A Guide to Dead Island 2’s Lost and Found Quests


Dead Island 2 throws you into the chaotic world of “Hell-A,” Los Angeles overrun by hordes of the undead. But amidst the carnage and desperate survival, there’s a flicker of humanity in the form of the Lost and Found quests. These scavenger hunts offer more than just a break from bashing zombie skulls; they promise powerful weapons, unique rewards, and a chance to unravel the stories of Hell-A’s unfortunate residents.

This guide will equip you for navigating Dead Island 2’s Lost and Found quests. We’ll delve into what they are, how to find them, and explore the different types you’ll encounter. Buckle up and get ready to unearth the secrets of Hell-A, one missing person and hidden weapon at a time.

Dead Island 2

What are Lost and Found Quests?

Dead Island 2’s Lost and Found quests are a series of side missions that play out like scavenger hunts. Each quest revolves around finding lost items, survivors, or hidden weapon caches. To complete them, you’ll need to scour the environment, decipher clues scattered across journals and notes, and eliminate any zombified roadblocks that stand in your way.

These quests offer a fantastic way to:

Earn Powerful Weapons: Completing Lost and Found quests often rewards you with unique and powerful weapons, giving you an edge in the fight against the undead hordes.

Uncover Hell-A’s Stories: The journals and notes you collect during these quests provide glimpses into the lives of Hell-A’s residents before the outbreak. You’ll witness tales of love, loss, and the desperate struggle for survival.

Explore Unseen Areas: Lost and Found quests often lead you off the beaten path and into hidden corners of the map. This is a great way to discover new areas, resources, and secrets Hell-A has to offer.

How to Find Lost and Found Quests

There are two primary ways to find Lost and Found quests in Dead Island 2:

Missing Persons Board: Head to the Serling Hotel, a safe haven in the game. Inside, you’ll find the Missing Persons Report board. This board displays flyers for missing people, and interacting with them initiates the corresponding Lost and Found quest.

Collectables: Keep an eye out for specific journals and notes scattered throughout the world. These can trigger Lost and Found quests related to hidden weapons or missing survivors. Some journals might not be readily apparent, so keep your eyes peeled and explore every nook and cranny.

Note: Certain Lost and Found quests, particularly those involving the Haus DLC content, might only become available after completing specific story missions.

Types of Lost and Found Quests

There are two main categories of Lost and Found quests in Dead Island 2:

Lost Weapons: These quests revolve around finding hidden weapon caches. You’ll typically need to collect a series of journals or notes that provide clues on the weapon’s location and the key to unlock its container.

Missing Persons: These quests focus on locating missing survivors. The clues you gather will lead you to their whereabouts, their fate, and sometimes even a reward upon finding them (alive or not).

Here’s a helpful breakdown of what to expect for each category:

Lost Weapons:

Expect to solve puzzles and follow cryptic clues scattered across multiple locations.

Be prepared for combat encounters as you navigate towards the hidden weapon.

The reward is typically a unique and powerful weapon with a backstory hinted at in the collected journals.

Missing Persons:

These quests can be emotionally impactful, revealing the struggles of Hell-A’s residents.

You might encounter friendly survivors who offer rewards for their rescue.

Not all missing persons will have happy endings, so be prepared for the possibility of finding them deceased.

General Tips for Conquering Lost and Found Quests

Search Thoroughly: Every corner, rooftop, and alleyway could hold a crucial journal or note.

Read the Clues: The collected journals and notes are your treasure map. Pay close attention to the details, locations mentioned, and any cryptic messages that might point you in the right direction.

Don’t Be Afraid to Backtrack: Sometimes, a clue might mention a location you haven’t reached yet. Mark it on your map and revisit the area later when you have access.

Prepare for Combat: These quests often lead you into dangerous areas. Make sure you’re well-equipped with weapons, healing items, and enough stamina to fight your way through any zombie hordes you encounter.


What are Lost and Found Quests?

These are optional side quests that involve tracking down missing people or hidden weapon stashes. There are 15 in total, split into two categories:

Lost Weapons (6): Follow clues left behind in journals to find these unique and powerful weapons.

Missing Persons (9): Pick up Missing Person Reports from the HQ in Ocean Avenue and locate the missing survivors.

Why should I do these quests?

The rewards are worth the effort! Lost Weapon quests grant you incredibly strong weapons, giving you an edge against the toughest hordes. Completing Missing Person quests unlocks trophies and can offer emotional closure for the survivors you help.

How do I start Lost and Found Quests?

Unlike main story missions, these quests aren’t marked on your map. Here’s how to get started:

Lost Weapons: Find hidden journals scattered throughout the world. These will trigger the quest and provide the first clue.

Missing Persons: Grab the Missing Person Reports from the board at the HQ in Ocean Avenue. These will have red markers on your map, indicating the last known location of the missing person.

Are there any restrictions on completing these quests?

Some Lost and Found quests are locked until you progress through the main story or side quests. It’s best to focus on the main story first, then come back to mop up these collectibles later. Don’t worry, you can freely explore the entire game world after the story, so you won’t miss out.

Tips for Completing Lost and Found Quests

Explore thoroughly: Journals and Missing Person clues can be hidden in random locations, so keep your eyes peeled while venturing through the world.

Search every corner: Some clues might be tucked away in seemingly unimportant places. Don’t just stick to the main paths!

Use online guides: If you’re stuck, there’s no shame in looking up a walkthrough online. Many resources detail the exact locations of journals and missing people.

Can I miss out on Lost and Found Quests?

No, the beauty of Dead Island 2 is that you can complete these quests at any point, even after the main story. So, explore at your own pace and uncover the mysteries of Hell-A!

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