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FF8 Walkthrough, Embark on a journey through time with Squall Leonhart and the SeeD mercenaries in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. This beloved RPG offers a unique blend of strategic turn-based combat, a compelling story with memorable characters, and the ever-addictive Junction System. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran revisiting this classic or a newcomer ready to experience it for the first time, this walkthrough will guide you through the main story, boss battles, and hidden secrets of Final Fantasy VIII.

FF8 Walkthrough

Getting Started: SeeD Field Exam and Beyond

The game throws you right into the action with a SeeD Field Exam. Here’s a quick rundown of the initial steps:

Master the Basics: Learn the fundamentals of combat, including using attacks, items, and Guardian Forces (GFs). GFs act as customizable summons that provide stat boosts and powerful abilities when equipped.

Junction System Explained: Unlike traditional experience points, Final Fantasy VIII uses the Junction System. Here, you draw magical abilities (Magic) from enemies and equip them to your characters and GFs. These magic spells not only cast powerful attacks but also boost various stats depending on the junction type. Experiment with different junctions to find the perfect combination for your playstyle.

First Missions: Complete your first missions in Dollet, eliminating the local Balamb Garden troops. This section introduces you to party members Quistis and Zell, who will become valuable assets throughout your journey.

TV Station Hijack: Infiltrate the Galbadia Garden TV station and face off against your rival, Seifer Almasy. This is your first real test of combat, so utilize your GFs effectively and experiment with different junction setups.

Disc 1: Timber Wolf, Galbadia Garden, and the Sorceress

Timber Wolf: Join forces with the rebel group, Timber Wolf, led by the fiery Rinoa Heartilly. Explore Timber Wolf’s base, learn more about the sorceress Edea, and participate in a daring raid on a Galbadian train. This section introduces the card game Triple Triad, a fun side activity that allows you to collect powerful cards with various effects.

Galbadia Garden: Infiltrate the prestigious Galbadia Garden, home to Seifer and his elite SeeD squad. Navigate the sprawling academy, solve environmental puzzles, and face off against powerful enemies. This is a great opportunity to level up your characters, refine your junction strategies, and collect new magic and items.

First Encounter with Edea: Prepare for a climactic showdown with Edea, who has been possessed by the sorceress. This boss battle can be challenging, so ensure your party is well-equipped and utilize GFs strategically. Defeating Edea unlocks new areas to explore and sets the stage for the ongoing conflict.

Disc 2: Delving Deeper, Side Quests, and Laguna’s Story

Deeper Exploration: Disc 2 opens up the world, allowing you to explore various towns, cities, and dungeons. Delve into the Centra Ruins to uncover ancient secrets, visit the laid-back Shumi Village for unique items, and participate in various side quests for additional rewards.

Side Quests: Don’t neglect the abundance of side quests available. From helping a lost puppy find its way home to assisting a local artist in Dollet, these quests offer valuable rewards, experience points, and a deeper connection to the world.

Laguna’s Story: Throughout the game, you’ll encounter segments focusing on Laguna Loire, a seemingly unrelated character. These segments might seem confusing at first, but they hold significant story relevance later in the game. Pay attention to these sections, as they offer clues about the overall narrative.

Second Encounter with Edea: As you progress, you’ll face Edea once again. This rematch requires a different approach, so adapt your tactics and exploit her weaknesses.

Disc 3: Unraveling the Mysteries, Time Travel, and the Final Showdown

Unraveling the Past: The story takes a dramatic turn as the true nature of time and the connection between Squall and Laguna are revealed. Prepare for mind-bending twists and emotional revelations.

Time Travel Shenanigans: Get ready to hop through time, revisiting past events and influencing the future. This unique mechanic adds a layer of complexity to the narrative and gameplay. Be mindful of your actions as they can have unforeseen consequences.

Final Showdown: The ultimate battle against Ultimecia, the true antagonist manipulating time, awaits. This challenging encounter requires a well-rounded strategy and mastery of the Junction System. Utilize your most powerful GFs, cast devastating spells, and exploit Ultimecia’s weaknesses to emerge victorious.


Q: Is there a difference between the walkthroughs for the original FFVIII and the Remastered version?

A: There are no major gameplay changes between the original and Remastered versions. Walkthroughs will apply to both versions, with some minor exceptions related to graphical enhancements or menus in the Remastered edition.

Q: What difficulty should I play on for my first playthrough?

A: FFVIII offers a variety of difficulties. Normal is a good starting point, providing a balanced challenge. Easy lets you focus on the story, while Hard offers a steeper challenge for experienced RPG players.

Q: Are there missable items or quests in FFVIII?

A: Yes, there are a few missable items and quests throughout the game. Consulting a walkthrough will help you ensure you don’t miss out on anything important.

Q: How do GFs work?

A: GFs are powerful creatures that provide stat boosts, special attacks (Limit Breaks), and access to magic when equipped by your characters.

Q: What are Junctions?

A: Junctions are a unique FFVIII mechanic where you assign GFs to draw magic from enemies or refine items into magic for your characters to use.

Q: How do I know which magic to Junction to which stat?

A: There’s no single “correct” way, but some Junctions are more effective than others. Strength pairs well with offensive magic like Fire, while Defense benefits from Shell or Protect. Experimentation is key!

Q: When should I use Limit Breaks?

A: Limit Breaks are powerful attacks unleashed by your characters when their HP is low. Save them for tough boss fights or when you need to deal heavy damage quickly.

Q: What are some tips for drawing magic?

A: Some enemies have rare or powerful magic. If you’re struggling to draw, try using the GF Ability “Mug” or equipping the “MP Absorb” Materia (Magic Materia).

Q: How do I win card games?

A: Card games are a fun minigame in FFVIII. Focus on building a strong deck with high-powered cards and using strategic rules like “Plus” or “Minus” to gain the upper hand.

Q: Are there any hidden areas or secrets in FFVIII?

A: FFVIII has a fair share of hidden items, optional areas, and side quests. Look out for seemingly out-of-the-way paths or talk to NPCs for clues.

Q: How do I get the best weapons and armor?

A: The best equipment is often hidden in treasure chests, earned from card games, or refined from items. Look for hints from NPCs or consult a walkthrough for specific locations.

Q: What are some things I can do besides following the main story?

A: FFVIII offers plenty of side activities. Try your hand at card games, explore hidden areas, or complete optional quests for extra rewards and backstory.

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