Hinox Hunting: A Guide to Locating These Formidable Foes


Hinox locations, The vast landscapes of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are teeming with monstrous adversaries. Among these hulking enemies are the Hinox, monstrous one-eyed giants with incredible strength. Defeating these brutes can yield valuable rewards, but tracking them down can be a challenge. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to locate every Hinox in Hyrule, along with some helpful tips for conquering them.

The colossal Hinox, towering enemies with incredible strength, return to challenge Link in the latest Hyrulean adventure, Tears of the Kingdom. These hulking foes offer a formidable test of combat prowess and strategic thinking, often guarding valuable loot. If you’re eager to take down Hinoxes and claim their treasures, this guide will be your one-stop shop for finding them!

Hinox locations

Unveiling the Hinox: Characteristics and Combat Strategies

Hinox are towering bipedal creatures with a single, powerful eye. Their immense size and brute force make them formidable opponents. They typically wield massive tree trunks or clubs as weapons and can inflict heavy damage with a single blow. However, these behemoths are lumbering and slow-witted. A nimble Link can exploit their weaknesses to gain an advantage.

Here are some key strategies to consider when facing a Hinox:

Utilize the Terrain: Hyrule’s diverse environments offer opportunities for strategic maneuvering. Lure the Hinox onto slopes or uneven terrain to disrupt their balance. You can also use mounted combat to circle around them and attack from behind.

Target the Weak Spot: Every Hinox has a single weak point located on its back, typically marked by a glowing scar. Hitting this weak spot with an arrow or a powerful weapon will deal significant damage and potentially stun the Hinox for a critical attack window.

Elemental Advantage: Experiment with elemental weapons to exploit Hinox vulnerabilities. For instance, use fire-imbued weapons against Hinox with wooden clubs, or ice weapons against those dwelling in icy regions.

Parrying and Dodging: Mastering the art of parrying and dodging is crucial against any powerful enemy. Learn to deflect the Hinox’s attacks with your shield, creating openings for counterattacks. Timed dodges can help you avoid their devastating swings altogether.

Where to Find the Hinox: A Comprehensive Location Guide

Tears of the Kingdom offers a multitude of locations to encounter Hinox. This guide details all known Hinox locations across Hyrule, categorized by region and including their special variants:

Central Hyrule

Carok Bridge: This Hinox guards the bridge leading to the Gerudo Desert from Western Hyrule Field. (Coordinates: -1054, 0452, 0035)

Trilby Plain: A Hinox roams this grassy plain offering a relatively straightforward encounter. (Coordinates: 1339, 0891, 0025)

East Hyrule

Irch Plain: Encounter a Hinox amidst the vast plains east of Central Hyrule. (Coordinates: -0704, 1276, 0082)

Rowan Plains: Another Hinox grazes on the fertile plains bordering the Gerudo Desert. (Coordinates: -1188, 2118, 0102)

Elma Knolls: A Hinox makes its home among the rolling hills east of Gerudo Desert. (Coordinates: -0435, 1974, 0177)

North Hyrule

Hebra Headspring: A Hinox braves the frigid temperatures near the source of the Hebra River. (Coordinates: -2788, 2462, 0397)

Hebra North Crest: A Blue Hinox, a rarer and more formidable variant, patrols the icy peaks of the Hebra Mountains. Be prepared for a tougher battle. (Coordinates: -3599, 3814, 0230)

South Hyrule

Upland Lindor: A Hinox resides in the mountainous highlands south of Central Hyrule. (Coordinates: -2694, 1361, 0158)

Thundra Plateau: Prepare for a shocking encounter with a Hinox on this electrified plateau. Use non-conductive weapons to avoid getting fried. (Coordinates: -2253, 0756, 0102)

Satori Mountain: A Hinox guards the slopes of Satori Mountain, a sacred location in South Hyrule. (Coordinates: -2180, -0846, 0101)


Where can I find Hinoxes?

The vast world of Hyrule offers a variety of locations to encounter Hinoxes. Here’s a breakdown of some key areas to check:

Across Hyrule: Hinoxes can be found scattered throughout Hyrule, so keep your eyes peeled as you explore.

Bridges and strategic points: Look for Hinoxes guarding bridges, entrances to regions, or other important landmarks.

Near منابع (mabadi = resources) or Shrines: Hinoxes might be stationed near valuable resources or challenging Shrines, adding another layer to your exploration.

Are there specific types of Hinoxes?

Yes! Hinoxes come in different colors and variations, each with slightly different attributes:

Standard Hinoxes: These are the most common type, and defeating them yields standard loot.

Blue Hinoxes: A bit rarer than standard Hinoxes, these might drop rarer materials.

Black Hinoxes: The toughest of the bunch, Black Hinoxes present a significant challenge but reward you with the best loot.

Is there a list of all Hinox locations?

While an exhaustive list might be difficult to maintain due to potential discoveries by players, here are some confirmed Hinox locations to get you started:

Carok Bridge: This bridge connects Western Hyrule Field to the Gerudo Desert area.

Irch Plain: Located in the southern central portion of the map.

Hebra Headspring: Found in the snowy Hebra region, north of the map.

Other regions: Explore areas like Rowan Plains, Elma Knolls, Upland Lindor, Thundra Plateau, Satori Mountain, Dalite Forest, Meadela’s Mantle, East Deplian Badlands, Trilby Plain, and North Akkala Beach Cave.

Tips for Conquering Hinoxes

Use the environment: Hinoxes can be clumsy. Lure them near cliffs or environmental hazards to gain an advantage.

Target their weak spots: Shoot arrows at the Hinox’s eye to stun them momentarily, creating an opening for a close-up attack.

Prepare for different elements: Hinoxes might have elemental resistances, so adjust your weapons and armor accordingly.

Use your tools and gadgets: Bombs, stasis runes, and other tools can be used strategically to weaken or maneuver the Hinox.

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