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Resident Evil 2 (RE2) Remake, released in 2019, rekindled the horror experience of the classic 1998 title. This atmospheric remake throws players into the heart of the zombie-infested Raccoon City, following the intertwining stories of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield. With limited resources and terrifying enemies lurking around every corner, navigating RE2 Remake can be a thrilling yet daunting task. This walkthrough will guide you through both Leon and Claire’s campaigns, offering strategies, puzzle solutions, and boss fight tips.

Resident Evil 2 (RE2

Choosing Your Path: Leon or Claire?

The beauty of RE2 Remake lies in its dual campaign structure. You can choose to play as either Leon or Claire, with each playthrough offering a slightly different perspective on the events unfolding in Raccoon City. Both campaigns eventually converge, but the initial sections are distinct. This walkthrough will cover both sides, allowing you to decide which hero you want to tackle the horrors first.

Leon S. Kennedy: A Cop’s Duty

The Raccoon City Police Department (RPD): Leon arrives at the RPD to find it overrun with the infected. Explore the station, collecting key items like the Club Key and the Spade Key to unlock new areas. You’ll encounter your first boss fight here, the hulking Mr. X. While technically not a boss you need to defeat, Mr. X will relentlessly pursue you throughout the RPD. Use your environment and dodge strategically to avoid him.

The West Office & The Sewers: Progress through the RPD using the collected keys, eventually reaching the West Office. Here, you’ll face your first true boss, Birkin G-1. This mutated monstrosity requires dodging his attacks and aiming for its weak points. After defeating Birkin, descend into the sewers, navigating a series of puzzles and encounters with mutated creatures.

NEST & The Final Showdown: The sewers lead to NEST, a hidden laboratory beneath Raccoon City. Here, Leon confronts the ever-evolving Birkin in multiple boss fights. Utilize the environment and acquired weapons like the Flamethrower to gain an edge. The final battle with Birkin is a grueling test of your skills, so conserve ammo and dodge strategically.

Claire Redfield: A Search for Answers

Raccoon City Streets & The Gas Station: Claire starts her journey in the outside world, witnessing the devastation firsthand. Utilize the streets to find the Gas Station key and access the building. Solve puzzles and fight zombies to reach a hidden passage leading to the sewers.

The Sewers & The K-9 Unit: Navigate the sewers, encountering giant alligator creatures and solving water-based puzzles. Eventually, you’ll team up with Sherry Birkin, a young girl trapped by the outbreak. Here, you’ll face the plant monster Plant 42. Use fire-based weapons and dodge its attacks to emerge victorious.

The RPD & The Train: Claire’s journey leads her back to the RPD, where she encounters Leon for the first time. Solve puzzles specific to Claire’s campaign and access different areas compared to Leon’s playthrough. Eventually, Claire and Sherry escape via a train, facing a final boss fight with a mutated William Birkin before reaching safety (or so they think).

Beyond the Main Story: Secrets and Collectibles

RE2 Remake offers a wealth of content beyond the main story. Here are some additional points to consider:

Second Run: After completing your first playthrough, a “Second Run” unlocks. This offers a different perspective on the story with some altered puzzles and enemy placements.

Hidden Items: The game is littered with hidden items and collectibles, including Mr. Raccoon figurines and weapon upgrades. Exploring every nook and cranny is key to unlocking these goodies.

The Tofu Survivor & The Fourth Survivor: These unlockable modes throw players into challenging scenarios with unique characters.

Tips for Success:

Resource Management: Ammo and healing items are scarce in RE2 Remake. Be mindful of your shots and only fire when necessary. Use the environment to your advantage, such as setting traps for zombies.

Examine Everything: Many key items and clues are hidden in plain sight. Examine desks, shelves, and corpses to find what you need to progress.

Save Wisely: Save points are limited, so use them strategically. Consider using consumable items like ink ribbons to create more save points.

Master the Knife: The combat knife is a valuable tool for conserving ammo. Use it to dispatch weak enemies and save bullets for tougher foes.


Which character should I play first?

Resident Evil 2 offers two campaigns: Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop, and Claire Redfield, a college student searching for her brother. Both campaigns intertwine, revealing the story from different perspectives. There’s no wrong answer – choose who interests you more!

What are the basic controls?

The game uses tank controls, a classic Resident Evil style. Movement is controlled with the directional pad/analog stick, and turning requires holding a button. You’ll also have buttons for actions like examining objects, shooting, and using items.

I’m running out of ammo! How do I conserve resources?

Resident Evil 2 emphasizes resource management. Aim for headshots to take down enemies quickly. Don’t waste bullets on already downed zombies – they’ll eventually rise again (gross!). Use the environment to your advantage; you can knock over shelves to block tight corridors or use a well-placed shot to detonate explosive barrels for crowd control.

What’s the deal with the item box?

The item box is your lifeline! Scattered throughout the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) and other locations are these magical storage containers. You can store and retrieve items between boxes, allowing you to carry essential gear while exploring. Manage your inventory wisely – you’ll find a surprising amount of stuff!

Help! I’m lost! How do I navigate the RPD?

The RPD is a maze of corridors and locked doors. Explore thoroughly to find keycards, cranks, and other tools to unlock new areas. Consult a map (found in-game or online) to keep track of your progress. Remember, some areas may require revisiting later with newly acquired items.

Are there puzzles? How do I solve them?

Yes, Resident Evil 2 features environmental puzzles that test your observation skills. Examine notes and clues scattered around the environment. Pay attention to seemingly random objects – they might be part of a larger puzzle solution. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine items in unexpected ways.

Boss battles are tough! Any tips?

Bosses are formidable enemies requiring specific strategies. Learn their attack patterns and dodge accordingly. Use the environment to your advantage – some boss fights have explosive barrels or other elements you can exploit for damage. Don’t forget to heal when injured – precious herbs can be the difference between victory and a gruesome demise.

I want to see everything! How do I unlock secrets?

Resident Evil 2 rewards exploration. Hidden passages, secret rooms, and collectible items can be found by being observant. Some require specific actions, like examining a seemingly ordinary wall with a certain item. Online guides can help you discover all the game’s secrets, but finding them yourself is more rewarding!

Are there difficulty settings?

Yes! Choose between “Assisted,” “Standard,” and “Hardcore” difficulty depending on your experience. “Assisted” offers auto-aim and unlimited ammo for practice, while “Hardcore” throws tougher enemies and limited resources your way.

I beat the game! Is there more to do?

Absolutely! Resident Evil 2 offers a second campaign with the other character, revealing a different perspective on the story. Unlock additional modes like “The 4th Survivor” and “Tofu Survivor” for a unique challenge. Afraid of missing something? Try a “100% Walkthrough” guide to discover every collectible and secret.

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