17 Eco-Friendly Companies to Learn From


Protecting our environment is a top priority in today’s world. We face global warming, higher sea levels, and more wildfires, leaving many of us uncertain about where to start.

Fortunately, certain companies in green technology are making strides to preserve and safeguard our environment. The efforts of tech teams dedicated to sustainability are actively shaping a brighter future for all of us.

17 Environmentally Friendly Companies to Know


The Greentech company GridX, is on a mission to help utility and energy companies make big changes toward reducing carbon emissions. They do this by offering valuable insights and information about clean energy choices. GridX develops models for various ways to transition to clean energy and offers guidance on pricing, allowing companies to see how going greener can affect their finances. Their software package even includes tools for tracking billing, customer service, and offering bundles of clean energy options.

Tortuga AgTech

Tortuga AgTech specializes in crafting and managing commercial harvesting robots designed to handle various farm chores. These robots are a big help with risky, tough tasks or require lots of manual labour, reducing the demand for human workers and making farms safer.

While they toil away, the Tortuga robots gather valuable plant-specific information. This data is used to make better decisions regarding harvesting, predicting crop yields, and managing pests, all contributing to a more sustainable farming future.

Air Company

Air Company, a Greentech energy company, tackles the excess environmental carbon responsible for climate change and transforms it into valuable products. Their mission is all about making CO2 an everlasting resource. They offer eco-friendly aviation fuel crafted from ethanol and methanol and consumer goods like fragrances, vodka, and hand sanitizers, all derived from CO2.


R-Zero emerged as a biosafety company during the Covid-19 pandemic. They provide a variety of UV-based devices for disinfecting both the air and surfaces in buildings, aiming to enhance safety and well-being while also being eco-conscious.

R-Zero’s UV-C systems are smart and efficient, using sensors, AI, and IoT connectivity to reduce the risk of infection in shared spaces without demanding major changes in people’s behaviour. Moreover, they take pride in their technology for minimizing waste and having a notably lower carbon footprint than their rivals.


While not directly working on solutions to protect the environment, the lottery betting company Lottolandwholeheartedly pledges its ongoing commitment to supporting important environmental causes. During 2021, Lottoland made a meaningful contribution to the Saġġar movement by planting over 2 million trees worldwide. Lottoland won the Green Ambassador in the 2022 Malta Business Awards event.

UL Solutions

UL Solutions stands as a trusted safety science company dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing the safety and sustainability of their products and methods. They achieve this through a combination of testing, inspection, and certification services.

One of their key contributions is the administration of UL Marks, which products can earn by meeting UL’s rigorous safety and quality standards. In addition to safety, UL Solutions provides valuable consultation on sustainability practices, such as responsible sourcing, circular economy strategies, and efforts to combat climate change.


AECOM stands out as an infrastructure consulting firm that enriches its engineering and architecture know-how with a strong commitment to sustainability. Their team of environmental experts actively collaborates with universities and trade associations to stay informed about the latest environmentally friendly practices.

This dedication enables AECOM to guide its clients towards achieving the most stringent standards in crucial areas like air quality and natural resource management, ensuring a greener and more responsible approach to infrastructure projects.


Since its establishment in 1917, HDR has been a cornerstone in the world of architecture and design, and it remains dedicated to innovation, particularly in sustainable practices. Their emphasis on renewable energy is evident in their diverse portfolio, encompassing hydro, solar, and wind energy projects.

Moreover, HDR strongly emphasizes environmental sciences, diligently considering the impact of their structures on the ecosystems and communities in their surroundings. This approach ensures that clients can trust HDR to create buildings that harmonize with the distinctive requirements of different groups and their natural landscapes.

Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar blends the power of cloud computing technology with a commitment to energy efficiency to craft solutions that aid energy technicians in streamlining their tasks and achieving superior outcomes for their clients. Their software platform serves as a comprehensive hub, bringing together every facet of the solar panel commissioning process.

This unified platform empowers engineers to handle financing, modelling, and sales and seamlessly allows compliance from a convenient location, ensuring a more efficient and effective workflow for everyone involved.


In collaboration with prominent utility companies such as National Grid and Unitil, Uplight offers a suite of workflow software products tailored to the needs of utility providers. Their Connect platform is a centralized repository, effortlessly consolidating utility data and energy-related information.

This consolidated data hub accelerates the analysis of customers’ energy consumption patterns, allowing for quicker insights. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with various grid-edge products and services, granting both utility providers and customers the flexibility to tailor their energy usage strategies to their unique preferences and requirements.


Watershed plays a vital role in helping businesses and brands measure, track, and disclose their carbon emissions. Their climate platform serves as a comprehensive solution that begins by thoroughly assessing emissions associated with all aspects of business operations. This analysis establishes clear objectives to reduce emissions and support carbon removal initiatives.

In addition, Watershed streamlines the process of generating high-quality reports suitable for global investors. They also ensure the submission of CDP reports with the involvement of third-party auditors, providing a robust and trustworthy approach to carbon management and reporting.


Transitioning to cleaner energy sources can be challenging for companies that rent or own office spaces. That’s where Redaptive steps in, helping deploy energy-efficient solutions across all their properties. They provide their services under the banner of EaaS (Efficiency-as-a-Service), assisting clients in planning and implementing clean energy solutions while optimizing cost savings by billing for energy usage through a convenient monthly utility bill.


Mosaic stands out as a company specializing in solar and clean energy financing, bringing together homeowners and families through its user-friendly point-of-sale app. Their platform simplifies the financing journey, enabling contractors to easily engage with customers, send credit applications, and swiftly approve them with just a few essential financial details.

This approach not only streamlines the financing procedure but also links homeowners with accessible and budget-friendly financing choices to advance their eco-friendly energy projects, making it easier for them to embrace sustainable solutions.

Beyond Meat 

Beyond Meat is a pioneering food company at the forefront of the plant-based protein revolution. Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat has gained global recognition for its innovative approach to creating meat substitutes that mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal-based meats and offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Their diverse product line includes burger patties, sausages, ground meat, and more, all made from ingredients like pea protein and beet juice, with a commitment to reducing the food industry’s carbon footprint. Beyond Meat’s mission extends beyond just culinary innovation; it’s a testament to the growing consumer demand for healthier and more planet-conscious food choices, making it a significant player in shaping the future of food.


Mill specializes in crafting and offering kitchen trash bins with a unique mission—to minimize harmful waste. These bins are ingeniously designed to dehydrate and grind food scraps, transforming them into compact, eco-friendly grounds.

When the bin reaches its capacity, customers can simply pack up the grounds and send them back to Mill. Instead of ending up in landfills, these grounds are redirected to farms. Moreover, Mill’s membership program includes access to a helpful app, allowing customers to monitor and understand their environmental footprint, making it easier to make sustainable choices.


Optera’s software platform is a valuable tool for businesses to monitor and oversee their sustainability efforts, aiming to achieve climate neutrality by the year 2050. The platform includes a range of other useful tools, such as the capability to assign specific sustainability targets to different teams, validate data, and simplify the process of tracking greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, Optera extends its services to encompass assessments of Scope 3 emissions, efficient management of supply chain emissions, and a host of other sustainability-related functions. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to take meaningful steps toward a greener and more sustainable future.


Hailing from Silicon Valley, the WeaveGrid team is dedicated to creating innovative software solutions for electric vehicle (EV) support infrastructure. In close collaboration with EV companies, WeaveGrid provides enterprise-level software to locate EV drivers, collect valuable data about their charging habits, and promote more sustainable charging practices.

By harnessing this technology, companies can actively promote the adoption of EVs while also contributing to the responsible management of the electrical grid, ensuring a greener and more efficient future for both drivers and the environment.

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Protecting our environment is a top priority today, but many of us are still determining where to start. Many companies, including Lottoland, already started tackling the issue. This is how they are contributing to the cause.

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