The Beast Unleashed: Why Brock Lesnar Attacked Cody Rhodes


Brock attacked Cody, The professional wrestling world was left reeling after the shocking events of RAW following WrestleMania 39. Cody Rhodes, fresh off a heartbreaking title defeat to Roman Reigns, sought a tag team partner to challenge the Undisputed Champion. Enter Brock Lesnar, a colossal figure in WWE, seemingly ready to team up. However, in a moment of brutal betrayal, Lesnar turned on Rhodes with a vicious F5, leaving fans stunned and hungry for answers.

This article delves into the possible reasons behind Lesnar’s attack, exploring the in-storyline motivations and potential behind-the-scenes factors that led to this dramatic turn of events.

Brock attacked Cody

A Kayfabe Deep Dive: Unveiling Brock’s Motives

Within the confines of the WWE storyline (kayfabe), several motives could explain Lesnar’s aggression:

Disrespected and Demoted: Lesnar, known as “The Beast Incarnate,” is a dominant force in WWE. Having lost to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2022 and then being banned from facing him again, Lesnar might have felt disrespected and demoted. Perhaps he saw teaming with Rhodes as a further humiliation.

Jealousy of the “American Nightmare”: Cody Rhodes‘ arrival in WWE was met with a lot of hype, and he quickly rose to the top of the card. Lesnar, used to being the top dog, might have felt envious of Rhodes’ meteoric rise and title opportunity.

Eliminating a Threat: With Roman Reigns firmly entrenched as champion, Lesnar may have viewed Cody Rhodes as the next potential challenger. By taking Rhodes out, Lesnar could ensure his own eventual shot at the title, or simply disrupt the narrative and maintain his own dominance.

A Brutal Reminder: Despite losing to Rhodes at Backlash 2023, Lesnar was busted open during the match. The attack on RAW could be a way for Lesnar to reassert his power and remind everyone of his dangerous unpredictability.

These are just a few possibilities within the storyline. The lack of a clear explanation from Brock Lesnar himself adds to the intrigue and allows fans to speculate.

Beyond Kayfabe: Exploring the Backstage Story

While kayfabe motivations provide entertainment value, there might be other factors at play behind the scenes:

Planned Feud: This sudden attack could be the catalyst for a high-profile feud between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes. Such a rivalry would draw significant viewership and elevate both superstars.

Contract Negotiations: Lesnar is known for his limited appearances in WWE and is often on short-term contracts. This attack could be a way to write him off television for a while before his next contracted return.

Prolonging the Roman Reigns Storyline: With Roman Reigns firmly established as the top champion, creating fresh challengers is key. Pushing Cody Rhodes out of the title picture temporarily allows WWE to build anticipation for his eventual rematch with Reigns.

Unpredictability in Storytelling: Professional wrestling thrives on creating unexpected turns and keeping fans guessing. The sudden attack on Cody injects a dose of unpredictability into the narrative, keeping viewers engaged.

These factors, while not confirmed, can shed light on the strategic use of the attack within the broader WWE landscape.

Fan Theories and Speculations

Social media has been abuzz with fan theories about the attack. Here are some popular ones:

Triple H Influence: Following Vince McMahon’s retirement, Triple H took over creative control. Some fans speculate that the change in leadership led to altered plans, including the attack on Cody.

Building Cody’s Resilience: The attack is seen by some as a way to further develop Cody Rhodes’ character. By overcoming this adversity, he becomes even stronger and more determined to challenge Roman Reigns.

Setting Up a Multi-Man Feud: Theorists suggest this might be the beginning of a larger storyline involving multiple top stars vying for the championship. Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes could be the first chapter in a complex narrative.

The Aftermath: Where Do We Go From Here?

The attack on Cody Rhodes has left fans with several unanswered questions:

Will there be a one-on-one feud between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes?

How will Cody Rhodes respond to this betrayal?

Will this delay his next shot at the championship?

What are Brock Lesnar’s long-term plans in WWE?

The coming weeks and months will likely provide answers as WWE continues to unfold its storyline.

Conclusion: A Spark for the Future

The unexpected attack on Cody Rhodes by Brock Lesnar was a moment of shock and intrigue in the world of professional wrestling. Whether driven by kayfabe motivations, strategic planning, or a combination of both


Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes: Why Did the Beast Attack?

The surprise attack of Brock Lesnar on Cody Rhodes after WrestleMania 39 left fans scratching their heads. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest questions surrounding this shocking turn of events:

What Actually Happened?

On the RAW episode following WrestleMania, Cody Rhodes approached Roman Reigns for a rematch after their title fight. He needed a tag team partner for the main event and out came Brock Lesnar. However, instead of forming a team, Lesnar delivered a brutal F5 to Rhodes, igniting a new feud.

What Were the Official Reasons Given?

Strangely, the on-screen explanation for the attack was rather bizarre. WWE announcer Corey Graves suggested Lesnar was upset his match with Omos opened the show, while Rhodes main evented. This explanation was widely criticized by fans and analysts for being illogical and out of character for Lesnar.

So, What Are the Real Reasons?

Here are some of the most likely explanations for the attack, based on wrestling storylines and industry knowledge:

Keeping Cody Out of the Title Picture: After losing to Roman Reigns, Lesnar wouldn’t have an immediate shot at the title. By attacking Cody, another top contender, Lesnar could disrupt his momentum and potentially delay a future title challenge.

Building a New Feud: A fresh feud between two major stars like Lesnar and Rhodes is a great way to generate excitement. This unexpected turn could lead to a thrilling rivalry, potentially building towards a future pay-per-view match.

Adding Unpredictability: Wrestling thrives on unexpected moments. Lesnar’s attack added a layer of unpredictability to the storyline and created a buzz around both wrestlers.

Restoring Lesnar’s Dominance: Lesnar’s loss to Cody at Backlash was a surprise. The attack could be a way to reassert his dominance and establish him as a dangerous threat once again.

Building Up Cody’s Character: Overcoming a challenge from a formidable opponent like Lesnar can elevate Cody’s character and solidify his position as a top star.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

The attack has set the stage for a highly anticipated feud between Lesnar and Rhodes. This could lead to a series of matches, potentially culminating in a major pay-per-view event. It could also impact the ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns and the WWE Championship picture.

Did Fans Like the Attack?

Fan reactions were mixed. Some enjoyed the shock value and the potential for an exciting feud. Others criticized the unconvincing on-screen explanation and the timing, feeling it detracted from Cody’s momentum.

What’s Next?

Only WWE knows for sure what the future holds for Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes. However, the attack has set the stage for a significant storyline with many possibilities. Fans will have to stay tuned to RAW and upcoming pay-per-view events to see how this rivalry unfolds.

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