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Relics dreamlight valley, In the charming life-simulation adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley, restoring the forgotten valley and helping iconic Disney characters rediscover their memories is a core part of the experience. The “Forgotten Relics” questline throws you headfirst into this process, tasking you with finding mysterious relics scattered across the valley.

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to tackle The Forgotten Relics questline, including where to find the relics, character requirements, and the exciting rewards that await you at the end.

Relics dreamlight valley

Unlocking The Forgotten Relics

The Forgotten Relics questline becomes available after completing a series of prerequisite quests. Here’s the breakdown:

Complete “Forgotten Memories”: This quest unlocks upon befriending the Fairy Godmother. Follow her instructions to restore her glade and reignite the fountain.

Finish “What’s Left Behind”: This quest automatically starts after completing “Forgotten Memories.” Help Merlin decipher a cryptic message, leading you to discover the Dream Castle.

Important Note: After completing “What’s Left Behind,” wait 24 hours in-game for the “The Forgotten Relics” quest to appear in your story log.

The Relic Hunt Begins: Finding the Lost Treasures

Now that you have access to the questline, it’s time to embark on your relic hunt! There are four relics in total, each tied to a specific character’s forgotten memories.

Here’s where you’ll find them:

The Forgotten Storybook: This one’s quite straightforward. Merlin will guide you to Mickey’s house, where the storybook lies forgotten in a bucket near the fireplace.

Here’s what people are asking on Youtube:

Do I need to have Mickey at friendship level 10? – No, unlike the other relics, you don’t need to befriend Mickey to an advanced level for this part.

Where do I go after finding the storybook? – After retrieving the book, Merlin will suggest speaking with Ursula, who might have some insight.

Restoring Memories: Reaching Out to Old Friends

Finding the relics is just the first step. To truly understand their significance, you’ll need to help the characters remember what they represent. Here’s where things get interesting:

The Forgotten Blanket:

Location: Olaf’s Chamber in the Frosted Heights (requires the Frosted Heights unlocked)

Character: Elsa

Here’s what people are asking on Youtube:

How do I unlock the Frosted Heights? – You’ll need to spend 4,000 Star Coins to remove the blizzard blocking the entrance.

Do I need Elsa at friendship level 10? – Yes, having Elsa at friendship level 10 and completing her friendship quests is crucial to progress in this part.

The Beach Toys:

Location: Ursula’s Cursed Cave on Dazzle Beach.

Character: Moana

Here’s what people are asking on Youtube:

Where is Ursula’s Cursed Cave? – It’s located on the far side of Dazzle Beach, hidden behind a waterfall.

Do I need Moana at friendship level 10? – Similar to Elsa, you’ll need to befriend Moana to level 10 and complete her friendship quests.

The Drawing:

Location: Inside Scar’s house in the Sunlit Plateau (requires the Sunlit Plateau unlocked)

Character: Scar

Here’s what people are asking on Youtube:

How do I unlock the Sunlit Plateau? – You’ll need to spend 8,000 Star Coins to clear the giant thorny vines blocking the entrance.

Do I need Scar at friendship level 10? – Yes, be prepared to have Scar at friendship level 10 and complete all his friendship quests before progressing.

Remember: Throughout this process, talking to Merlin after finding each relic and interacting with the corresponding character will help jog their memories and advance the quest further.

The Power of Recollection: Rewards and Completion

By successfully reuniting each character with their forgotten relic and helping them reclaim their memories, you’ll be rewarded with valuable resources and progress the overall story of Dreamlight Valley. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Friendship Level Boosts: Helping characters remember their past strengthens your bond with them, granting significant friendship level increases.


What are the Forgotten Relics?

The Forgotten Relics are mysterious objects scattered throughout Dreamlight Valley that hold the key to unlocking forgotten memories. These relics trigger quests that involve characters like Mickey, Scar, Ursula, and Olaf, helping them piece together their past.

How do I start the Forgotten Relics quest?

To embark on this adventure, you’ll need to complete a series of earlier quests:

Miracles Take Time: This quest unlocks the Fairy Godmother.

Forgotten Memories & What’s Left Behind: These quests follow “Miracles Take Time” and lead you closer to the Forgotten Relics.

Wait 24 hours: After completing the above quests, a new story quest titled “The Forgotten Relics” will appear in your log.

Where do I find the Forgotten Relics?

There are four relics to discover, each hidden in a specific location:

The Book: Found in Mickey’s House (Merlin will guide you there).

The Blanket: Located in the Frosted Heights cavern where you first met Olaf. Look for it near a floating bookshelf on the ground.

The Drawing: This relic resides in Scar’s cave on the Sunlit Plateau (or your relocated cave if you’ve moved it). You’ll find it on the floor upon entering.

The Beach Toys: Hidden within the Cursed Cave on Dazzle Beach, the same cave where you encountered Ursula initially. Look for the toys near the water’s edge.

Do I need anything special to find the relics?

Nope! Just explore the designated locations and interact with the glowing objects to collect them.

What happens after I find all the relics?

Once you have all four, speak with Merlin. He’ll initiate the next stage, which involves talking to Mickey, Scar, Olaf, Ursula, Elsa, and Moana. Here’s the catch:

You’ll need to have reached Level 10 friendship with these characters and completed their respective friendship quests (up to “The Making of a Monarch” for Scar and “The Ceremony” for Moana) to progress the conversation.

What’s the reward for completing the Forgotten Relics quest?

Completing this questline unlocks a new story quest and advances the main storyline in Dreamlight Valley. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the characters’ pasts and their connection to the valley.

Are there any additional tips?

Focus on building friendships and completing character quests to unlock further dialogue options during the Forgotten Relics questline.

If you’re stuck and can’t progress a conversation, double-check your friendship levels and quest progress for the characters involved.

Don’t forget to explore the different realms after completing the Forgotten Relics, as new areas and quests might become available.

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