Hunting the Legendary Panther in Red Dead Redemption 2


Legendary panther rdr2, The wilds of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) are teeming with life, from majestic bison herds to cunning coyotes. But among these creatures, one stalks the shadows with unmatched ferocity: the Legendary Panther. This jet-black predator is a coveted prize for hunters, but its acquisition is no easy feat. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to track, confront, and ultimately claim the Legendary Panther pelt.

Legendary panther rdr2

The Beast of Bolger Glade: Unlocking the Hunt

The Legendary Panther isn’t a creature you’ll stumble upon by chance. It only reveals itself to those who have proven their prowess as a hunter. To unlock the ability to hunt this elusive beast, you’ll need to complete the first nine Master Hunter Challenges. These challenges test your skills in tracking, using weapons, and studying various animals.

Here’s a breakdown of the challenges:

Skin 3 perfect pelts of badgers, raccoons, and skunks.

Skin 1 perfect pelt of a coyote, a fox, and a weasel.

Craft and use Predator Bait 5 times.

Craft and use Herbivore Bait 5 times.

Kill 5 cougars using a bow.

Study 5 different wolf species.

Craft and use Special Snake Oil 3 times.

Kill a grizzly bear using a knife.

Kill a perfect whitetail deer with a bow.

Once you’ve conquered these challenges, the hunt for the Legendary Panther becomes available.

Into the Panther’s Domain: Location and Tracking

The Legendary Panther prowls the dense forests of Bolger Glade, located southwest of Saint Denis and directly bordering Lemoyne to the west. Upon reaching the area, a message will pop up on your screen indicating you’ve entered Legendary Animal territory. This is your cue to sharpen your senses and prepare for the hunt.

Your first task is to find tracks. Discerning these faint marks from regular panther tracks is crucial. The Legendary Panther will leave behind distinctive paw prints that are slightly larger and squarer than those of its common counterparts. Eagle Eye, your heightened vision ability, will be invaluable here. Activate it by pressing both thumbsticks simultaneously and scan the ground for these oversized prints.

The trail will likely lead you through dense undergrowth and clearings. Be mindful of your surroundings, as the panther will be on high alert and may ambush you from any direction. Keep using Eagle Eye to search for further clues, such as blood splatter near the base of trees, indicating the panther has marked its territory.

Here’s a pro tip from seasoned RDR2 players: The Legendary Panther won’t spawn until you’ve found the first set of tracks. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’ t see it immediately upon entering Bolger Glade. Persistence and keen observation are key.

A Predator’s Prey: Preparing for the Encounter

The Legendary Panther is a formidable opponent. One wrong move and you’ll find yourself staring at the respawn screen. Here’s what you’ll need to be successful:

Weapons: The Legendary Panther is a fast and agile creature. A shotgun loaded with buckshot shells is a great choice for dealing massive close-range damage. For a more tactical approach, a scoped rifle with high-powered rounds will allow you to take the beast down from afar. Consider using Improved Throwing Knives as a last resort, but be aware that a clean kill is less likely with this method.

Horse: While not essential for the fight itself, having a fast horse like the Missouri Fox Trotter will be crucial for escaping the panther’s wrath if things go south.

Items: Stock up on health tonics like Miracle Tonic and Potent Miracle Tonic. These will be lifesavers if you get mauled by the panther. Cover Scent Lotion is also highly recommended, as it will mask your scent and make it harder for the panther to detect you.

The Face-Off: Taking Down the Legendary Panther

Once you’ve tracked the panther to its den, prepare for a fight. Here are some strategies to employ:

Stay Alert: The panther is known for its stealthy attacks. Use Eagle Eye frequently to pinpoint its location, especially if it goes quiet.

The Long Shot: If you’re confident in your marksmanship, use a scoped rifle to take down the panther from a safe distance. Aim for the head for a clean kill.


Q. How do I find the Legendary Panther?

The Legendary Panther won’t appear until you’ve completed the first 9 challenges out of 10 in the Master Hunter Challenge list. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, head to Bolger Glade, west of Saint Denis, and ride south along the Lemoyne border, near Shady Belle. Here’s where the actual hunt begins!

Q. How do I track the Legendary Panther?

Use Eagle Eye (press both thumbsticks simultaneously on consoles) to search for clues. Look for panther droppings near the edge of a clearing with a road on your left. The trail will then lead south through brush. Keep your Eagle Eye peeled for blood near the base of a tree. These are your starting points!

Q. What’s the best way to kill the Legendary Panther?

The Legendary Panther is a ferocious opponent. Here’s how to take it down:

Preparation is key: Use potent predator bait to lure it out. Crafting potent predator bait requires completing Hunting Challenge 7.

Prime weaponry: A scoped rifle like the Springfield Rifle or Rolling Block Rifle is ideal for a clean, long-distance kill. Since the Panther is fast, having a shotgun as a backup for close encounters is wise.

Stay alert: The Panther is known for ambushes. Use cover scent to mask your presence and constantly scan your surroundings with Eagle Eye.

Q. What are the rewards for hunting the Legendary Panther?

Taking down this beast grants you the following:

Legendary Panther Pelt: This rare pelt can be crafted into the Legendary Panther Cloak, a unique garment with a powerful health regeneration perk.

Legendary Panther Eye: This can be used to craft potent predator bait, coming in handy for future hunts.

Q. Any additional tips for hunting the Legendary Panther?

Save before the hunt: This allows you to reload if things go south (pun intended).

Night vision: The Panther is more active at night. Use predator bait at night and night vision tonics (crafted from completing Hunting Challenge 9) to improve your odds.

Stay calm: The adrenaline rush is real during this hunt. Stay focused and don’t rush your shots.

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