A Guide to Legendary Animal Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2


Legendary animal locations rdr2, The vast wilderness of Red Dead Redemption 2 (rdr2) is teeming with life, but none are quite as captivating as the legendary animals. These magnificent beasts, from the ghostly white bison to the ferocious onyx wolf, pose a significant challenge to hunters and offer unique rewards. However, pinpointing their locations can be a frustrating endeavor. Fear not, aspiring naturalist, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to track down these legendary creatures!

Legendary animal locations rdr2

Before the Hunt Begins: Preparation is Key

Before embarking on your legendary animal hunts, it’s crucial to be well-prepared.

Unlocking Legendary Animals: Legendary animals won’t appear on your map until you’ve encountered their tracks or clues within their designated territory. These clues can be droppings, fur, or scrapes. Inspecting them will trigger a “Search Area” on your mini-map, guiding you towards the next clue and ultimately the legendary animal itself.

Weaponry: Choose your weapons wisely. A powerful rifle like the Rolling Block Rifle with Express ammo is ideal for most legendary animals. For smaller creatures like the fox, a Varmint Rifle is a cleaner option.

Ammunition: Legendary animals are resilient beasts. Pack plenty of appropriate ammo to ensure a clean kill.

Study and Observe: Using your binoculars to study a legendary animal before engaging will provide information about its class and star rating, allowing you to plan your approach accordingly.

Horse Power: Having a fast and reliable horse is essential. You might need to chase down your quarry or make a quick escape if things get hairy. The Missouri Fox Trotter or Turkoman are excellent choices for their speed and stamina.

Unveiling the Secrets: Legendary Animal Locations by Region

Now that you’re prepped, let’s delve into the specific locations of these legendary beasts:

New Hanover:

Legendary Boar (The Butcher): Found near Bolger Glade in Scarlett Meadows.

Legendary Buck (The Nightwalker): Roams the forests northwest of Strawberry in Big Valley.

Legendary Coyote (The Emerald Wolf): Lurks near Emerald Ranch in West Elizabeth. Technically in New Hanover, but bordering on Elizabeth.

Legendary Pronghorn (The Ghost): Haunts the grasslands east and slightly south of Fort Mercer.

Legendary Ram (The Big Horn): Grazes in the hills north of the railroad tracks, east of Cattail Pond, across the Dakota River from Valentine.


Legendary Fox (The Cross Fox): Hides just east of Mattock Pond, north of Rhodes.


Legendary Bison (The White Bison): Walks the north shore of Lake Isabella in Grizzlies West.

Legendary Elk (The Wapiti): Resides in the woods east of Bacchus Station, bordering New Hanover on the northeastern side of Fort Wallace.

Legendary Moose (The Bull Moose): Frequents the frozen shores of Lake Cavern in Big Valley.

West Elizabeth:

Legendary Cougar (The Rufus): Stalks the cliffs west of Blackwater.

Legendary Wolf (The Onyx Wolf): Preys on unsuspecting travelers around Cotorra Springs, southwest of the Wapati Reservation and across the Dakota River, north of Fort Wallace.

New Austin:

Legendary Bighorn Sheep (The Royal): Climbs the peaks in the Great Grizzlies north of Hennigan’s Stead.

Legendary Tatanka Bison (The Wi nsape): Roams the plains south of Stillwater Creek in Hennigan’s Stead.

Big Valley (New Hanover & West Elizabeth):

Legendary Buck (The Nightwalker): As mentioned earlier, this buck can be found in Big Valley, northwest of Strawberry.

Taming the Beasts: Tips for Taking Down Legendary Animals

Approach with Caution: Legendary animals are highly aggressive. Use cover to your advantage and remain hidden until you’re ready to strike.

Aim for Vital Organs: A well-placed shot to the head or heart is the quickest way to take down your prey.

Use Dead Eye: Dead Eye can be a valuable tool for slowing down time and lining up precise shots, especially when dealing with a charging beast.

Prepare for a Fight: Be ready to dodge or fight back if the animal charges.

Skin the Carcass Properly: After a successful hunt, make sure to skin the legendary animal to obtain its unique pelt and other crafting materials.


What are Legendary Animals?

Legendary Animals are special predators and herbivores scattered throughout the map. They’re much larger and stronger than their regular counterparts, and their pelts can be crafted into unique clothing with special properties. Additionally, skinning them yields rare crafting materials like claws, horns, and teeth.

How to Find Legendary Animals

Legendary Animals won’t appear on the map until you’ve found specific clues scattered around their territory. These clues can be in the form of carcasses, scat, or scrapes. Inspecting a clue will trigger a search area on your mini-map, guiding you to the next clue and eventually leading you to the Legendary Animal itself.

Legendary Animal Locations

There are 16 Legendary Animals to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, each found in a specific region. Here’s a quick rundown of their locations:

New Hanover: Legendary Boar (Big Valley), Legendary Buck (Big Valley), Legendary Coyote (Scarlett Meadows), Legendary Pronghorn (Great Plains)

Lemoyne: Legendary Fox (Lemoyne), Legendary Raccoon (Lemoyne)

Ambarino: Legendary Bison (Hennigan’s Stead), Legendary Elk (Ambarino), Legendary Wolf (Ambarino), Legendary White Bison (Grizzlies West)

West Elizabeth: Legendary Bighorn Ram (Ambarino), Legendary Cougar (Big Valley)

New Austin: Legendary Gila Monster (Rio Bravo), Legendary Tatanka Bison (Rio Bravo)

Tips for Hunting Legendary Animals

Come prepared: Use a powerful rifle like the Rolling Block Rifle for larger animals and a Varmint Rifle for smaller ones. Legendary Animals can be aggressive, so bring potent health cures and tonics.

Study your prey: Use binoculars to study a Legendary Animal before engaging. This unlocks information about its weak points and crafting materials.

Craft the right ammo: Use appropriate ammo types like Express or High Velocity for better penetration against these tough creatures.

Use Predator Bait: Crafting Predator Bait can lure Legendary Animals closer, making them easier to find.

Track strategically: Pay attention to animal tracks and disturbances in the environment to narrow down your search.

Be stealthy: Remain crouched and use cover to avoid alerting the animal before you’re ready.

A clean kill is ideal: Aim for critical hits like headshots or heart shots for a clean kill that preserves the pelt quality.

Legendary Animal Resources

For a more detailed look at Legendary Animals, including specific locations, recommended weapons, and detailed maps, you can check out these resources:

IGN’s Guide to Legendary Animals and Fish Locations: [IGN legendary animal red dead ON ign.com]

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