Unveiling the Secrets: Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogsmeade


Demiguise locations hogsmeade, the charming wizarding village nestled outside Hogwarts, holds more than just shops brimming with sweets and magical supplies. Hidden within its quaint houses and bustling stores lie Demiguise Statues, waiting to be discovered by keen-eyed witches and wizards. Collecting these elusive statues is crucial in expanding your map capacity in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to chart your magical adventures more effectively.

This guide delves into the whereabouts of all nine Demiguise Statues scattered throughout Hogsmeade, providing detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure you don’t miss a single one.

Demiguise locations hogsmeade

South Hogsmeade: Unveiling the Early Collectibles

As you step into the lively heart of Hogsmeade from the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, your Demiguise statue hunt begins! Here’s where to find the first four:

Tomes and Scrolls Back Room: This one might require a bit of exploration. Enter Tomes and Scrolls, the shop specializing in magical literature. Head behind the counter and locate a discreet door. This secret passage leads to a hidden room where the Demiguise Statue patiently awaits your discovery.

Second Floor of House Next to Three Broomsticks: Start at the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame and head north. You’ll encounter a house nestled beside the iconic Three Broomsticks inn. Look for a way to enter and climb the stairs to the second floor. There, you’ll find the Demiguise Statue waiting to be collected.

Second Floor of House North of Tomes and Scrolls: Continuing your journey north from Tomes and Scrolls, you’ll find another house. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll spot the Demiguise Statue.

The Three Broomsticks Private Room: Who knew a relaxing drink at the Three Broomsticks could lead to a Demiguise discovery? Enter the beloved inn and head towards a more secluded area. Look for a private room, and you’ll find the Demiguise Statue tucked away there.

North Hogsmeade: Unveiling More Secrets

As you explore further north from the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, prepare to uncover more Demiguise Statues. Here’s where to find the next three:

Gladrags Wizardwear: Head towards Gladrags Wizardwear, the shop catering to all your stylish magical attire needs. Enter the shop and take a right. You’ll find the Demiguise Statue sitting proudly on a counter next to the cash register.

House Next to Brood and Peck: Across from Brood and Peck, the shop brimming with fascinating creatures, stands a solitary house near the northern river’s edge. This one requires Alohomora, the spell to unlock doors. Use Alohomora on the level 1 lock, and step inside. The Demiguise Statue awaits you on the mantle above the fireplace.

Important Note: Completing Mr. Moon’s quest grants you access to Alohomora, making these previously locked doors accessible.

House Behind Honeydukes: Honeydukes, the haven for every sweet tooth, might hold a secret beyond delectable treats. Run behind the shop and locate two small houses. The Demiguise Statue resides in the northernmost house, waiting to be discovered after you unlock the level 1 door with Alohomora.

Exploring Further: Demiguises in the West

The western part of Hogsmeade holds the last two Demiguise Statues. Here’s where to find them:

House Next to J. Pippin’s Potions: Located north of Pippin’s Potions shop, another house requires your Alohomora expertise. Unlock the level 2 lock and head inside. Climb to the second floor, and you’ll find the Demiguise Statue waiting.

Dervish and Banges: This prominent shop specializing in magical weaponry holds a Demiguise Statue in plain sight. As you enter Dervish and Banges, you’ll find the statue right there on the counter, ready to be collected.

Congratulations! With these collected Demiguises, your map capacity in Hogwarts Legacy has significantly expanded. Now you can chart your magical explorations with greater ease.


Q: What exactly are Demiguise Statues?

A: Demiguise Statues are intricate carvings depicting the elusive Demiguise, a magical creature known for its invisibility abilities. Finding and collecting these statues in Hogsmeade grants you increased spell capacity, allowing you to equip more spells at once.

Q: How many Demiguise Statues are there in Hogsmeade?

A: There are a total of 9 Demiguise Statues cleverly hidden throughout Hogsmeade, waiting to be discovered by keen-eyed witches and wizards.

Q: Where can I find these Demiguise Statues?

A: Prepare your map and get ready to explore! Here’s a breakdown of all the Demiguise Statue locations in Hogsmeade:

South Hogsmeade:

Tomes and Scrolls Back Room: Head inside the shop and look for a hidden door behind the counter leading to the statue.

Second Floor of House Next to Three Broomsticks: Start from the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame and head towards the Three Broomsticks. The house is right beside it, with the statue waiting on the second floor.

Second Floor of House North of Tomes and Scrolls: Travel north from Tomes and Scrolls to find this house. Climb the stairs and locate the statue.

The Three Broomsticks Private Room: Enter the iconic pub and head to a more secluded area to find this hidden statue.

Central Hogsmeade:

Gladrags Wizardwear: Step inside this clothing shop and take a right to find the statue perched on a counter.

North Hogsmeade:

House Next to Brood and Peck: Look for the house across from the animal shop near the northern part of Hogsmeade. You’ll need Alohomora to unlock the Level 1 door and access the statue inside.

House Behind Honeydukes: Head behind the sweetshop and locate the two small houses. The northernmost one holds a statue waiting to be discovered (Level 1 lock with Alohomora).

Northern River’s Edge Home: This statue is hidden behind a Level 1 lock near the northernmost part of Hogsmeade, across the river from Brood and Peck. Completing Mr. Moon’s quest might be helpful for accessing this area.

North Hogsmeade Floo Flame Area (2 Statues): Explore the houses around the North Hogsmeade Floo Flame. One statue is located on the second floor of a house, while the other might be found above a fireplace in another house (use Alohomora for Level 2 locks if needed).

Q: Any tips for finding these Demiguise Statues?

A: Keep an eye out for houses with chimneys – these often hold secrets! Use your Revelio spell to highlight nearby interactable objects, which can help pinpoint hidden doors or locked chests containing statues. Additionally, listen for the faint tinkling sound emitted by the statues, acting as a helpful clue for their location.

Q: What happens after I collect all the Demiguise Statues?

A: Once you’ve collected all nine Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade, head back to Hogwarts and speak to Demiguise Moon. This will grant you a permanent increase in your spell capacity, allowing you to unleash a wider arsenal of magic in your adventures!

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