Conquering Hyrule: A Comprehensive Ocarina of Time Walkthrough


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OoT) transcends the boundaries of a mere game. It’s an experience lauded for its immersive world, captivating story, and innovative gameplay. Even today, after its debut in 1998, OoT remains a beloved classic.

But for new players venturing into Hyrule for the first time, the vastness of the adventure can be daunting. Fear not, hero! This comprehensive walkthrough will guide you through every step of your journey, from the serene Kokiri Forest to the climactic battle within Ganon’s Castle.

A Hero’s Awakening

Our tale begins in the idyllic Kokiri Forest, where you play as Link, a young boy. After a prophetic dream and a fateful encounter with Navi, your fairy companion, you’re tasked with aiding the Great Deku Tree, protector of the forest. This initial dungeon serves as a gentle introduction to the game’s core mechanics: puzzle-solving, combat, and item acquisition. Upon defeating Queen Gohma, the first boss, you’ll receive the Spiritual Stone of Kokiri Forest and the Slingshot, a vital tool for progressing further.

A Change of Time

Following the Great Deku Tree’s guidance, you journey to Hyrule Castle Town, a bustling hub brimming with life. Here, you’ll encounter Princess Zelda and learn of Ganondorf, the Gerudo King, who seeks the Triforce, a sacred relic with immense power. Unfortunately, Ganondorf imprisons Zelda and throws you seven years into the future, transforming you into an adult.

A World in Peril

Hyrule has become a desolate wasteland in your absence. Gerudo influence is rampant, and Ganondorf’s shadow looms large. Don’t be discouraged, though! This new timeline presents opportunities. You’ll receive the iconic Master Sword, imbuing you with the strength needed to combat evil. Additionally, you’ll acquire the Ocarina of Time, a magical instrument that allows you to manipulate time and learn powerful songs.

The Seven Spiritual Temples

Your primary objective lies in collecting the remaining Spiritual Stones โ€“ emblems of the sages who hold the power to seal Ganondorf. To obtain these stones, you’ll need to conquer seven treacherous dungeons scattered across Hyrule:

  • Forest Temple: Located within the Kokiri Forest, this verdant labyrinth requires the use of the Bow of Light and the Minuet of Forest to navigate its shifting pathways and defeat Phantom Ganon.
  • Fire Temple: Nestled within Death Mountain, this fiery domain demands the use of the Din’s Fire song and the Megaton Hammer to overcome volcanic obstacles and vanquish Volvagia, the fiery boss.
  • Water Temple: Submerged beneath Lake Hylia, this aquatic temple challenges you with water level manipulation using the Water Ocarina and Zora’s Sapphire. Morpha, a gelatinous monstrosity, awaits at the heart of this watery puzzle.
  • Shadow Temple: This unsettling dungeon, shrouded in darkness, requires the Lens of Truth to reveal hidden pathways and traps. The Shadow Bomberman technique, aided by the Shadow Song, is key to overcoming Bongo Bongo, the colossal drum-wielding boss.
  • Spirit Temple: Hidden within the Gerudo Desert, this mystical temple demands the use of the Mirror Shield to reflect light beams and solve puzzles. The formidable Twinrova sisters await at the end, wielding dark magic.

Each temple presents unique puzzles, challenging enemies, and a rewarding boss encounter. Remember to explore every nook and cranny, as hidden secrets and valuable items can be found throughout.

Unveiling the Mysteries

While conquering the temples is paramount, there’s much more to OoT than dungeon crawling. Here are some additional aspects that enrich your journey:

  • Side Quests: Numerous side quests offer opportunities to earn rewards, expand the lore, and interact with Hyrule’s diverse inhabitants. Help a lost child reunite with their parents, participate in horse races, or even go on a fishing expedition!
  • Songs of Time: The Ocarina of Time holds the key to manipulating time. Learn various songs, like Saria’s Song to warp back to the Temple of Time or the Song of Time to travel back and forth between your child and adult forms.
  • Heart Containers and Pieces: Keep an eye out for Heart Containers and Pieces throughout your adventure. These increase your health, allowing you to withstand more damage in battles.

The Final Showdown

Once you’ve collected all the Spiritual Stones, the path to Ganon’s Castle opens within the Temple of Time. Prepare for a series of challenging battles, including facing Ganondorf’s alter ego, Ganondorf. Here, the skills you’ve honed throughout your journey will be put to the ultimate test.


Q: What’s the order of the temples in Ocarina of Time?

  • A: As a child, you’ll tackle the Deku Tree, Dodongo’s Cavern, and Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. As an adult, the Forest Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple, and Shadow Temple await.

Q: How do I become an adult?

  • A: After retrieving the three Spiritual Stones as a child, travel back to the Temple of Time and place the Master Sword on its pedestal. This will send you seven years into the future.

Q: Where can I find a walkthrough video?

  • A: Several excellent video guides exist. Searching for “[Ocarina of Time 3D HD – Full Game Walkthrough]” on YouTube will provide a detailed, spoiler-free visual walkthrough.

Q: I’m stuck in the Forest Temple! How do I beat Phantom Ganon?

  • A: Phantom Ganon is vulnerable to light arrows. Use the mirrors in the boss room to reflect sunlight and expose his weak point.

Q: What’s the key to navigating the Water Temple?

  • A: The Water Temple relies heavily on manipulating the water level. Use the Hookshot to raise and lower water gates, and equip the Zora’s Flippers for underwater exploration.

Q: Where can I find the Hookshot?

  • A: As an adult, visit Kakariko Graveyard and play the Sun’s Song to reveal a hidden entrance. Inside, solve puzzles to claim the Hookshot.

Q: How do I get the Lens of Truth?

  • A: Travel to the well in Kakariko Village as a child. Play the Song of Storms to make the well drain, then enter it as an adult. Use the Hookshot to reach the bottom and solve puzzles to obtain the Lens of Truth.

Q: How do I get Epona, the horse?

  • A: Travel to Lon Lon Ranch and win a race against Malon. As an adult, you can talk to her father to claim Epona permanently.

Q: Where can I find all the Heart Pieces?

  • A: Heart Pieces are scattered throughout Hyrule, hidden in caves, awarded for completing quests, and found in the Lost Woods. Several online guides detail all Heart Piece locations (

Q: What are the Gold Skulltulas for?

  • A: Collecting all Gold Skulltulas in each area rewards you with a large Magic Meter capacity increase.

Remember, adventurer, this FAQ just scratches the surface! The world of Hyrule is full of secrets to discover. Explore every corner, talk to everyone, and enjoy the unforgettable journey that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

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