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Sekiro walkthrough: Shadows Die Twice, a challenging yet rewarding action-adventure title from FromSoftware, throws you into the world of a one-armed shinobi named Wolf. Bound by an iron code to protect a young lord, Kuro, you face relentless enemies and perilous environments in your quest. This walkthrough will guide you through the main path of the game, offering combat tips, boss strategies, and exploration hints.

Sekiro walkthrough

Getting Started: Ashina Outskirts

The game opens with a cinematic introducing Wolf and Kuro. You’ll find yourself at the bottom of a cliff after a perilous fall. A mysterious woman provides you with an Ornamental Letter, kicking off your journey. Here’s a breakdown of your initial steps:

Learning the Basics: Follow the path and grapple across the gap. A Sculptor’s Idol (checkpoint) awaits you. Interact with it to heal and learn the basics of movement and combat through a short tutorial.

Gyoubu Oniwa, the Demon: After the tutorial, you’ll encounter your first major foe, Gyoubu Oniwa. This mounted samurai packs a punch, but mastering deflection (blocking at the last moment) is key. Use the grappling hook to pull him off his horse, creating opportunities for critical hits.

Hirata Estate: Following Gyoubu’s defeat, explore the Ashina Outskirts. Look for a hidden path leading to the Hirata Estate. Here, you’ll encounter a younger version of Kuro and a new enemy type – the Chained Ogre. This hulking brute is weak to firecrackers. Throw them to stun him, then unleash attacks.

Ashina Castle:

Infiltrating the Castle: Returning from Hirata Estate, grapple up the Ashina Castle gate. You’ll encounter numerous enemies here. Use stealth takedowns whenever possible and learn enemy attack patterns for successful deflections.

General Yamauchi: One of the first mini-bosses you’ll face is General Yamauchi. He utilizes a perilous thrust attack – deflect it for a guaranteed counterattack window. Be wary of his sweeping attacks, which can be jumped over.

Lady Butterfly: This graceful but deadly foe resides in the Upper Castle. Learn to deflect her shuriken attacks and dodge her perilous perilous sweep attack. Use the Mortal Blade combat art (acquired earlier) to counter her unblockable purple mist attack.

Prosthetic Upgrades and Exploration:

The Prosthetic Arm: Throughout your journey, you’ll acquire new tools for your prosthetic arm. These offer unique combat options. The Shuriken can be used for ranged attacks or interrupting enemy spells. The Loaded Axe breaks shields and armored enemies. Experiment with these tools to find the best fit for each situation.

Exploring Ashina: Sekiro encourages exploration. Hidden paths lead to valuable items,prayer beads (used to upgrade health and attack power), and Gourd Seeds (used to increase healing gourd potency). Pay close attention to environmental details – a hidden path might be disguised by a breakable wall or a suspicious patch of grass.

Entering the Senpou Temple:

Snake Eyes Shirahagi: Guarding the path to Senpou Temple, this boss utilizes a perilous grab attack. Dodge sideways to avoid it. When she glows red, deflect her perilous thrust attack for a counter opportunity.

Senpou Temple: This serene location holds secrets and dangers. Beware of the perilous kick attack from the spear-wielding enemies here. You can also encounter a mini-boss – the Lone Shadow Longswordsman. Parrying his attacks and using Mikiri Counters (a timed dodge followed by a thrust) are crucial for defeating him.

Confronting Genichiro Ashina:

Genichiro Ashina: This formidable opponent resides atop Ashina Castle. The fight has three phases. In the first two phases, deflect his attacks and utilize the thrust counter (performed by jumping over a sweep attack and thrusting). In the final phase, Genichiro unleashes perilous lightning attacks. Jump to dodge the lightning and deflect the follow-up thrust for a counter opportunity.

Choices and Consequences:

Iron Code vs. Dragon’s Heritage: After defeating Genichiro, you’ll face a crucial choice: Sever Kuro’s immortality or succumb to the Dragon’s Curse. This decision branches the narrative, leading to different endings.

Without spoiling the remaining path, here are some general tips to conquer the rest of Sekiro:

Master Deflection: Deflecting enemy attacks is paramount in Sekiro. Time your blocks perfectly to deflect blows and build your Posture bar (enemy’s guard gauge). Breaking an enemy’s posture leaves them open for a critical hit.


Q: What’s the recommended path through the game?

Sekiro offers some open-world exploration, but a general recommended route exists. You’ll start in Ashina Outskirts, then progress to Hirata Estate (a flashback area), followed by Ashina Castle and its connected regions like Senpou Temple. There are optional areas you can explore alongside the main path.

Q: How important is exploration?

Very important! Exploring hidden areas unlocks valuable items like Prayer Beads (enhance health), Gourd Seeds (increase healing potency), and Prosthetic Tools (expand your combat options).

Q: I’m struggling with the combat. Any tips?

Sekiro’s combat emphasizes deflecting enemy attacks rather than pure dodging. Learn to deflect enemy blows and follow up with counterattacks. Mastering the posture system (breaking enemy posture for a critical blow) is crucial. Don’t be afraid to parry enemy attacks repeatedly to build their posture quickly.

Prosthetic Tools and Progression:

Q: How do I get new Prosthetic Tools?

Prosthetic Tools are hidden throughout the world or obtained by defeating specific enemies. Explore rooftops, caves, and hidden paths to find them. Some tools require specific items to unlock their full potential.

Q: How do I upgrade my Prosthetic Tools?

Talk to Sculptor, a friendly NPC found in various safe areas. He can upgrade your tools with resources you collect from enemies and the world. Upgrading your tools unlocks new combat options and makes them more effective.

Combat and Enemies:

Q: What are some good strategies for defeating bosses?

Learn each boss’ attack patterns and deflect accordingly. Focus on breaking their posture while dodging unblockable attacks. Utilize combat items like firecrackers to stun enemies and create openings. Don’t be greedy with attacks, focus on deflecting and countering for consistent damage.

Q: How do I deal with those annoying shielded enemies?

For shielded enemies, use your Mikiri Counter (performed by dodging forward just before their thrust attack). This stuns them, allowing a critical blow. Alternatively, you can break their guard with well-timed attacks or specific Prosthetic Tools like the Shinobi Axe.

Death and Resurrection:

Q: What happens when I die?

Sekiro has a unique resurrection mechanic. Upon death, you can resurrect once per enemy encounter. This consumes half your collected resurrects (obtained by defeating enemies). You can farm resurrects by killing enemies repeatedly.

Q: Should I always resurrect?

Resurrecting can be a strategic choice. If you’re low on health or resurrects, consider using the opportunity to learn enemy attack patterns and practice deflecting.

Hidden Areas and Secrets:

Q: Are there any missable items or areas?

Yes, some items and areas are missable depending on your choices throughout the game. Multiple playthroughs are encouraged to experience everything Sekiro offers.

Q: How do I find hidden secrets?

Pay close attention to the environment. Look for hidden passages, grapple points, and eavesdrop on enemy conversations for clues. Be observant and explore every nook and cranny.

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