Masks of Lethal Company: A Guide to Possession and Peril


Mask Lethal Company, the space station simulator with a darkly comedic twist, throws a whole lot of dangers your way. From malfunctioning turrets to hungry space slimes, keeping your crew alive is no easy feat. But one recurring threat stands out for its unsettling nature: the Masks. These seemingly harmless theatrical props hold a sinister secret, and encountering them can turn a routine mission into a desperate fight for survival.

This guide delves into the chilling world of the Masks in Lethal Company. We’ll explore their mechanics, the dangers they pose, and some helpful strategies to avoid becoming another victim of their twisted influence.

Mask Lethal Company

What are the Masks?

The Masks in Lethal Company come in two varieties: Tragedy and Comedy. These unassuming props can be found scattered throughout various moons you explore during your playthrough. While they may appear harmless at first glance, these masks harbor a malevolent entity that can possess unsuspecting employees.

There are two ways a Mask can claim a victim:

Direct Possession: Holding a Mask in your hand and activating it (by left-clicking) brings it up to the employee’s face. There’s a 65% chance every 5 seconds that the mask will attempt to possess the wearer. If successful, the employee will transform into a “Masked” enemy after a brief animation.

Passive Possession: Simply having a Mask in your inventory carries a risk. The chance of possession increases depending on the current moon phase. On a full moon, the risk becomes significant, so be cautious about how long you keep a Mask in your possession.

The Masked Menace: How to Identify and Eliminate

Once an employee becomes a Masked, they turn into a formidable foe. They retain their original appearance, making them difficult to distinguish from your crew at first glance.

Enemy Behavior: Masked employees will exhibit hostile behavior, attacking any non-Masked crew members they encounter. Keep an eye out for erratic movement and aggression towards your team.

Camera Tracking: Unlike regular employees, Masked individuals cannot be tracked or teleported using the security cameras. This can be a giveaway if you suspect someone might be possessed.

Dealing with a Masked enemy requires swift action. Here are some strategies to eliminate them:

Firepower: Masked enemies are vulnerable to regular weaponry. Shotguns and flamethrowers are particularly effective due to their close-range damage.

Environmental Hazards: Lure them near environmental hazards like exploding gas canisters or lava pits. A well-timed detonation can take them down quickly.

Traps: Strategically place turrets or proximity mines in areas where Masks are likely to spawn. This can help contain the threat before it spreads.

Important Note: When a Masked enemy is killed, they don’t drop any items or scrap. This makes them a double threat, as eliminating them offers no immediate reward.

Mask Mechanics

Here are some of the most common questions players have about the Masks:

Are the Masks inspired by SCP-035? According to the developers, the Masks are not directly inspired by SCP-035, the shape-shifting mask from the SCP Foundation fictional universe.

Can I become immune to Mask possession? Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely prevent Mask possession. However, some employees have a slightly lower chance of being possessed compared to others.

Is there a safe way to use the Masks? There’s no truly “safe” way to use them. The 65% possession chance makes them a gamble, and even keeping them in your inventory carries risk.

What’s the point of the Masks then? While the Masks pose a significant threat, they can also be used for a risky, yet potentially fun, activity called “Mask Roulette.” Here, all employees take turns putting on a Mask, essentially playing a game of Russian Roulette with possession.

Mask Roulette: A High-Risk, High-Reward (or High-Death) Strategy

Mask Roulette is a community-created strategy that adds a layer of chaotic fun (and potential disaster) to Lethal Company. Here’s how it works:

Gather all your employees in a safe location.

Have each employee take turns putting on a Mask (activating it with left-click) and holding it briefly.

The unfortunate employee who gets possessed becomes the target, and the rest of the crew must eliminate them.


What are the Masks in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company features two masks: the Tragedy mask and the Comedy mask. These seemingly harmless props can be found on certain moons during your missions. They won’t do anything while sitting in your inventory, but things get interesting when an employee puts one on.

What happens when you wear a Mask?

There’s a chance (around 65% every 5 seconds) that the mask will possess the wearer, transforming them into a “Masked” enemy. This possessed employee becomes hostile and attacks anyone nearby. Be warned, the transformation is gruesome, with the mask’s eyes glowing red!

Are there other ways Masked enemies appear?

Yes! While putting on a mask is the most common way Masked enemies appear, they can also spawn naturally on higher-tier moons. This means you’ll encounter them even if your crew is extra cautious with the masks.

How do I identify a Masked enemy?

They’ll still appear as blue dots on your security cameras just like regular employees. However, you can’t switch to their view or teleport them. If you see an employee acting erratic, especially near a dropped mask, that’s a good sign they’ve become Masked.

How do I take down a Masked enemy?

The good news is, Masked enemies aren’t invincible. A few well-placed shovel swings or a blast from the Stun Gun will put them down. However, be careful – if they grab another employee, they’ll be Masked as well, turning a small problem into a big one quickly.

Is there a benefit to using the Masks?

Not directly. They can’t be used as weapons or offer any special abilities. However, they can be sold to The Company for a hefty sum, making them a high-risk, high-reward proposition.

Should I use the Masks?

This depends on your risk tolerance and playstyle. The potential payout is tempting, but the chance of losing an employee (and potentially the whole mission) is high. Some players use a risky strategy called “Mask Roulette” where everyone takes turns putting on a mask – not recommended for the faint of heart!

Are there any safety measures when dealing with Masks?

Here are some tips:

Never force an employee to wear a mask.

If you find a mask, consider selling it immediately to avoid temptation.

If an employee gets Masked, eliminate them quickly before they infect others.

Have a plan to deal with Masked enemies – teamwork is key!

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