A Guide to the Mayachin Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Mayachin Shrine, The sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is littered with Shrines, each offering unique puzzles and rewarding players with valuable items. Among these, the Mayachin Shrine stands out as a formidable test of ingenuity, often leaving players frustrated. But fear not, adventurers! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer the Mayachin Shrine and emerge victorious.

Mayachin Shrine

Locating the Mayachin Shrine

The Mayachin Shrine resides in the Central Hyrule Region, specifically north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Look for it amidst the Exchange Ruins, which lie south and west of Lookout Landing. The Shrine itself is readily visible on the surface, so you won’t have trouble spotting its entrance.

Brace Yourself: The “A Fixed Device” Challenge

Upon entering the Mayachin Shrine, you’ll be presented with a seemingly straightforward objective: hit a target with a ball. However, this seemingly simple task quickly transforms into one of the most challenging puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom. The key to success lies in utilizing the Sheikah Slate’s “Ultrahand” ability effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the puzzle and how to solve it:

Crafting the Mechanical Bat:

Scattered around the room are several metal stakes. Use the Ultrahand to grab one and attach it to the hanging board on the right side.

Locate another stake and use it to secure the hanging board firmly to the ceiling. This creates a crucial element – a makeshift platform.

Positioning the Ball:

A metal ball rests on a pedestal in the center of the room. Employ the Ultrahand once more to pick up the ball and carefully place it on the newly formed platform.

Building the Bat Mechanism:

Here comes the intricate part. You’ll need to construct a contraption that functions like a giant bat to hit the ball. Look for additional metal stakes positioned vertically on the left wall.

Utilize the Ultrahand to detach these stakes from the wall one by one.

Now comes the creative part – use the Ultrahand to strategically attach the detached stakes horizontally to the hanging board you created earlier. Essentially, you’re building an extension for the board, transforming it into a long, swinging arm.

The Crucial Swing:

With your makeshift bat in place, activate a switch located on the ground. This triggers the platform holding the ball to swing back and forth.

Here’s where timing becomes paramount. You need to hit the switch again precisely when the swinging platform reaches its peak position, right before it starts descending. This perfect timing ensures the makeshift bat swings with enough force to propel the ball towards the target.

Triumphant Strike!

If you’ve executed the steps flawlessly, the ball should connect with the target, completing the main objective of the shrine and unlocking the entrance to the Monk’s chamber.

Tips for Mastering the Challenge:

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t nail it on the first try (or tenth!). The Mayachin Shrine requires patience and practice. Experiment with different stake placements for the bat mechanism and timing your switch activations.

Visualize the Swing: Imagine the trajectory of the swinging platform and the bat’s movement. This helps you anticipate the perfect moment to trigger the switch for a successful hit.

Utilize Slow Motion: Don’t hesitate to activate the Sheikah Slate’s slow-motion function during critical moments. This allows you to analyze the platform’s swing and fine-tune your timing for the switch activation.

Unveiling the Secret: The Second Target

Congratulations on conquering the main puzzle! However, the Mayachin Shrine holds a secret for the truly observant players. After completing the primary objective and entering the Monk’s chamber, a new target will become visible on the right side of the room.

Here’s how to reach this hidden target:

Utilize the Stakes Again: Remember those extra metal stakes you haven’t used yet? Put them to good use!

Clearing the Path: Use the Ultrahand to attach a stake to the remaining hanging board on the right. Then, use another stake to secure this board firmly to the ceiling, effectively clearing the path leading to the new target.

Repurposing the Bat Mechanism: Now comes the fun part. You can reuse the bat mechanism you built earlier to hit the new target. Simply adjust the positioning of the hanging board (with the attached stakes) to face the new target.


Where is the Mayachin Shrine?

The Mayachin Shrine sits slightly northeast of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, near the Exchange Ruins in central Hyrule Field. Look for it on your map at location (-0705, -0866).

What’s the challenge inside the Mayachin Shrine?

This Shrine revolves around a “Fixed Device” puzzle. You’ll need to use your brain and some nifty gadgets to build a contraption and hit a target. Think of it as a wacky pinball machine!

How do I solve the Mayachin Shrine puzzle?

The core idea is to create a path for a giant ball to smash into a target. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Use the rotating platform to reach the main area.

Activate the pressure plate to reveal a switch and a rolling ball.

Use your weapon to hit the switch and control the ball’s direction.

Grab a green stake with the “Magnesis” Rune (think remote grabbing).

This stake is your key tool! Use it to build a path for the ball.

Are there any helpful tips for the Mayachin Shrine puzzle?

Think of the stakes as anchors. You can push them into specific surfaces to create platforms or manipulate objects.

Experiment! There’s a bit of trial and error involved, so don’t be afraid to play around with the mechanics.

Online guides and walkthroughs [YouTube walkthrough of Mayachin Shrine] can offer visual solutions if you get stuck.

Does the Mayachin Shrine have any treasure?

You bet! There’s a hidden chest containing goodies. Look for a caged chest on the right side after activating the first target.

How do I get the treasure chest in the Mayachin Shrine?

There’s a hanging board blocking your access. Use the spare stake to create a connection between the board and the ceiling, essentially flipping it out of the way. Then you can reach the switch to unlock the chest.

Is the Mayachin Shrine difficult?

The Shrine introduces new mechanics and requires some creative thinking. It might be trickier than some early Shrines, but with a bit of patience and these tips, you’ll conquer it!

What are some other things to know about the Mayachin Shrine?

There are no enemies inside, so you can focus entirely on the puzzle. The Shrine serves as a great introduction to the stake mechanic, which will be helpful in later challenges.

I completed the Mayachin Shrine, what now?

Congratulations! You’ve earned a Spirit Orb, a valuable reward that enhances your character’s abilities. Keep exploring Hyrule Field and tackle other Shrines to collect more Orbs and progress in your adventure.

Are there any fun facts about the Mayachin Shrine?

Some fans think the name “Mayachin” might be a play on words, combining “machine” with a Japanese term for “wacky” or “goofy.” This would fit the quirky, pinball-inspired theme of the Shrine!

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