The National Handicapping Championship: Horseplayers for Glory


The National Handicapping Championship (NHC) is the undisputed pinnacle of horse racing handicapping contests. Every year, skilled horseplayers across the globe set their sights on this prestigious tournament, vying for the title of Horseplayer of the Year and a life-changing payday.

This article delves into the world of the NHC, answering the most common questions people search for online, and providing an informative and engaging guide for anyone interested in this high-stakes competition.

What is the NHC?

Organized by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA), the NHC is an annual handicapping tournament. Participants compete by making virtual wagers on real horse races throughout a designated weekend. Points are awarded based on the success of their picks, and the player with the most points at the end is crowned the champion.

The NHC is more than just a competition; it’s a culmination. Throughout the year, qualifying tournaments are held at racetracks, off-track betting facilities, and online platforms. Winners of these qualifiers earn coveted spots in the national finals, making the NHC a true test of skill and a celebration of the best handicappers in the world.

Why is the NHC Important?

The NHC holds immense significance within the horse racing world for several reasons:

Prestige: Winning the NHC is considered the ultimate achievement for a horseplayer. It signifies exceptional handicapping ability and earns the champion the coveted title of Horseplayer of the Year, placing them among the elite of the sport.

Life-Changing Payday: The NHC boasts a massive prize pool, with the champion taking home a significant portion. In 2024, Mike Gillum, the champion, secured a staggering $800,000 grand prize, along with the prestigious Eclipse Award.

Competition: The NHC attracts the best handicappers, creating an intensely competitive environment that pushes participants to their absolute best. This level of competition elevates the sport and showcases the analytical prowess of these individuals.

How Do You Qualify for the NHC?

The NHC operates through a tiered qualification system. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Local Tournaments: Throughout the year, NTRA-sanctioned qualifiers are held at various locations. These tournaments typically involve a buy-in fee and offer a limited number of NHC slots as prizes.

Online Qualifiers: Several online platforms like offer NHC qualifiers with various formats and entry fees. These online qualifiers provide increased accessibility for aspiring handicappers.

Past Champions: Winners from previous NHCs receive automatic entry into the following year’s championship.

The specific format and qualification criteria for local and online tournaments can vary. It’s recommended to check with your local racetrack, off-track betting facility, or preferred online platform for details on their NHC qualifiers.

What Happens at the NHC Finals?

The NHC finals are a three-day event, typically held in Las Vegas during the spring. Participants compete by making virtual wagers on a pre-selected slate of races across different North American racetracks. Points are awarded based on a predetermined scale, with higher payouts for successful picks on longer odds horses.

Participants strategize, analyze past performances, and make calculated wagers, all with the ultimate goal of becoming the champion. The final day culminates in a thrilling race to the top, with the winner crowned the NHC champion and Horseplayer of the Year.

Beyond the Championship: Tips for Aspiring Handicappers

Whether you dream of competing in the NHC or simply want to improve your handicapping skills, here are some valuable tips:

Research is Key: Successful handicapping relies heavily on thorough research. This includes studying racehorse past performances, trainer records, jockey statistics, and track conditions.

Form Analysis: Analyze race form by looking at factors like running styles, recent form, and class differences between horses.

Money Management: Develop a sound bankroll management strategy. Don’t wager more than you can afford to lose, and prioritize value over chasing long odds every time.

Practice Makes Perfect: Participate in online handicapping contests or smaller local tournaments. This provides valuable experience in managing your picks and making decisions under pressure.

Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest news and trends in horse racing. This might include following industry publications, listening to expert podcasts, and attending handicapping workshops.


What is the NHC?

The NHC is the world’s richest and most prestigious handicapping tournament, organized by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) [National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) website]. It’s the culmination of year-round qualifying events held at racetracks, casinos, and online platforms. Winners of these qualifiers earn a coveted spot at the national finals.

How do I qualify for the NHC?

You can’t directly enter the NHC. Instead, you need to participate in NTRA-sanctioned qualifiers [National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) website]. These qualifiers take various formats, often involving picking winning horses in designated races. Check with your local racetrack, casino racebook, or online horse racing platform to see if they offer NHC qualifiers. Some qualifiers even happen online!

What’s the format of the NHC finals?

The NHC finals are a multi-day event, typically held in Las Vegas during the spring. Contestants compete by making picks across a series of races, accumulating points based on their selections’ performance. The handicapper with the most points at the end is crowned the champion.

What are the prizes at the NHC?

The NHC boasts a massive prize pool, often exceeding $4 million. The grand prize winner takes home a significant chunk of this, along with the prestigious title of “Horseplayer of the Year” and an Eclipse Award, an honor shared with champion racehorses and jockeys. Even those who don’t win the top prize can walk away with a significant payday, making the NHC a lucrative competition for skilled handicappers.

What skills do I need to win the NHC?

NHC champions are masters of handicapping, a skill that involves analyzing horse racing data to predict winners. This analysis considers factors like a horse’s past performance, trainer’s record, jockey’s skills, track conditions, and even the weather. Successful handicappers also possess strong money management skills, knowing how much to wager on each race to maximize their potential returns.

Are there any resources to help me prepare for the NHC?

Absolutely! There are numerous resources available online and in print to help aspiring handicappers hone their skills. These resources include handicapping publications, online tutorials, and even expert handicapping picks (though the latter should not be solely relied upon for the NHC).

Can I watch the NHC finals?

While there isn’t typically a dedicated broadcast of the NHC finals, some races from the qualifying events might be shown on horse racing networks or live-streamed online.

What are some famous NHC champions?

The NHC has seen many legendary handicappers walk away victorious. Kevin Costello holds the distinction of being the first-ever repeat champion, winning in 2023 and recently making history again in 2024. Mike Gillum, the 2024 champion, is another celebrated name who not only won the grand prize but also secured the coveted “Horseplayer of the Year” title.

Is the NHC a good fit for beginners?

The NHC is a highly competitive arena for experienced handicappers. Beginners are encouraged to gain experience through local qualifiers and lower-stakes contests before setting their sights on the NHC.

What are the alternatives to the NHC?

Several other handicapping tournaments offer exciting competitions and attractive prizes. The Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge and the TwinSpires Handicapping Challenge are just a few examples.

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