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João Félix, the Portuguese wonderkid, has captivated audiences with his dazzling footwork on the field. But his personal life, particularly his dating history, has also garnered a lot of interest. This article delves into the known details about João Félix’s past relationship and the rumors surrounding his current relationship status.

João Félix

A Love Story that Began Young: João Félix and Margarida Corceiro

In 2019, João Félix, then a rising star at Benfica, started dating Margarida Corceiro, a young actress and social media influencer. The couple kept their relationship relatively private, but occasional social media posts and public appearances confirmed their romance.

Their relationship garnered significant media attention due to their young age – Félix was 20, and Corceiro was 17 when they started dating. Despite the age difference, they seemed happy together for several years. Corceiro, known for her bubbly personality and social media presence, often shared cryptic messages or pictures that fans speculated were related to Félix.

Cracks in the Facade: Breakup Rumors and Allegations

In May 2023, rumors about a potential rift between Félix and Corceiro began swirling. A video surfaced online showing Sporting Lisbon’s Pedro Porro handing his shirt to Corceiro after a match. This sparked unfounded allegations of infidelity, which Corceiro vehemently denied.

However, soon after, Corceiro was seen with Formula One driver Lando Norris at a social event. This fueled speculation that she and Félix had ended their relationship. In June 2023, Corceiro confirmed the breakup, stating it happened “some time ago.”

The reasons behind the split remain unknown, but some fans speculated that the pressures of Félix’s high-profile career and Corceiro’s rising fame may have played a role.

The Current Scenario: Is João Félix Seeing Anyone Now?

Since the confirmed split with Corceiro, there has been no concrete evidence to suggest João Félix is currently dating anyone. There have been no social media posts or public appearances hinting at a new romance.

Félix, currently on loan at Barcelona, seems to be focusing on his career revival after a challenging season at Chelsea.

The Rumored Connection with Lando Norris: Fact or Fiction?

The sighting of Corceiro with Lando Norris sparked rumors of a potential romance. However, there’s no confirmation of their relationship status. It’s possible they were simply attending the event together as friends.

It’s important to remember that celebrities, including athletes, deserve privacy in their personal lives. While fans are naturally curious, respecting boundaries and avoiding intrusive speculation is crucial.

Beyond the Headlines: A Look at João Félix’s Private Life

While his dating life gets media attention, João Félix seems like a private person who values his inner circle. There’s not much information available about his family or close friends.

He occasionally posts pictures on social media, often featuring him training, relaxing, or spending time with loved ones, but without revealing their identities.

The Focus on Football: A New Chapter for João Félix?

After a loan spell at Chelsea that didn’t quite live up to expectations, João Félix is now at Barcelona, hoping to reignite his career. The focus for him, most likely, is on proving his talent on the pitch.

Perhaps with a successful season at Barcelona, fans will see a different side of João Félix, both on and off the field.

Conclusion: Respecting Privacy While Keeping Fans Engaged

João Félix’s dating life has been a topic of interest for many fans. However, it’s important to remember that celebrities deserve privacy. While following their careers and keeping up with updates is exciting, speculation and intrusive behavior should be avoided.

The true focus should be on João Félix’s exceptional talent and his potential to become one of the world’s best footballers. With his dedication and hard work, he’s sure to write new chapters, both on and off the field, in the years to come.


Is João Félix currently dating anyone?

As of May 2024, there is no confirmation that João Félix is in a relationship. His most recent public relationship was with Margarida Corceiro, an actress and model.

Who was João Félix’s girlfriend?

João Félix dated Margarida Corceiro for several years. They reportedly started dating in 2019, when João Félix was playing for Atlético Madrid. The couple went their separate ways sometime in 2023.

Why did João Félix and Margarida Corceiro break up?

The reason for their split is not publicly known. There were rumors circulating online in 2023, but neither João Félix nor Margarida Corceiro ever addressed them.

Were there any cheating rumors?

During their relationship, there were unsubstantiated rumors that Margarida Corceiro was cheating on João Félix. These claims were denied by both Corceiro and the footballer involved.

Is Margarida Corceiro dating anyone now?

Margarida Corceiro has been seen with Formula One driver Lando Norris on occasion, sparking rumors of a romance. However, neither Corceiro nor Norris have confirmed a relationship.

How did João Félix meet Margarida Corceiro?

Reports suggest they met through mutual friends in 2019, before João Félix’s big transfer to Atlético Madrid.

Is João Félix focusing on his career right now?

João Félix is currently on loan at Barcelona. With a crucial season ahead, it’s likely he is concentrating on his performance on the pitch.

Will João Félix ever speak publicly about his dating life?

João Félix tends to keep his private life private. It’s up to him whether he chooses to address his relationship status in the future.

Where can I find updates on João Félix’s personal life?

While João Félix doesn’t share much about his personal life on social media, fans can follow him for official updates on his career. There may also be news articles reporting on any confirmed relationships.

Why is João Félix’s girlfriend of interest to fans?

It’s natural for fans to be curious about the lives of celebrities, including their relationships. João Félix’s high profile as a footballer makes fans interested in who he might be dating.

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