A Guide to the Lomei Sky Labyrinth in Tears of the Kingdom


Lomei sky labyrinth, The majestic skies of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hold many secrets, and one of the most captivating is the Lomei Sky Labyrinth. This floating maze presents a challenging puzzle for adventurers, but the rewards for those who persevere are substantial. This guide will equip you with everything you need to conquer the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, from reaching its lofty heights to solving its intricate puzzles.

Lomei sky labyrinth

Unveiling the Lomei Labyrinth

The Lomei Labyrinth is a three-part complex located on Lomei Labyrinth Island in the Akkala region. Each section – Surface, Sky, and Depths – offers unique challenges that test your skills in combat, navigation, and puzzle-solving. The Lomei Sky Labyrinth specifically refers to the floating portion of the complex, nestled high above the traditional labyrinth.

Reaching the Lomei Labyrinth Island:

The island itself is easily accessible. Simply glide down from the mainland to the island’s entrance. There, you’ll likely encounter the surface labyrinth, a traditional maze with its own set of puzzles.

Unveiling the Sky Labyrinth – A Celestial Challenge

While the surface labyrinth provides a good warm-up, the true test lies above. Here’s what you need to know to reach the Lomei Sky Labyrinth:

The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy: Completing this side quest activates the Sky Labyrinth. Interact with the terminal near the entrance of the Igashuk Shrine (unlocked after conquering the surface labyrinth). This action removes a gate, revealing a path to the sky dungeon.

Skyward Bound: Reaching the floating labyrinth requires traversing the vast expanse of the sky. Here are two main options:

Skyview Towers: Utilize the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to propel yourself upwards. This method offers a direct route but requires precise gliding to reach the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, the launching point for the Sky Labyrinth.

Zonai Tech: For a more creative approach, utilize Zonai parts to construct a floating raft. Ensure you have six batteries to power the raft for the entire journey. You can either make a nonstop trip or rest at the small island midway between the archipelago and the mainland.

Conquering the Clouds: Essential Tips for the Lomei Sky Labyrinth

Prepare for Battle: The Sky Labyrinth is no walk in the park. Encounter enemies will likely include Moblins, Bokoblins, and potentially even mini-bosses. Stock up on weapons, bows with plenty of arrows, and shields before your ascent.

Mind the Wind: The high altitude can present strong winds that may affect your gliding and movement. Use updrafts strategically to propel yourself and remain airborne.

The Power of Sheikah Slate: Utilize the Sheikah Slate’s runes to your advantage. Magnesis can help manipulate metal objects within the labyrinth, while Remote Bombs can be used to clear obstacles or activate mechanisms. Stasis can also be helpful to freeze enemies in place during combat.

Navigating the Labyrinth: A Glimpse into the Puzzles

While the exact layout of the labyrinth may vary with each playthrough, here’s a general idea of the challenges you might encounter:

Pressure Plate Puzzles: These puzzles involve stepping on specific pressure plates in the correct order to activate mechanisms or unlock doors. Look for patterns or clues within the environment to determine the sequence.

Moving Platforms: Navigate across moving platforms to reach different sections of the labyrinth. Use the wind currents and your gliding skills to stay on course.

Environmental Challenges: Be prepared for environmental hazards like wind gusts that can knock you off balance or crumbling platforms that require quick reflexes.

The Importance of Terminals:

Scattered throughout the Sky Labyrinth are terminals. Interact with these to reveal hints about the puzzles or provide temporary buffs. Remember, some terminals might be hidden or require solving a mini-puzzle to access.

Claiming Your Reward: The Spoils of the Sky

Once you’ve conquered the Lomei Sky Labyrinth, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. The exact reward can vary depending on the version of the game you’re playing, but it’s typically a powerful piece of equipment or a significant amount of rupees. Some players have reported receiving unique armor sets for completing the entire Lomei Labyrinth (Surface, Sky, and Depths).


Reaching the Lomei Sky Labyrinth:

How do I get there?
The Lomei Sky Labyrinth isn’t accessible through traditional means. You’ll need to use Zonai technology, specifically by building a floating raft.

What do I need to build the raft? You’ll need Zonai parts, including a platform and six battery modules.

Where do I find the Zonai parts? These can be found scattered throughout the world, but you can often find them near Zonai ruins.

Can I make the trip in one go? The raft’s battery life limits how far you can travel. You can either attach all six batteries for a direct flight or stop at a smaller island halfway for a battery refill.

Conquering the Lomei Sky Labyrinth:

What’s the labyrinth like? The Lomei Sky Labyrinth is an open-air maze built high above the ground. Low gravity and strong winds make navigating with your paraglider a unique experience.

How do I find my way through? Use your map and the handy quest markers to locate the four terminals you need to activate. Thankfully, the low gravity allows you to stay airborne for extended periods, making exploration easier.

What happens after activating the terminals? A strong wind current appears, allowing you to soar above the labyrinth walls and reach a final central terminal. Activate it to reveal the entrance to the Lomei Labyrinth Depths.

What awaits me in the Depths? Brace yourself for a battle with Flux Construct III, a formidable mechanical boss. Utilize ranged attacks and focus on its weak point (the head) for a smoother victory.

Extra Tips:

Paraglider proficiency is key. Practice maneuvering your paraglider in open areas before tackling the labyrinth.

Stock up on arrows and potions. You’ll need them for the boss fight in the Depths.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. The low gravity allows for creative paraglider strategies.

Explore the surrounding islands. You might find hidden Korok seeds or other goodies.

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