sheikah Slate, leading you to each Captured Memory location across Hyrule. We’ll explore the significance of these memories, offer tips for navigating the terrain, and prepare you for any potential challenges you might encounter.

The Significance of Captured Memories

The Captured Memories in botw serve a dual purpose. First, they act as a narrative device, revealing details about Link and Zelda’s bond and the events that transpired 100 years before Link’s awakening. Witnessing these fragmented scenes sheds light on their past adventures, their struggles against Calamity Ganon, and the desperate measures they took to save Hyrule.

Secondly, collecting memories strengthens Link’s resolve. As he revisits these moments, the connection with Zelda and the weight of his responsibility are rekindled. This newfound determination fuels Link’s journey and motivates him to confront Ganon once more.

Embarking on the Memory Trail: A Breakdown of Each Location

1. Sacred Ground Ruins:

Your quest for memories begins at the Sacred Ground Ruins, located south of Hyrule Castle. This dilapidated structure marks the spot where Link received the Sheikah Slate from Zelda. Approach the central dais and the first memory will be triggered.

2. Lake Kolomo:

Travel to the serene Lake Kolomo, nestled within the Central Hyrule region. The memory here depicts a tender moment between Link and Zelda, where they share a laugh while feeding the curious Koroks.

3. Ancient Columns:

Head north to the Faron region and locate the Ancient Columns, a cluster of towering ruins. The memory at this site reveals botw Zelda’s frustration with her inability to awaken her sealing power. Witness Link’s unwavering support and encouragement during this challenging time.

4. Kara Kara Bazaar:

Venture into the Gerudo Desert and find the bustling Kara Kara Bazaar. The memory here showcases a playful exchange between Link and disguised Zelda, offering a glimpse into their lighthearted moments.

5. Eldin Canyon:

The fiery Eldin Canyon holds the next memory. As you navigate the treacherous volcanic terrain, look for the memory activation point near the Goron City entrance. This scene depicts Link and Zelda seeking the guidance of the Gorons, a crucial step in their fight against Ganon.

6. Irch Plain:

Journey to the Gerudo Highlands and locate the vast Irch Plain. The memory here showcases Zelda’s growing concern about her sealing power and the impending threat of Calamity Ganon.

7. West Necluda:

Make your way to Cape Caem in the West Necluda region. The memory here reveals a pivotal moment where Zelda entrusts Link with the Sheikah Slate, a decision that would shape the course of Hyrule’s future.

8. Hyrule Castle:

Infiltrate the imposing Hyrule Castle and reach the Sanctum. The memory here is particularly poignant, depicting Zelda’s desperate attempt to seal Ganon with the Sheikah Slate’s power.

9. Spring of Power:

Travel to the heart of Hateno Village and locate the Spring of Power. The memory of this sacred spring showcases a hopeful moment where Link and Zelda discuss their plan to confront Ganon.

10. Sanidin Park Ruins:

Head south of Hyrule Castle and explore the Sanidin Park Ruins. The memory here reveals a lighthearted scene where Link and Zelda relax with their loyal companion, Purah.

11. Lanayru Road – East Gate:

Follow Lanayru Road to its eastern gate and locate the memory activation point. This scene portrays a tense moment where Zelda expresses her anxieties about her destiny.

12. Hyrule Field:

The final memory lies within the vast expanse of Hyrule Field. As you stand amidst the ruins of past civilizations, the memory will activate, revealing a heartbreaking scene of Link’s failure to stop Ganon and Zelda’s subsequent sacrifice.

13. Secret Memory

There exists a hidden thirteenth memory not marked by a Sheikah Slate symbol. To unlock this memory, complete the “Ballad of the Champions” DLC and visit Kakariko Village at night. 


Q: What are Captured Memories in Breath of the Wild?

A: botw Captured Memories are scattered fragments of Link’s past that you collect throughout the botw. Each memory depicts a key moment in Link’s relationship with Zelda and the events leading up to the calamity that befell Hyrule.

Q: How many Captured Memories are there?

A: There are 13 Captured Memories in total, including one secret memory.

Q: Where can I find the Captured Memories?

A: The memories are hidden in various locations across Hyrule. Some are easy to find, while others require solving puzzles or defeating enemies.

Q: Is there a specific order to find the Captured Memories?

A: No, there’s no specific order to collect them. You can find them in any order you like as you explore Hyrule. However, some memories might be easier to access after you’ve acquired specific abilities or equipment.

Q: How do I activate a Captured Memory?

A: Once you reach the location where memory is hidden, simply stand in the designated spot and it will trigger automatically. You’ll see a shimmering light or other visual cue indicating the activation point.

Q: What happens after I collect all the Captured Memories?

A: Once you’ve gathered all 13 memories, return to Impa in Kakariko Village. She’ll reward you with a special cutscene that sheds light on Link and Zelda’s past.

Q: Where can I find a guide to all the Captured Memory locations?

A: There are many resources available online that list all the Captured Memory locations. You can find them through a quick web search for “botw Captured Memories locations”.

Here are some additional tips for finding Captured Memories:

  • Talk to NPCs throughout Hyrule. They may offer clues about the whereabouts of certain memories.
  • Pay attention to environmental details. Some memories are hidden near landmarks or ruins that might hold significance.
  • Use the Sheikah Sensor (once you acquire it) to help pinpoint the exact location of a memory within a designated area.

By following these tips and using available guides, you should be able to track down all the Captured Memories and piece together Link’s past!

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