The Unfulfilled Sequel to “We’re the Millers”


The 2013 box office success, “We’re the Millers,” took audiences on a hilarious and slightly outrageous road trip adventure. The film, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter, captured hearts with its dysfunctional yet strangely endearing portrayal of a fake family on a mission to smuggle marijuana from Mexico. 

With its sharp humor, unexpected twists, and a satisfyingly chaotic climax, “We’re the Millers” left many fans craving more. However, despite initial talks of a sequel, “We’re Still the Millers” remains a tantalizing possibility that never materialized.

A Recipe for Success: The Original Film’s Appeal 

The success of “We’re the Millers” can be attributed to several factors.  David Burke (Sudeikis), a small-time pot dealer, is forced to smuggle a massive amount of marijuana from Mexico to avoid a debt owed to a dangerous supplier (Ed Helms). 

To avoid suspicion, he creates a fake family – a seemingly perfect couple (Aniston as Rose, a stripper, and Sudeikis as David), their “teenage” daughter (Roberts as Casey, a runaway), and their “awkward” son (Poulter as Kenny, a naive teenager).

The film’s humor lies in the constant tension between maintaining the facade of a seemingly normal family and the increasingly chaotic situations they encounter. The dynamic between the characters is another key element.  

David and Rose, initially motivated by self-preservation, develop a grudging respect for each other. Casey and Kenny, despite initial distrust, form a unique bond as faux siblings.

Rumors and Roadblocks: The Unfulfilled Promise of a Sequel 

In the wake of the film’s success, talk of a sequel began to circulate in 2014.  News outlets reported that screenwriter Adam Sztykiel, known for his work on “Due Date,” was attached to the project.  However, concrete details and updates remained scarce.

Over the years, cast members expressed varying degrees of interest.  Jason Sudeikis, while acknowledging the challenges of replicating the original film’s magic, stated he’d be open to revisiting the characters if the script was compelling.  Will Poulter, however, seemed less enthusiastic, expressing doubt about the sequel’s viability.

The reasons behind the unfulfilled promise of “We’re Still the Millers” are unclear.  Perhaps the initial script ideas failed to capture the lightning-in-a-bottle quality of the first film. Maybe scheduling conflicts or a lack of studio enthusiasm hampered its development.

Potential Plotlines: Where Could the Millers Go Next? 

Despite the lack of a concrete sequel, fans can still delve into the possibilities.  One potential storyline could involve the Millers facing the consequences of their past actions.  David might have to deal with the loose ends left by his smuggling operation, potentially putting the entire family in danger.  

Another possibility could see the Millers forced to reunite for a new adventure, perhaps involving another outlandish scheme or a threat to one of their newfound bonds.

The characters themselves offer a wealth of potential for exploration.  David’s journey from a self-serving pot dealer to a somewhat responsible (albeit reluctant) family man could be further developed.  Rose’s past as a stripper and her newfound connection with Casey could be explored in greater depth.  Kenny’s awkwardness and burgeoning maturity could be fertile ground for comedic situations.

A Legacy of Laughter: The Enduring Appeal of the Original 

While a sequel might remain unrealized, “We’re the Millers” continues to hold a special place in the hearts of audiences.  The film’s humor, heart, and unexpected warmth resonate even after multiple viewings.  The unlikely family dynamic, the outrageous situations, and the satisfying resolution cemented its status as a modern comedy classic.

The film’s cultural impact extends beyond box office success. It sparked discussions about family dynamics, the blurred lines between strangers thrown together by circumstance, and the power of finding connection in unexpected places.

The Road Not Taken: A Look at Missed Opportunities

The absence of “We’re Still the Millers” leaves a sense of what could have been. A well-crafted sequel could have capitalized on the original’s strengths while exploring new comedic avenues. 

Revisiting the characters years later could have shown their growth, their struggles to maintain normalcy, and the enduring bond forged through their shared experiences.


Why Did the Original “We’re the Millers” Become So Popular?

The film’s success stemmed from several factors.  The hilarious premise – a small-time pot dealer creating a fake family for a smuggling operation – offered endless comedic possibilities.  The strong cast, featuring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter, brought the characters to life with charisma and comedic timing.  The dynamic between the unlikely family members, their constant struggle to maintain their facade, and the chaotic situations they encounter resonated with audiences.

What Were the Reasons Behind the Unmade Sequel?

The reasons remain unclear.  Perhaps the initial script ideas failed to capture the magic of the original.  Scheduling conflicts among cast members or a lack of studio enthusiasm could also be factors.

Did Any Cast Members Express Interest in a Sequel?

Reactions were mixed.  Jason Sudeikis was open to revisiting the characters if the script was compelling, acknowledging the challenge of replicating the original’s success.  Will Poulter, however, was less enthusiastic, casting doubt on the sequel’s viability.

What Potential Plotlines Could “We’re Still the Millers” Have Explored?

The possibilities are vast.  David might face consequences from his smuggling operation, putting the Millers in danger.  The family could reunite for a new adventure, perhaps involving another outrageous scheme or a threat to their newfound bond.

How Could the Characters Have Developed in a Sequel?

David’s journey from a self-serving dealer to a reluctant family man could be further explored.  Rose’s past and her connection with Casey could be delved into.  Kenny’s awkwardness and budding maturity could be fertile ground for humor.

Why Does the Original Film Continue to Be Popular?

“We’re the Millers” remains a modern comedy classic  due to its humor, heart, and unexpected warmth.  The unlikely family dynamic, outrageous situations, and satisfying resolution resonate with audiences.  The film sparked discussions about unconventional families, the power of unexpected connections, and finding humor in chaotic situations.

What Missed Opportunities Exist with the Lack of a Sequel?

A well-crafted sequel could have built on the original’s strengths while exploring new comedic avenues.  Revisiting the characters years later could have showcased their growth, struggles with normalcy, and the enduring bonds forged through shared experiences.

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