The North Lomei Labyrinth: A Chilled Challenge in The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws Link at a multitude of challenges, and the North Lomei Labyrinth stands out as a unique and rewarding one. This intricate maze isn’t just a standalone puzzle; it’s the first part of a sprawling three-part labyrinth that tests your exploration skills and combat prowess.

This guide will delve into everything you need to know about the North Lomei Labyrinth, from its location and secrets to conquering its puzzles and emerging victorious.

Locating the North Lomei Labyrinth

The North Lomei Labyrinth chills in the frigid Hebra region, nestled at the northernmost edge of the Tears of the Kingdom map, slightly west of the centre [IGN]. Reaching it might require some preparation for the harsh climate. You can access it by venturing through the North Tabantha Snowfield from the west.

A Labyrinthian Trio: Unveiling the Threefold Challenge

The North Lomei Labyrinth is just the first act in a grand, multi-layered odyssey. Here’s a breakdown of the entire ordeal:

  1. Surface Labyrinth (North Lomei Labyrinth): This is the ground-level maze you’ll encounter first. It’s a sprawling network of paths, requiring keen observation and puzzle-solving skills to navigate.
  2. Sky Labyrinth (North Lomei Sky Labyrinth): Directly above the surface labyrinth lies its aerial counterpart. You’ll need the Sheikah Slate’s abilities and strategic use of the environment to conquer this sky-high maze.
  3. Depths Labyrinth: Beneath the surface, labyrinth awaits a hidden network of underground caverns. Expect to encounter tougher enemies and solve more intricate puzzles here.

Completing all three labyrinths is crucial to reaping the ultimate reward – a special piece of armour.

Conquering the North Lomei Labyrinth: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s break down how to tackle the North Lomei Labyrinth:

  1. Activating the Challenge: There’s no official starting point for the labyrinth. However, you’ll know you’re on the right track when you encounter a mysterious inscription or mural hinting at a hidden challenge. Interact with it to activate the labyrinth and make the paths appear on your map.
  2. Navigating the Maze: The North Lomei Labyrinth is a web of interconnected pathways. Following the outer rim is a recommended strategy for beginners, as it helps you stay oriented and avoid getting lost in the maze’s heart. Keep a close eye on your map – following the continuously connected trails will eventually lead you to the exit.
  3. Facing the Guardians: The labyrinth is not without its protectors. Be prepared to encounter enemies like Moblins and Bokoblins along the way. You can choose to eliminate them for resources or simply avoid them if you’re focused on reaching the exit quickly.
  4. Treasure Hunt: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden chests scattered throughout the labyrinth. These chests can contain valuable loot, including rupees, weapons, and arrows that will come in handy for the challenges ahead.
  5. Shrine Secrets: The North Lomei Labyrinth boasts a hidden shrine – the Mayaotaki Shrine. Finding and completing this shrine will reward you with valuable spirit orbs and potentially enhance your abilities.

Utilizing the Sheikah Slate’s capabilities like bombs and Magnesis can prove beneficial in solving environmental puzzles and accessing hidden areas. Don’t hesitate to experiment and explore every nook and cranny – you might discover secret pathways or additional treasures.

Beyond the Labyrinth: Skyward and Downward

Once you conquer the North Lomei Labyrinth, the real challenge begins. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you in the next two labyrinths:

  1. North Lomei Sky Labyrinth: Prepare to take your exploration skills to new heights. This labyrinth tests your mastery of the Sheikah Slate’s abilities, particularly Revali’s Gale and paragliding. Expect to utilize updrafts, strategically placed platforms, and environmental elements to navigate the aerial maze. The Tenbez Shrine, another hidden gem, awaits discovery within the Sky Labyrinth.
  2. Depths Labyrinth: Brace yourself for a descent into darkness. The Depths Labyrinth throws tougher enemies and more intricate puzzles your way. You might encounter puzzles that involve manipulating water flow or activating mechanisms to clear paths. Conquering this labyrinth culminates in a boss battle, so ensure you’re well-equipped and prepared for a challenging fight.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Here’s a breakdown of some common obstacles you might encounter within the labyrinth and strategies for overcoming them:

  • Dead Ends: The labyrinth loves throwing Link into seemingly inescapable dead ends. Don’t despair! These are often opportunities to utilize bombs to reveal hidden passages within the walls. Look for cracks or suspicious discolourations that might indicate a breakable section.
  • Locked Gates: Locked gates can impede your progress. Look for nearby switches, pressure plates, or environmental puzzles that need solving to unlock the passage. Fire arrows might also come in handy here, as some gates might be blocked by ice or explosive mechanisms.
  • Enemy Encounters: Expect skirmishes with various enemies throughout the labyrinth. Regular Moblins and Bokoblins might pose a minor nuisance, while stronger foes like Stone Taluses or elemental enemies might require a more strategic approach. Utilize the environment to your advantage; lure enemies into icy patches to freeze them or use strategically placed explosives to take them down efficiently.


Q. What is the North Lomei Labyrinth? 

This is one of three interconnected labyrinths you’ll explore in Tears of the Kingdom. Each labyrinth has three sections: Surface, Sky, and Depths. Completing all three rewards a special armour piece.

Q. Where is the North Lomei Labyrinth located? 

Head to the Hebra region, the snowy area at the game’s northernmost edge. You’ll find it slightly west of the centre, accessible from the west through the North Tabantha Snowfield.

Q. Do I need to complete the Labyrinth in a specific order? 

Yes! The Labyrinths follow a set order: Surface, Sky, and Depths. Conquering the North Lomei Surface Labyrinth is the first step.

Q. How do I navigate the North Lomei Labyrinth?

 This icy maze can be tricky. Look for a map within the labyrinth itself, and utilize the outer rim as a guide. Many paths connect, so keep an eye on your map to avoid getting lost.

Q. What challenges will I face?

 Be prepared for enemies and puzzles! You’ll encounter Moblins and other foes, so bring appropriate weapons and combat strategies. The puzzles will test your observation and problem-solving skills.

Q. What rewards can I find in the Surface Labyrinth?

 Keep your eyes peeled for chests containing valuable items like Rupees (the game’s currency), weapons, arrows, and the Edge of Duality weapon.

Q. Is there a Shrine in the Surface Labyrinth? 

Yes! You’ll find the Mayaotaki Shrine hidden within the labyrinth. Look for clues and solve puzzles to access it and claim its treasure.

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