Chippin’ In: Johnny Silverhand’s Takeover in Cyberpunk 2077


Chippin in cyberpunk, In the neon-drenched dystopia of Cyberpunk 2077, choices hold immense weight. No quest embodies this principle more than “Chippin’ In,” a late-game side job that throws you headfirst into the captivating conflict between V, the mercenary protagonist, and Johnny Silverhand, the legendary rocker ghost embedded in V’s mind. This critical turning point not only delves deeper into Johnny’s past but also significantly impacts the game’s finale.

This article dives into everything you need to know about Chippin’ In, including how to unlock it, the crucial decisions you’ll face, and the consequences they unleash.

Chippin in cyberpunk

Unlocking Chippin’ In: A Journey Down Memory Lane

“Chippin’ In” becomes available after completing the side quest “Tapeworm.” Here, V retrieves a fragment of Johnny’s engram containing a message for his old friend, Rogue Amendiares. The choice to let Johnny take the wheel during the conversation with Rogue sets the stage for Chippin’ In.

Following this, head to the Afterlife bar in Watson. Johnny, materialized by the bar, proposes a daring plan – to reunite with Rogue and track down Adam Smasher, the ruthless cyborg responsible for Johnny’s demise. This sets the emotional core of Chippin’ In in motion, as V grapples with Johnny’s resurfacing desires for vengeance and a connection with his past.

The Choice: V or Johnny?

As you progress through Chippin’ In alongside Rogue, a critical decision emerges. Johnny, increasingly assertive due to the Relic malfunction plaguing V, pleads for control of your body during the final confrontation with Smasher. Here’s where the true weight of your choices comes into play:

Let Johnny Take Over (Give Up Your Body): This seemingly selfless act allows Johnny to face Smasher directly. However, it comes at a steep price. By relinquishing control, you surrender V’s life path and agency to Johnny. This path leads to one of Cyberpunk 2077’s endings, where Johnny takes over V’s body and attempts to forge a new life.

Don’t Give Up Your Body (Fight Alongside Johnny): Refusing Johnny’s plea signifies your resistance to being consumed by his desires. You and Johnny face Smasher together, a powerful thematic representation of the internal struggle V has endured throughout the game. This path opens up multiple potential endings depending on your choices throughout the game.

The Aftermath: Ripples of a Decision

The ramifications of your decision in Chippin’ In extend beyond the immediate confrontation. Here’s a glimpse into the potential outcomes:

Consequences of Letting Johnny Take Over: While Johnny gets a shot at redemption, V’s story essentially ends here. This path can be a satisfying conclusion for players who identify more with Johnny’s rebellious spirit. However, it leaves a sense of incompleteness for those invested in V’s journey.

Consequences of Fighting Alongside Johnny: This path allows V to retain control and potentially achieve a more personal resolution. Depending on your prior choices, various endings become available, each offering a glimpse into V’s potential future. Some endings involve escaping Night City, while others see V forging a new path within the city itself.

Beyond the Choice: Exploring the Depths of Chippin’ In

Chippin’ In is more than just a pivotal decision point. Here are some additional aspects that make this quest so captivating:

A Deeper Look at Johnny Silverhand: This quest delves into Johnny’s past and motivations, providing a more nuanced understanding of the charismatic rocker. You’ll witness his strained relationship with Rogue and gain a deeper appreciation for his fight against the corporate tyranny plaguing Night City.

A Reflection of V’s Identity Crisis: Chippin’ In serves as a metaphorical battleground for V’s sense of self. As Johnny’s influence grows, V grapples with the question of who they truly are. This internal conflict adds a layer of emotional depth to the narrative.

A High-Octane Heist Sequence: The quest features a thrilling heist sequence, where you team up with Rogue to infiltrate a heavily guarded Arasaka facility. This action-packed segment provides a welcome break from the introspective elements of Chippin’ In and showcases V’s impressive combat skills.

The Legacy of Rock and Roll: Johnny Silverhand’s rebellious spirit and rock-and-roll persona are woven into the fabric of Chippin’ In. The quest’s title itself is a reference to the song “Chippin’ In” by the fictional band Samurai, of which Johnny was the lead singer.


What is Chippin’ In?

Chippin’ In is a pivotal side quest in Cyberpunk 2077. It unlocks near the game’s end and throws you into a thrilling ride with significant story implications. Here, you’ll delve deeper into the charismatic Johnny Silverhand’s past and potentially influence the game’s finale.

How Do I Start Chippin’ In?

This quest becomes available after completing the “Tapeworm” side quest. Following the events of “Search and Destroy,” Johnny will chat with V. Agree to let him take control for the conversation with Rogue Amendiares. This unlocks “Chippin’ In” alongside the main story mission “Nocturne OP55N1.”

What Happens During Chippin’ In?

The quest throws you into Johnny’s perspective for a while. You’ll reconnect with Rogue and embark on a mission to track down Grayson, someone from Johnny’s past. This mission is crucial as it unlocks depending on your choices, two potential endings for Cyberpunk 2077.

What Are the Key Choices in Chippin’ In?

There are two main branching points:

Killing or Sparing Grayson: This choice impacts your relationship with Johnny. Killing him pleases Johnny, while sparing him strengthens V’s control.

Following Specific Dialogue with Johnny: During a conversation at the oil fields, picking particular responses can unlock the “Temperance” ending.

Does Chippin’ In Affect the Main Story?

Absolutely! This quest directly influences the final act of Cyberpunk 2077. Depending on your choices, it unlocks either the “Don’t Fear the Reaper” or “Temperance” ending.

Can I Do Chippin’ In Later?

No, Chippin’ In is a point-of-no-return quest. Once you complete “Tapeworm” and progress the main story, this side quest becomes available for a limited time. Failing to do it before the final story mission locks you out.

What Rewards Do I Get for Completing Chippin’ In?

While there are no unique items or equipment rewards, completing Chippin’ In significantly impacts the game’s narrative and unlocks potential endings.

Is Chippin’ In Worth Doing?

Chippin’ In offers a thrilling story segment, sheds light on Johnny’s past, and shapes the game’s finale. It’s a must-do for anyone wanting to experience the full depth of Cyberpunk 2077’s narrative.

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