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Dreamlight valley clay, a humble material in real life, takes on a vital role in the whimsical world of Dreamlight Valley. From repairing Goofy’s raft to crafting charming decorations for your village, this earthy resource is a foundation for many quests and building projects. But where do you find clay, and how can you maximize your collection?

Dreamlight valley clay

Where to Dig Up Clay

The good news is that clay is a fairly common resource in Dreamlight Valley. You can unearth it in three different biomes:

The Glade of Trust: This starter area, unlocked for 5,000 Dreamlight, is the most accessible option. With its open spaces and lack of dense foliage, the Glade of Trust is a good place to begin your clay farming journey.

Sunlit Plateau: Unlocked after clearing the Sunlit Plateau Pillar for 8,000 Dreamlight, this sunny expanse offers another excellent spot to gather clay. The vast area allows for efficient digging, and later in the game, you can even break certain bones here (with a special shovel upgrade) for a chance at clay drops.

Forgotten Lands: This mysterious area, unlocked after completing quests for Scar, requires the most effort (and some night thorns to navigate) but also offers a viable source of clay.

There seems to be a common misconception that digging near water or in areas that look like clay visually increases your chances of finding it. While some players swear by these methods, there’s no concrete evidence to support them. Clay appears to be randomly distributed throughout the diggable soil in each biome.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Clay Farming

While clay is readily available, gathering large quantities can take time. Here are some strategies to maximize your clay farming efforts:

Befriend a Digging Buddy: Assigning a villager with the digging skill as your companion significantly increases your yield. With this helpful friend by your side, you’ll often get multiple clay pieces from a single dig spot.

Shovel Power: While the basic shovel works fine, consider upgrading to the improved shovel later in the game. This upgrade might not directly affect the clay drop rate, but it does make digging faster, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

Prioritize Sunshine (Maybe): Some players report better clay yields during sunny weather. While this hasn’t been definitively proven, sunny days might be a good time to dedicate yourself to some clay farming.

Utilize Food Buffs: Consuming meals that grant increased mining or foraging power might indirectly benefit your clay gathering. These buffs can help you dig faster and potentially unearth more clay in a shorter timeframe.

Organize Your Digging: Instead of digging randomly, create a systematic pattern. This helps ensure you’re not revisiting the same spots and maximizes the area you cover.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for quests that reward clay. Completing these can give you a nice boost to your clay reserves.

What is Clay Used For?

Clay serves a multitude of purposes in Dreamlight Valley. Here are some of the most common uses:

Crafting Bricks: This crucial building block is a core component for many recipes, including pillars, fences, pathways, and even some carving stones. Having a steady supply of clay ensures you can keep your village construction projects rolling.

Flower Pots: Spruce up your garden with these charming clay pots. They come in various colors and are essential for planting flowers to enhance your village’s aesthetics.

Quests: Clay plays a role in various quests throughout the game. One notable example is Goofy’s “Mysterious Wreck” quest, where you’ll need clay to repair his raft. Stockpiling some clay ensures you’re always prepared to lend a helping hand.

Remembering Old Times (Minnie’s Quest): This late-game quest requires a whopping 200 clay to craft a Rustic Clock Tower for the village. Start collecting clay early to avoid scrambling when this quest pops up.

Clay Farming Strategies for Specific Needs

Depending on your current goals, you might prioritize specific clay-farming strategies. Here’s a breakdown:

Need Clay Quickly? Head to the Glade of Trust. Its easy accessibility makes it ideal for grabbing a quick handful of clay.

Aiming for Large Quantities? The Sunlit Plateau offers a vast open space to dig efficiently, especially once you unlock the ability to break bones for clay drops.

Prioritizing Other Resources While Gathering Clay? The Forgotten Lands might be a good option. While you can find clay here, you’ll also encounter other valuable resources like Night Shards and glowing mushrooms.


Where can I find Clay in Dreamlight Valley?

There are three locations where you can unearth clay:

Glade of Trust: This is the most accessible option, unlocking for only 5,000 Dreamlight. Head over with your trusty shovel and start digging!

Sunlit Plateau: After unlocking the Glade of Trust, you’ll need to progress further to reach the Sunlit Plateau. Clay can be found here as well.

Forgotten Lands: This area is the furthest on the map and requires unlocking both the Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau. However, it offers another spot to gather clay.

Is there a specific spot to dig for Clay?

Nope! The good news is you don’t need to search for special patches of dirt. Clay can be found anywhere you dig in these three biomes.

Any tips for finding Clay faster?

Here are a few tricks to maximize your clay collection:

Dig with abandon: Clay appears randomly when digging, so don’t be shy about digging everywhere. Holding down the dig button allows for continuous digging in a straight line, potentially yielding more clay.

Befriend and assign: As you build friendships with characters, you can assign them roles. Assigning someone the digging role might grant you bonus clay while they’re your companion.

Rainy day bonus (maybe): Some players report finding more clay during rainy weather. While not confirmed, it might be worth keeping an eye on the forecast!

What is Clay used for in Dreamlight Valley?

Clay is a crucial component in crafting several important items. Here are some key uses:

Bricks: The most common use for clay is crafting bricks, which are essential for building structures, fences, and even some pillars.

Flower Pots: Spruce up your village with some beautiful flower pots, crafted using clay.

Quests: Clay is often required for various quests, so it’s always good to have a stockpile.

How much Clay should I keep?

Clay is used in many recipes, so it’s wise to gather a decent amount. Early on, focus on having enough for quests. Later, quests like “Remembering Old Times” for Minnie require a significant amount (around 200 clay) to craft the Rustic Clock Tower.

Are there any tools to help me get more Clay?

While there’s no specific tool for clay gathering, progressing through Scar’s quests allows you to craft the Lion’s Claw Shovel Head. This tool helps break bones in the Sunlit Plateau, which sometimes drop clay.

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