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Prop Hunt Fortnite may be known for its battle royale mayhem, but the game’s Creative Mode offers a treasure trove of unique experiences. Prop Hunt is one such gem, a hide-and-seek-inspired game mode where players transform into everyday objects and hunters seek them out.

This article dives deep into Prop Hunt in Fortnite, exploring how to access it, the best map codes to use, and some helpful tips to dominate the game as either a prop or a hunter.

What is Prop Hunt in Fortnite?

Prop Hunt is a community-made game mode in Fortnite’s Creative. It takes inspiration from the classic children’s game of hide-and-seek, with a hilarious twist. One team transforms into various props scattered around the map, while the other team becomes hunters tasked with eliminating the disguised players.

The props can be anything from a toolbox to a giant teddy bear, blending seamlessly into the environment. Hunters are typically armed with pickaxes and rely on observation skills to spot the props that don’t quite belong. Props, on the other hand, have to stay hidden and can strategically move around the map to avoid detection.

The thrill of the hunt and the hilarious attempts at camouflage make PropHunt a side-splitting and engaging game mode for players of all skill levels.

How to Play Prop Hunt in Fortnite

PropHunt isn’t an official Fortnite mode, but the beauty of Creative allows players to create custom experiences. Here’s how to join the PropHunt fun:

  1. Launch Fortnite: Boot up Fortnite and navigate to the main menu.
  2. Creative Mode: Select “Creative” from the game mode options.
  3. Discover Island: Choose “Discover Island” from the subsequent menu.
  4. Enter Island Code: This is where the magic happens. You’ll need a specific PropHunt map code to join a game. We’ll explore some popular codes in the next section.
  5. Start the Game: Once you’ve entered the code and confirmed, you’ll be transported to the chosen PropHunt map. The game will begin shortly, assigning you to either the prop or hunter team.

Finding Prop Hunt Map Codes:

There are numerous PropHunt maps available in Fortnite Creative, each offering unique environments and challenges. Here are some popular options to get you started:

  • Mall Mania PropHunt (3904-9321-7254): A chaotic and colourful PropHunt experience set in a sprawling mall.
  • PropHunt: Haunted House (4010-8053-3281): Spooky vibes and tight spaces make this haunted house PropHunt map a tense and exciting experience.
  • FNAF – PropHunt (9840-4694-1648): Calling all Five Nights at Freddy’s fans! This map recreates the iconic pizzeria, offering a familiar environment with a PropHunt twist.
  • Summer House – PropHunt: (9333-9129-4841): Bask in the summer sun (virtually) on this beach-themed PropHunt map.
  • Minecraft PropHunt (0442-4585-1735): Fans of the blocky world will appreciate this Prop Hunt map built in the iconic Minecraft style.

These are just a few examples, and there are countless other PropHunt maps to explore. You can find even more codes by searching online communities like YouTube or Fortnite fan websites.

Tips and Tricks for Prop Hunt Domination

For Props:

  • Blend In: This is the golden rule! Choose a prop that naturally fits the environment and avoid standing out.
  • Think Strategically: Don’t just hide in plain sight. Utilize the environment to your advantage. Can you camouflage yourself behind a bush or climb on top of a shelf?
  • Move Cautiously: Props can move around the map, but do so cautiously. Sudden movements can easily give you away.
  • Communicate (if possible): Some PropHunt maps allow props to communicate with each other. Use this to strategize hiding spots and confuse hunters.

For Hunters:

  • Observe: Hunters rely on keen observation skills. Pay attention to details – a slightly misplaced object or an unnatural shadow could be a prop in disguise.
  • Utilize Your Pickaxe: The pickaxe’s swing animation can reveal hidden props. Swing it around suspicious areas to flush out cleverly disguised players.
  • Think Like a Prop: Try to anticipate where props might hide. Consider the natural placement of objects and check those areas first.
  • Work Together: Communication is key for hunters. Call out suspicious spots and work together to corner props.


Q. What is Prop Hunt in Fortnite?

PropHunt is a popular community-made game mode in Fortnite that’s not part of the official playlist. It’s a hide-and-seek twist where one team transforms into everyday objects (props) scattered around the map, while the other team hunts them down.

Q. Do I Need a Special Code to Play Prop Hunt?

Yes! Since PropHunt isn’t an official mode, you’ll need to enter a creator code to access a custom PropHunt map. There are many amazing PropHunt maps available, each with unique themes and settings.

Q. Where Do I Find Prop Hunt Codes?

You can find Prop Hunt codes through various online resources:

  • Fortnite Content Creators: Many Fortnite YouTubers and streamers showcase PropHunt gameplay and often share the codes they use in their videos.
  • Websites: Several websites compile and update lists of popular PropHunt codes, like Pocket Tactics: URL Fortnite prophunt codes ON [invalid URL removed] and Game Champions: URL Fortnite prophunt 2024.

Q. What are Some Cool Prop Hunt Codes to Try?

Here are a few popular Prop Hunt codes to get you started (these codes are subject to change, so check the resources mentioned above for the latest ones):

  • Family Guy Prop Hunt (9972-0808-3330): Relive the holiday hijinks with a PropHunt map themed around the Griffins’ house.
  • PropHunt: Home Alone (1468-8833-8480): Channel your inner Kevin McCallister and outsmart the hunters in this festive PropHunt experience.
  • Modern High School Prop Hunt (1796-8865-3830): Navigate the halls and lockers of a high school while disguised as everyday school supplies.

Q. How Do I Use a Prop Hunt Code?

  1. Launch Fortnite and select “Creative” mode.
  2. Choose “Island Code” from the top menu.
  3. Enter the Prop Hunt code you found and press “Enter.”
  4. Wait for the map to load, and you’re ready to play!

Q. Is There Just One Prop Hunt Map?

Not at all! There are countless Prop Hunt maps available, each offering unique challenges and settings. Explore and find the ones that suit your playstyle!

Tips for Playing Prop Hunt:

  • Props: As a prop, choose a location that blends in well and doesn’t move too often to avoid suspicion. Some props even have unique abilities to help you hide.
  • Hunters: Use your pickaxe to destroy suspicious objects and listen carefully for movement or sound cues that might reveal hidden props.

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