A Guide to Demiguise Moon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy


Demiguise moons locations, The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy holds countless secrets waiting to be discovered. One intriguing element that players encounter are the Demiguise Moons. These peculiar moons, scattered across the game world, hold the key to upgrading your enchanted gear. But where exactly are these elusive moons hidden? This guide will be your comprehensive resource for locating all Demiguise Moons, answering the burning questions you’ve seen on YouTube and beyond.

Demiguise moons locations

What are Demiguise Moons and Why Do You Need Them?

Demiguise Moons are intricate crescent moon-shaped objects that emit a faint blue glow. They are linked to the Demiguise, a shy, feline creature known for its invisibility abilities. By collecting these moons, you can increase the number of enchantment slots available on your clothing and equipment. This allows you to customize your gear with more powerful enchantments, enhancing your character’s stats and abilities.

The Demiguise Statue Connection

While exploring Hogwarts and its surrounding areas, you’ll come across peculiar statues depicting the Demiguise creature. These statues play a crucial role in revealing the location of Demiguise Moons. Here’s the connection:

Find a Demiguise Statue: Keep your eyes peeled for these statues throughout the castle and open-world environments. They are often tucked away in hidden corners, secret rooms, or even plain sight.

Interact with the Statue: Approach the statue and cast Lumos (the light spell) on it. This will activate the statue, causing its eyes to glow a vibrant blue.

Follow the Trail of Blue Orbs: Upon activating the statue, a trail of shimmering blue orbs will appear, leading you towards a hidden Demiguise Moon. The orbs will float through the air, guiding you through secret passages, corridors, or even outside to the moon’s location.

Collect the Demiguise Moon: Once you reach the end of the floating orb trail, you’ll find the Demiguise Moon resting on a surface like a table, chest, or crate. Simply interact with it to collect the moon and add it to your inventory.

Important Note: Some Demiguise statues are guarded by locked doors requiring specific levels of Alohomora (the unlocking charm) to access. You’ll need to progress through the game and learn higher levels of Alohomora to reach certain moons.

Demiguise Moon Locations: A Breakdown

Now that you understand the process, let’s delve into the specific locations of Demiguise Moons. We’ll categorize them based on the region you’ll find them in:

Hogwarts Castle:

Professor Fig’s Classroom: After completing his initial quest, head up the stairs to his office. The moon sits on a table next to the fireplace.

Professor Howin’s Office: Accessible through the Beasts class Floo Flame, the moon rests on a table in the right section of the building, behind a level two lock.

Library Restricted Section: You might have missed this one during your visit with Sebastian Sallow. Look for the moon on a shelf deep within the Restricted Section.

Great Hall: In the back right corner, behind a level one lock, you’ll find the moon on a coffee table.

Hidden Bathroom Stall: This secret requires a bit of exploration. In the first-floor corridor near the Charms classroom, look for a seemingly out-of-order bathroom stall. Use Revelio (the revealing spell) to unveil the entrance. Inside the middle stall, you’ll find the moon.


Tomes and Scrolls: Behind the shopkeeper’s counter, a hidden door leads to a bedroom with the moon resting on the dresser.

House 1 (Up the Road): As you head up the road from Tomes and Scrolls, turn left at the first opportunity. The moon is hidden inside the first house on your left, upstairs.

Three Broomsticks:

Private Room: Head to the top floor of the pub and locate the private room secured by a level one lock. The moon sits on the table in the center of the room.

Gladrags Wizardwear: This moon is easily accessible within the shop itself, no need for spells or locked doors.

House 4 (Near Gladrags): Look for the house right next to Gladrags Wizardwear. There’s no lock on the door, and the moon is located upstairs on a table.

House 5 (South Hogsmeade): Travel south of Hogsmeade to find a house with the moon tucked away inside.


What are Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are collectible items that increase the number of spell slots you can have in Hogwarts Legacy. By collecting them, you’ll be able to equip more spells at once, making you a more versatile witch or wizard in combat.

Where can I find Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are hidden throughout the vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy. They can be found in various locations, including:

Hogwarts Castle: Keep your eyes peeled as you explore the iconic castle. Moons can be found in classrooms, secret passageways, and even restricted sections of the library.

Hogsmeade: The charming village holds a few Demiguise Moons as well. Look inside shops, houses, and even behind the Hog’s Head pub.

The Highlands: As you venture beyond Hogwarts grounds, explore the hamlets and houses scattered across the region. Moons can be found within these locations, often requiring you to unlock doors with Alohomora.

How many Demiguise Moons are there?

There are a total of 150 Demiguise Moons to collect in Hogwarts Legacy. That’s a lot of exploring to do!

Do I need any special items to find them?

Not necessarily! Some Moons are out in the open, waiting to be discovered. However, to access certain areas where Moons are hidden, you might need to learn spells like Alohomora to unlock doors or Lumos to navigate dark spaces.

Are there any guides to help me find them all?

Absolutely! There are many online resources available, including text-based guides and video walkthroughs that show the exact locations of each Demiguise Moon. These guides can be a lifesaver if you’re struggling to find them all on your own.

Tips for Finding Demiguise Moons:

Talk to everyone: Some NPCs (non-playable characters) might offer hints about Moon locations during conversations.

Use Revelio: This helpful spell will reveal hidden objects in the environment, including Demiguise Moons.

Explore everywhere: Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore every nook and cranny. Moons can be found in the most unexpected places!

Upgrade Alohomora: The higher the level of Alohomora, the more doors you can unlock, granting access to potentially hidden Moons.

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