The Golden Prime Bottle- A Case of Code Cracking


In the world of influencer marketing and limited-edition collectables, the Golden Prime Bottle stands out as a unique tale. This wasn’t just a fancy bottle; it was a solid gold prize worth a staggering £400,000 ($500,000 USD at the time).

The story of the Golden Prime Bottle, the competition surrounding it, and the lucky winner has captured the imagination of many. Here, we delve into the details, uncovering the who, what, when, where, and why of this golden saga.

The Masterminds: KSI, Logan Paul, and Prime Hydration

The story begins with two internet titans: KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Logan Paul. These British and American YouTubers, respectively, have amassed millions of followers through their content, ranging from gaming and challenges to music and boxing matches. In 2021, they partnered to launch Prime Hydration, a sports drink aimed at a younger audience.

To promote their brand, KSI and Logan Paul decided to create a high-stakes competition. The prize? A one-of-a-kind, solid gold Prime bottle.

The Quest for the Golden Prime: A Race Against Time

The competition was simple, yet suspenseful. Two gold Prime bottles were created, one placed in London and the other in Los Angeles. Each bottle was encased in a specially designed machine that would self-destruct if not unlocked within a specific timeframe. This added a dramatic element, with the potential for both bottles to be melted in a fiery demise if no winner emerged.

Fans in both cities were presented with a 48-hour window to crack the code that would unlock the machine and claim the golden prize. The code itself was a mystery, with clues potentially scattered online or hidden within the competition announcement.

The pressure was on. Social media buzzed with theories and speculation. Fans analyzed every detail from the announcement video, searching for hidden codes or patterns. The race against time added a layer of excitement, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

The Victor Emerges: A Young Londoner Claims the Prize

Just as hope began to dwindle, a young boy from London emerged victorious. He successfully cracked the code within the designated timeframe, preventing the self-destruction mechanism from destroying the golden bottle. While the winner’s identity remains undisclosed to protect his privacy, this victory sparked a wave of celebration online.

The news of the winner spread like wildfire. Fans rejoiced for the lucky young man, congratulating him on his quick thinking and problem-solving skills. The story became a testament to the power of perseverance and the thrill of competition.

The Aftermath: Controversy and a Melted Bottle

The Golden Prime Bottle saga didn’t end with the winner claiming his prize. Logan Paul, in a somewhat controversial move, decided to destroy the Los Angeles bottle. He documented the melting process on his YouTube channel, sparking debate among viewers. Some criticized the action as wasteful, while others saw it as a symbolic gesture, highlighting the exclusivity of the London bottle.

Despite the controversy, the Golden Prime Bottle competition remains a memorable event in the world of online marketing and influencer culture. It showcased the creativity and reach of KSI and Logan Paul, while also capturing the public’s imagination with its high-stakes premise and heartwarming conclusion for the young winner.

Beyond the Golden Bottle: The Enduring Appeal

The story of the Golden Prime Bottle goes beyond the mere value of the prize. It taps into several themes that resonate with audiences:

  • The power of competition: Humans have an instinct to strive and compete. This contest offered an engaging challenge that kept viewers hooked.
  • The thrill of the chase: The mystery surrounding the code and the ticking clock created an atmosphere of suspense, with fans actively participating in the online search for clues.
  • The appeal of exclusivity: The limited-edition nature of the gold bottle made it a highly desirable object, adding to the allure of the competition.
  • The underdog story: The image of a young person triumphing in such a high-stakes competition resonates with viewers, offering a sense of hope and inspiration.

The Legacy of the Golden Prime Bottle

While the Golden Prime Bottle competition itself is a closed chapter, its legacy continues to be felt. It serves as a case study for innovative influencer marketing strategies. It also highlights the power of online communities and the ability of social media to create a sense of shared experience around a unique event.

The story continues to be discussed online, with fans creating content and speculating about the winner’s experience. The Golden Prime Bottle has become a symbol of online challenges, perseverance, and the potential for life-changing opportunities in the digital age.

Whether you admire the ingenuity of the marketing campaign or simply enjoy a heartwarming story, the Golden Prime Bottle stands out as a unique chapter. The gold bottle situation even sparked some controversy, with some questioning the safety of the competition’s design.


Q. Who won the Golden Prime Bottle?

A young boy from London emerged victorious in the limited-time competition launched by KSI and Logan Paul.

Q. What was the prize?

The grand prize was a solid gold Prime bottle, estimated to be worth around $400,000!

Q. How did they win?

The competition involved a race against time. Two gold Prime bottles were secured in special machines in London and Los Angeles. Participants in both cities had 48 hours to crack the code that unlocked the machine. The London boy successfully guessed the code (which was later revealed to be 954229) and claimed the golden prize.

Q. What happened to the other Golden Prime Bottle?

After the winner emerged, Logan Paul, in a surprising turn of events, incinerated the Los Angeles bottle in a machine designed by YouTuber Mark Rober.

Q. Where can I find more information?

You can find several resources online to learn more:

  • News articles: Search for “Boy wins solid gold Prime bottle
  • YouTube videos: Look for “The WINNER of the Golden PRIME bottle!” or “I WON the GOLD PRIME bottle!”

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