Tommy Fury’s Mum: Chantal Fury Stepping Out of the Shadows


Tommy Fury, the younger Fury brother making his mark in the boxing world, often finds himself compared to his heavyweight champion half-brother, Tyson. While they share the same last name and a passion for fighting, their family lives are quite distinct. 

One key difference? Their mothers. Unlike Tyson’s fiercely private mother Amber, Tommy’s mum, Chantal Fury, has chosen a more public role, offering quiet support while occasionally stepping into the spotlight.

This article delves into the life of Chantal Fury, exploring what little is known about her and her role in Tommy’s boxing journey.

Who is Chantal Fury?

Chantal Fury is the wife of John Fury, a former professional boxer and the father of Tommy Fury and his younger brother, Roman Fury.  While details about her life before marrying John are scarce, it’s known that she is of Mauritian descent [1]. John and Chantal have been married since 1989.

Unlike the wives and girlfriends of many boxers who actively court the limelight, Chantal prefers a private life. However, she has shown unwavering support for her sons’ boxing careers. John Fury, in his autobiography “When Fury Takes Over: Life, the Furys and Me,” revealed he met Chantal while still married to Tyson’s mother, Amber [3].

Chantal’s Role in Tommy’s Boxing Career

John Fury is a prominent figure in Tommy’s boxing journey.  He not only trained John but also serves as his cornerman during fights.  However,  Chantal’s influence shouldn’t be underestimated.

Nurturing a Passion for Boxing:  The Fury household is steeped in boxing.  John, a former boxer himself, instilled the fighting spirit in his sons from a young age.  Chantal, by supporting this environment,  undoubtedly played a part in nurturing Tommy’s love for the sport.

Quiet Support: There are very few pictures of Chantal with Tommy in the media,  unlike his frequent appearances with his father and fiancee, Molly-Mae Hague. This doesn’t diminish her role. Chantal’s presence, even from the sidelines, offers a constant source of encouragement for Tommy.

Love Island Surprise: In 2019,  Tommy entered the British reality show  “Love Island.”  Chantal made a surprise appearance on the show, visiting Tommy in Mallorca, Spain.  This heartwarming moment showcased the strong bond between mother and son [4].

Public Appearances and Social Media Silence

Chantal has made a few public appearances alongside Tommy.  Her most notable appearance was her heartwarming visit to  “Love Island.”  However, unlike other boxing families who actively use social media to promote their fighters, Chantal remains largely absent from these platforms.

This quiet demeanour is a stark contrast to John Fury’s outspoken personality and Molly-Mae Hague’s significant social media presence.  It seems Chantal prefers to operate behind the scenes, offering unwavering support without seeking the spotlight.

Tommy’s Relationship with His Half-Brother Tyson’s Mum

While John Fury has fathered children with multiple partners, there seems to be mutual respect between the mothers of his children.  Although Tyson and Tommy’s mothers have chosen very different public lives, both prioritize their sons’ well-being.

There are no documented instances of public interaction between Chantal and Amber. However, the absence of negativity suggests a respectful co-existence within the Fury family.


Q. Who is Tommy Fury’s mum?

Tommy Fury’s mum is Chantal Fury. Unlike her son who’s embraced some aspects of fame, Chantal prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Q. What is Chantal Fury’s background?

Chantal is of Mauritian descent [1]. There’s not much publicly available information about her life beyond her heritage and relationship with John Fury.

Q. Is Chantal Fury married to John Fury, Tyson Fury’s dad?

Yes, Chantal and John Fury have been married since 1989 [1]. This makes Tommy and Tyson Fury half-brothers, as Tyson has a different mother named Amber who also avoids the public eye [2].

Q. Has Chantal Fury ever been in the media?

Chantal made a rare public appearance on the reality show “Love Island” in 2019 to visit Tommy while he was a contestant [3].  She expressed her pride in her son during her visit.

Q. Does Chantal Fury support Tommy’s boxing career?

While Chantal stays out of the limelight, there’s no doubt she supports Tommy’s boxing endeavours. Tommy often has his father by his side, but his family’s encouragement surely comes from both parents.

Q. Why don’t we hear more about Chantal Fury?

It seems Chantal simply prefers a private life. Unlike some boxer’s wives and mothers who embrace the spotlight, Chantal appears content to let her son Tommy and husband John take centre stage.

The Future for Chantal Fury

Chantal Fury may choose to remain a quiet source of strength for her sons. However, with Tommy’s boxing career gaining momentum, her public appearances might become more frequent.

One thing remains certain:  Chantal will undoubtedly continue to be a pillar of support for Tommy,  offering unwavering encouragement as he carves his path in the world of boxing.

This article provides a glimpse into the life of Chantal Fury. While details about her remain private, her unwavering support for her sons shines through.

As Tommy’s boxing career progresses, it will be interesting to see if Chantal chooses to step further into the public eye or remain a silent source of strength behind the scenes.

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