Raheem Sterling’s Partner: A Look Beyond the Football Pitch


Raheem Sterling is a name synonymous with dazzling footwork and exceptional pace on the football field. The English winger has carved a niche for himself as a key player for both club and country. But beyond the accolades and fierce competition, there’s a personal life that keeps him grounded. In this article, we delve into the life of Raheem Sterling’s partner, Paige Milian, and explore their relationship journey.

Raheem Sterling

From Queens Park Rangers to Shared Success: An Enduring Love Story

Raheem and Paige’s love story stretches back to their younger days. They reportedly met when Sterling was still a youth player at Queens Park Rangers, and Paige was working at JD Sports [Who is Raheem Sterling’s fiancee Paige Milian? Footballer’s family home burgled]. While details about the initial spark in their connection remain private, their paths intertwined during a crucial period in Sterling’s burgeoning career.

There was a brief break in their relationship around 2012, and Sterling even fathered a daughter, Melody Rose, with another partner [Who is Paige Milian? Know Raheem Sterling Wife-to-be]. However, fate seemed to have other plans. Raheem and Paige rekindled their romance in 2015, the same year he signed with Manchester City. This reunion marked a significant turning point for both.

Building a Life Together: From Manchester to Fatherhood

The couple’s move to Manchester in 2015 wasn’t just about a new club for Sterling. It symbolized a fresh start for their relationship. They settled into a luxurious £3.5 million home in Cheshire, a testament to Sterling’s growing success.

Their commitment to each other deepened in 2017 with the arrival of their first child together, a son named Thiago. The joy of parenthood doubled a year later when they welcomed their second son, Thai-Cruz [Who is Paige Milian? Know Raheem Sterling Wife-to-be].

A Supportive Pillar: Paige Milian’s Role in Sterling’s Life

While Paige prefers a private life, her presence behind the scenes is undeniable. She’s a constant source of support for Sterling, both on and off the field. Social media occasionally offers glimpses into their relationship, with Paige sometimes cheering him on from the stands during matches.

There have also been instances where Sterling has acknowledged Paige’s unwavering support. In an interview after winning the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2019, Sterling dedicated the award to his family, specifically mentioning Paige for “always being there for me” [Who is Raheem Sterling’s fiancee Paige Milian? Footballer’s family home burgled].

This strong support system proved invaluable during challenging times. In 2018, their Surrey home was burgled while the family was away. Paige reportedly alerted the authorities, highlighting her crucial role in ensuring their safety and well-being [Who is Raheem Sterling’s fiancee Paige Milian? Footballer’s family home burgled].

A Power Couple Beyond Football: Paige Milian’s Accomplishments

Beyond her role as a partner and mother, Paige is an accomplished individual in her own right. She is a qualified accountant and co-owns a real estate company, Milian Property, alongside Sterling [Who is Raheem Sterling’s fiancee Paige Milian? Footballer’s family home burgled]. This venture showcases her business acumen and independence.

Paige and Sterling are a perfect example of a power couple who support each other’s ambitions. While Sterling thrives on the football pitch, Paige excels in the world of business. Together, they’ve built a successful partnership that extends far beyond the glitz and glamour of the sporting world.

The Future Unfolds: Wedding Bells and Life After Football

Although Sterling proposed to Paige in 2018, their wedding plans have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic [Who is Raheem Sterling’s fiancee Paige Milian? Footballer’s family home burgled]. With the world returning to normalcy, speculation about their upcoming nuptials continues to grow.

Looking ahead, Sterling is still at the peak of his football career. However, all athletes eventually consider life beyond the sport. With Paige by his side and their business ventures flourishing, there’s no doubt they’ll navigate this transition seamlessly.

In Conclusion

Raheem Sterling’s partner, Paige Milian, is more than just a WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) stereotype. She’s a qualified accountant, a business co-owner, and a pillar of unwavering support for her family. Their enduring love story, built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared success, is an inspiration for many.


Is Raheem Sterling Married?

No, Raheem Sterling is not married as of June 2024. However, he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Paige Milian.

How Long Have Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian Been Together?

Sterling and Milian’s relationship goes way back. They dated for a few years in their early days, reportedly meeting when Sterling was a youth player. After a brief split, they rekindled their romance in 2015.

Does Paige Milian Have a Social Media Presence?

Milian keeps a relatively private life compared to Sterling. While she may have social media accounts, they are likely private.

What Does Paige Milian Do for a Living?

Paige Milian is a qualified accountant and co-owns a real estate company, Milian Property, with Sterling.

Do Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian Have Children?

Yes, Sterling and Milian have three children together. Their firstborn, son Thiago, arrived in 2017. They welcomed a second son, Thai-Cruz, a year later, and their daughter Melody Rose came from a previous relationship of Sterling’s.

When Did Raheem Sterling Get Engaged?

Sterling popped the question to Milian in 2018. Their wedding plans have reportedly been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where Did Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian Meet?

There are reports suggesting they met while Sterling was playing for Queens Park Rangers as a youth player, and Milian possibly worked at JD Sports at the time.

Has Paige Milian Always Supported Sterling’s Career?

News reports suggest Milian has been a constant source of support for Sterling throughout his career.

Do Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian Live Together?

Yes, Sterling and Milian are a family unit. They have resided in a house together in Cheshire since 2015.

What is Paige Milian Known For?

Primarily known for being Raheem Sterling’s partner, Milian is also a successful businesswoman in her own right.

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