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Ghostwire Tokyo throws players into a thrilling supernatural adventure amidst a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Tokyo. As Akito, a young man entangled with a spectral entity, you fight off menacing Visitors and unravel the truth behind the city’s sudden descent into chaos. Chapter 4, titled “Contortion,” marks a significant turning point in the story, and with good reason. Here, we delve into the heart of this crucial chapter, addressing the burning questions players have been searching for online.

Ghostwire Tokyo

Giants and The Black Tower: A Pivotal Journey

Chapter 4 is divided into two main missions: “Giants” and “The Black Tower.” In “Giants,” Akito teams up with KK, a seasoned spirit hunter, to confront a series of towering Visitors known as “Hasshaku.” These monstrous entities pose a significant threat, demanding a strategic approach and refined combat skills. This section also throws light on KK’s past and motivations, further enriching the narrative.

“The Black Tower” takes you to the heart of the mystery. You finally reach the ominous Tokyo Metropolitan Building, now twisted and warped into a foreboding black monolith. Here, you’ll encounter more challenging enemies and potentially face some boss battles that will test your mastery of the game’s unique elemental combat system.

Point of No Return: A Crossroads for Completionists

One of the most crucial aspects of Chapter 4 is that it serves as a point of no return. Once you complete the chapter, certain side quests and collectibles become inaccessible. This has led to a lot of online discussion about maximizing exploration and achievement completion.

Focus on Outstanding Collectibles and Side Missions: Before venturing into The Black Tower, prioritize any outstanding side quests or collectibles you haven’t obtained. Since these elements become unavailable after this point, it’s crucial to explore thoroughly if you aim for 100% completion.

Don’t Worry About Missing Everything: The good news is that Ghostwire: Tokyo offers some flexibility. After completing the main story, you can create a new save file that puts you back at the beginning of Chapter 4. This allows you to mop up any missed content with the skills and equipment you’ve unlocked throughout the game.

Here’s a tip: If you’re unsure whether to complete everything before proceeding, consider creating a manual save point right before entering The Black Tower. This way, you can always return to this point later if needed.

Chapter 4: A Glimpse into the Depths of the Story

Chapter 4 significantly progresses the narrative of Ghostwire: Tokyo. Here’s what you can expect to uncover:

Unveiling the Truth Behind the Fog: You’ll gain crucial insights into the origins of the supernatural fog shrouding Tokyo and the entity responsible for the city’s current state. The events of Chapter 4 offer a major turning point in understanding the game’s central conflict.

Akito’s Evolving Connection with KK: The dynamic between Akito and KK deepens as they work together to overcome the challenges they face. Their contrasting personalities and motivations create an interesting dynamic that unfolds further in this chapter.

A Glimpse into Hannya’s Motives: Hannya, the enigmatic entity possessing Akito, remains shrouded in some mystery. However, Chapter 4 might offer some hints about their goals and the reasons behind their actions.

Remember: These are just glimpses into the narrative developments. To experience the full impact of the story’s twists and turns, it’s best to play the chapter yourself.

Chapter 4: A Look at Gameplay

Chapter 4 offers a continuation of the core gameplay mechanics established in the previous sections. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Intensified Combat: The enemies you encounter in Chapter 4 are generally tougher than those faced earlier. Expect to utilize your full arsenal of elemental abilities, talismans, and Katana skills to overcome these challenges. This is a good time to ensure you’ve upgraded your skills and equipment to their fullest potential.

Exploration Opportunities: While the focus of Chapter 4 leans towards progressing the story, there are still opportunities for exploration. Keep an eye out for hidden areas, Shinto shrines to cleanse, and any lingering side quests you might have missed.

Boss Battles: Get ready to put your combat prowess to the test. Chapter 4 likely features some challenging boss encounters that demand strategic use of your abilities and a deep understanding of enemy weaknesses.


What’s Chapter 4 Called?

Chapter 4 is titled “Contortion.” Buckle up, as things are about to get twisted… literally.

Is Chapter 4 the End? (Spoiler-Free!)

Not quite! Chapter 4 contains a point of no return, but fear not. You’ll be able to explore and complete side quests after the main story progresses. Think of it as a fork in the road.

What are the Main Missions in Chapter 4?

There are two main missions: “Giants” and “The Black Tower.” Prepare to face formidable foes and delve deeper into the looming mystery.

Are there Missable Items in Chapter 4?

Don’t worry about permanently missing things. While three side quests become unavailable after this point, you can access them on a new playthrough.

Is there New Game Plus (NG+) in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

No, there isn’t a traditional NG+. However, starting a new game lets you keep your earned beads (currency) and photo mode items while losing your skills.

What’s the Importance of Chapter 4?

Chapter 4 significantly advances the plot, revealing crucial information and pushing you towards the climax. Expect big developments!

Should I Level Up Before Chapter 4?

While not mandatory, it’s recommended to be comfortable with the combat system and have a decent amount of supplies. This ensures a smoother experience.

Are there any New Enemies in Chapter 4?

Get ready to encounter some nasty new Visitors (hostile spirits) in Chapter 4. Stay sharp and adapt your combat strategies!

What are some Tips for Chapter 4?

Stock up on healing items and consumable buffs.

Upgrade your abilities and gear if possible.

Don’t forget to utilize your Spectral Vision to uncover hidden secrets.

Explore the open world – you might find valuable resources.

Where can I find a Walkthrough for Chapter 4?

Many online resources offer detailed walkthroughs for Chapter 4, including IGN’s Ghostwire: Tokyo guide [ign chapter 4 ghostwire tokyo walkthrough]. These guides can provide step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.

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