Dribbles the Clown: A Tragicomic Tale from Baldur’s Gate 3


Dribbles the clown, The fantastical world of Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t all sunshine and heroic deeds. Lurking beneath the fantastical creatures and epic quests lies a dark undercurrent, and one of its more unsettling stories revolves around Dribbles the Clown. Dribbles, once the star of the “Circus of the Last Days,” meets a gruesome demise, leaving players with a mystery to solve and a nagging question: can humor survive in a world on the brink of chaos?

Dribbles the clown

Who Was Dribbles?

Dribbles, whose real name was Norris Greenie, wasn’t your typical circus performer. While details about his past are scarce, players discover he was a beloved figure in the “Circus of the Last Days.” Lucretius, the circus ringleader, considers him her star attraction, and his absence casts a shadow over the troupe’s morale.

Unfortunately, by the time players encounter the circus in Act 3, Dribbles is no more. He’s been brutally murdered and dismembered, his body scattered across various locations in Baldur’s Gate. This gruesome fate fuels a side quest – “Find Dribbles the Clown” – tasking players with piecing together the unfortunate clown’s remains and uncovering the truth behind his demise.

The Grisly Hunt for Dribbles’ Remains

The search for Dribbles takes players on a morbid scavenger hunt across the war-torn city. Here’s a breakdown of where to find his scattered body parts:

Clown’s Severed Hand: This can be found on a table behind Popper, a small Kobold merchant located south of the Circus. A ring found with the hand hints at Dribbles’ identity.

Clown’s Severed Torso: This gruesome discovery awaits within the Open Hand Temple Crypt, accessible from the circus or the main street.

Clown’s Severed Leg: Travel to Lavernica’s House, located slightly west of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint. A macabre scene with slain spiders and a hidden hatch leads to a chamber containing the leg.

Clown’s Severed Head: This final piece requires players to solve the murders plaguing the Undercity or impress the Murder Tribunal. The head rests beneath a statue inscribed with “So sayeth the wise Alaundo.”

Unveiling the Culprit: Bhaal’s Dark Designs

Reuniting Dribbles’ remains reveals the culprit behind his gruesome fate: cultists of Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. Bhaal’s influence is a constant threat in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Dribbles appears to be an unfortunate victim caught in the crossfire.

Theories abound for the motive behind Dribbles’ murder. Some speculate the cultists sought to use his cheerful persona to mask their dark deeds. Others suggest they targeted him simply to spread fear and chaos. Whatever the reason, Dribbles’ death serves as a potent symbol of the world’s descent into darkness.

A Legacy of Laughter Lost?

Dribbles’ fate raises a thought-provoking question: can humor survive in a world on the brink of destruction? The “Circus of the Last Days” itself embodies this struggle. Despite the horrors of the world, the performers strive to bring joy and laughter to the downtrodden masses.

Dribbles’ absence leaves a void, a stark reminder of the fragility of happiness. However, the player’s act of piecing him back together, in a way, represents hope. It’s a small act of defiance against the encroaching darkness, a testament to the enduring power of humor even in the face of despair.

Beyond the Quest: Dribbles in the Gaming Community

Dribbles’ unique story has resonated with Baldur’s Gate 3 players. The dark humor surrounding his dismemberment and the macabre scavenger hunt to find his remains have sparked discussions and online guides. Players share their experiences and theories about Dribbles’ fate, with some even creating fan art depicting the cheerful clown.

Dribbles’ story serves as a microcosm of Baldur’s Gate 3’s overarching narrative. It’s a world teetering on the edge, where even the most innocent figures can become victims. Yet, amidst the darkness, there remains a sliver of hope, a flicker of humor that refuses to be extinguished. Whether Dribbles’ legacy lives on through laughter or serves as a cautionary tale, his presence undeniably leaves a mark on the players’ journeys through Baldur’s Gate 3.


Who is Dribbles the Clown?

Dribbles is the star attraction at the Circus of the Last Days in Baldur’s Gate 3. He performs goofy routines and interacts with the audience, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

What’s the Deal with Dribbles’ Quest?

The quest “Find Dribbles the Clown” starts after attending his show. Things take a sinister turn when Dribbles reveals himself as a Doppelganger, a creature that can impersonate others. He, along with the other carnies, attack your party. After defeating them, you’re tasked by the Ringmaster, Lucretious, to retrieve Dribbles’ body (or body parts, if you found any).

Where Do I Find Dribbles’ Body Parts?

Dribbles wasn’t so lucky after his defeat. Here’s where you can find his scattered remains:

Dribbles’ Hand: This can be found on a table behind Popper, the Kobold merchant, at the Circus. You can try to buy it, persuade him to give it up for free, or steal it.

Dribbles’ Leg: Head to Lavernica’s House, west of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint. You’ll find the leg amidst a scene of slain spiders.

Dribbles’ Head: This one’s a bit trickier. Go to the Undercity Ruins and find the unpickable door. Attack one of the hanging corpses nearby to open it. The head is on the body of Wilting Alex, north of the Temple of Bhaal waypoint.

What Do I Do with Dribbles’ Body Parts?

Once you have all the parts, return them to Lucretious. He’ll attempt to revive Dribbles through necromancy. Here’s the interesting bit: the ritual can backfire, resulting in a fight with a much stronger version of Dribbles.

Is There Another Way to Complete the Quest?

Yes! You can convince Lucretious that reviving Dribbles is a bad idea. This approach might not net you the best rewards, but it avoids another fight.

Is Dribbles Really Dead?

Whether Dribbles is truly gone depends on your choices. If you help with the necromancy ritual, he might be revived as an undead puppet. Otherwise, he remains deceased.

Who is the Absolute Dribbles Mentions?

The Absolute is a powerful entity worshipped by a cult within the game. Dribbles’ Doppelganger form served them, and his death likely thwarts their plans in some way.

So, Dribbles the Clown Isn’t Really a Clown?

Nope! He was a cleverly disguised enemy working for a sinister force. But hey, at least his “magic trick” of disappearing after the show wasn’t a complete lie.

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