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The Sims 4, with its ever-expanding world, introduced a unique way to expand your Sim families – Science Babies! This futuristic twist on parenthood allows Sims to bypass the traditional “try for a baby” route and head straight to instant parenthood. But how exactly do Science Babies work? This guide will delve into everything you need to know about these little bundles of scientific joy, including how to acquire them, their cost, and some of the interesting details the community has discovered.

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Creating the Perfect Sim Specimen: How to Get a Science Baby

There are two ways for your Sims to embrace scientific parenthood:

Solo Science: Your Sim can embark on this journey independently. Simply access their phone and navigate to the “Home” section. Here, you’ll find the option to “Have a Science Baby as a Single Parent.” This method utilizes your Sim’s own genetic material to create the baby.

Duet with DNA: Looking to create a genetic masterpiece with a friend? Sims can also choose to “Have a Science Baby With…” another Sim on the lot. This option is available through their phone’s “Home” section as well. Friendship is key here; your Sim must have at least a friendly relationship with the chosen partner for scientific procreation.

Important Note: While same-sex couples can have Science Babies together, the game’s mechanics don’t allow for specifying the baby’s gender beforehand.

The Cost of Science: Fees and Finances

Bringing a Science Baby into the world isn’t free. Each procedure costs a hefty 1,200 Simoleans, a significant chunk of change for your average Sim. Be sure your aspiring parents have enough saved up before taking the plunge into scientific parenthood.

The Delivery Decision: Twins, Triplets, and the Surprise of Science!

Unlike a traditional pregnancy, the Science Baby process offers a delightful surprise! There’s a chance of your Sim returning home with not just one, but two or even three Science Babies! Just like with natural pregnancies, the odds of multiples are influenced by traits and certain potions.

Nature vs. Nurture: The Genetic Makeup of Science Babies

So, what exactly determines a Science Baby’s appearance? Here’s where things get interesting. When opting for a solo Science Baby, the child will possess your Sim’s genes, but with some possible twists. Grandparents’ features or even random genetic mutations can come into play, resulting in unexpected eye colors, skin tones, or hairstyles.

For Science Babies created with two Sims, the child’s appearance becomes a delightful genetic lottery. The game combines the DNA of both Sims, potentially leading to a unique blend of their features.

Beyond Biology: What the Community Wants to Know

The introduction of Science Babies in The Sims 4 sparked a lot of curiosity among players. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common questions the community has raised:

Can I have a Science Baby with Aliens or other Occult Sims? Unfortunately, at this time, only regular Sims can participate in the Science Baby program. Perhaps future updates will allow for more interspecies scientific partnerships!

Does the “Ask to Have a Science Baby” option always work? While a high enough friendship level is usually enough, some players have reported occasional glitches. If your Sim is repeatedly denied, try reloading the game or building a stronger bond with the chosen partner.

Is there any way to influence a Science Baby’s personality? Just like with traditionally conceived Sims, Science Babies develop personalities based on their upbringing and interactions. There’s no in-game method to predetermine their traits.

What happens if both parents contributing DNA live in different households? Currently, both Sims involved in the Science Baby creation process must be on the same residential lot.

The Ethics of Science: A Touch of Debate

The arrival of Science Babies has also sparked discussions about the ethical implications within the Sims community. Some players appreciate the convenience and control it offers, while others find it a departure from the natural world of the game. Ultimately, how you choose to utilize this feature is entirely up to you!

Science Babies: A Futuristic Twist on Family Fun

Whether you’re a seasoned Simmer or a newcomer to the wacky world, Science Babies offer a unique and exciting way to expand your virtual families. From the surprise of multiples to the fascinating genetic combinations, these little bundles of science will surely add a touch of the unexpected to your Sims 4 gameplay. So, fire up your game, grab your phone, and embrace the future of parenthood – Sim style!


What are Science Babies?

Science Babies are a way for Sims to have offspring without going through pregnancy. Using advanced technology, Sims can create a child with their own genetic material or collaborate with another Sim (think friends or family).

How do I get a Science Baby?

It’s a breeze! Here’s what you need to do:

Grab your Sim’s phone: Science isn’t magic (well, not entirely!), so you’ll need to use your Sim’s phone.

Open the Home App: Look for the phone icon and navigate to the Home section.

Choose “Have a Science Baby”: Voila! This option will appear, allowing you to embark on your scientific parenthood journey.

Can I have a Science Baby alone?

Absolutely! If you want to raise a mini-me, select “Have a Science Baby as a Single Parent” and your Sim’s DNA will be used to create the baby.

Can I have a Science Baby with another Sim?

Yes indeed! The Sims 4 promotes inclusivity. You can choose “Have a Science Baby With…” and pick a friend or family member (as long as they’re friendly enough) to contribute their DNA.

Do I need to be romantically involved with the other Sim?

Nope! Science Babies are all about friendship. A strong platonic bond (think “Best Friends”) is all that’s required. Steamy romance isn’t necessary!

What are the requirements for a Science Baby with another Sim?

Friendship Level: As mentioned before, your Sim needs to be at least “Friends” with the chosen Sim.

Not Related: The game helpfully prevents family drama by stopping closely related Sims from having Science Babies together.

How much does a Science Baby cost?

The wonders of science come at a small price. You’ll need 1,200 Simoleans to create your Science Baby. Make sure your Sim’s bank account is ready!

What happens after I order a Science Baby?

Your Sim will head off-screen for a short while, and then presto! They’ll return home with a bouncing bundle of joy – a brand new infant ready to be loved and raised.

Can I customize the Science Baby’s appearance?

Unfortunately, no. Unlike traditional pregnancy, you don’t get to control the Science Baby’s appearance. It’s a surprise! But hey, that’s part of the fun, right?

Do Science Babies have any special traits?

Nope, Science Babies are just like any other Sim babies. They’ll go through the usual stages of development and have their own unique personalities.

Science Babies: A futuristic solution for modern Sims!

So, there you have it! With Science Babies, The Sims 4 offers a unique and convenient way to grow your family. Whether you’re a single Sim looking for parenthood or want to expand your family with a friend, science is here to help!

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