60 Minute Under 17’s Driving Experience


Many young enthusiasts begin dreaming of driving long before they can do so legally. Numerous locations throughout the UK provide Under 17’s driving experiences to close this gap and provide a taste of driving. A particularly interesting option is the 60-minute program designed for individuals under the age of 17.

What to anticipate from a 60-minute driving experience 

Many young enthusiasts start dreaming of driving long before they can do so legally. Driving experiences for those under the age of 17 provide an exciting chance to take the wheel and begin learning the fundamentals of driving in a secure setting.

Setting Up and Briefing

Competent instructors typically give participants a comprehensive briefing before they get behind the wheel. Important details like the track layout, safety regulations, and a summary of the car controls are included in this briefing.

Taking the Wheel

Instructors with extensive experience are paired with participants to guide the activity. They will get the opportunity to operate a dual-control vehicle, usually a compact hatchback, under the instructor’s careful supervision.

Fundamental Driving Techniques

Learning the fundamentals of starting, stopping, steering, and shifting gears (if applicable) usually kicks off the lesson. In a safe setting, participants will be able to put these skills into practice.

Control and Maneuver

Participants will be led through increasingly difficult skills like parking, reversing, and navigating obstacles as the program goes on. To assist them develop their talents, the instructor will offer advice and criticism.

Take a 60-minute Under-17 Driving Experience to Learn the Fundamentals

Under 17’s driving experiences provide an exciting and instructive chance for young enthusiasts who are keen to start their driving journey early. Before they are legally permitted to drive, these experiences are meant to give participants a safe and regulated setting in which to learn the fundamentals of driving.

Recognizing the Controls

Usually, the session starts with a tutorial on the vehicle’s basic controls. The steering wheel, brake, clutch, accelerator pedals (if applicable), gear stick (if applicable), indicators, and other crucial controls will all be covered for participants to learn about.

Getting Started and Finishing

To start the car, participants will practice turning on the ignition switch or hitting the start button, depending on the car, and letting go of the handbrake. Additionally, they will learn how to use the brake pedal to stop the car safely.


During the program, participants will acquire a critical skill: steering. They will get used to steering the car while traveling forward and successfully maneuvering the vehicle around turns.

Switching Gears (if relevant)

Participants will learn how to shift gears with the accelerator and gear stick if the car is manual. This includes being aware of the different gears and knowing when to shift them per the vehicle’s speed.

A hands-on 60-minute driving experience for under-17s

A 60-minute Under 17’s driving experience is an exciting and instructive chance for young drivers who are eager to experience life behind the wheel. With the assistance of certified instructors, participants can hone their driving abilities in a secure and supervised setting during these encounters. 

Taking the Wheel

Having the chance to drive a dual-control car is the experience’s high point. Instructors with a wealth of experience are paired with participants to guide the program.

Applying Theory in Real World Situations

Participants are prepared to tackle the course after a brief introduction to the vehicle’s controls and fundamental driving concepts. They will progressively gain confidence and comfort with the car’s handling as they practice starting, stopping, and steering.

Getting Around the Course

A specifically created track that mimics actual driving circumstances will be available for participants to navigate. Straight parts for honing speed control techniques and bends and corners to assess steering and maneuvering abilities may be included in this.

Advanced Techniques

Instructors may introduce more complex maneuvers like three-point turns or parallel parking, according to the participants’ progress. 

Security and Guidance

In the experience, safety is of the utmost importance. To make sure participants are driving safely and competently, instructors continuously monitor them and offer advice and comments. Dual controls increase the experience’s overall safety by enabling the instructor to step in when needed. 

A 60-Minute Under-17 Driving Experience to Help You Gain Confidence

It can be intimidating to learn to drive, especially for young people who are excited to take to the wheel. Apart from teaching young drivers the fundamentals of driving, a 60-minute Under 17 driving experience is meant to instill confidence in them.

secure and regulated setting

The safe and regulated atmosphere in which the Under 17’s driving experience is conducted is one of its main benefits. Because they are not surrounded by cars, participants may concentrate on their studies without being distracted by other drivers.

Expert Training

Participants are matched with certified teachers who know and instruct novice drivers. By giving participants frank advice and constructive criticism, these teachers enable participants to recognize their areas of strength and growth.

You probably have some concerns about what to anticipate if you’re thinking about signing up for a 60-minute Under 17 driving session. 

“Here are some answers to commonly asked concerns to help you learn more about this wonderful opportunity”

What is the driving experience of a person under 17?

A: A supervised driving experience for minors who are not yet old enough to obtain a full driving license is called an Under 17 driving experience.

What is the minimum age requirement to take part?

A: The minimum age limit for participation may differ based on the provider, but typically, it is 11 or 12 years old. It’s best to verify directly with providers as some may have age limitations.

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