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GTA 5 isn’t shy about its mature content, and the Vanilla Unicorn strip club embodies that. This iconic location has been a staple of Los Santos nightlife since the game’s launch in 2013. Whether you’re a seasoned GTA veteran or a curious newcomer, this article will provide a comprehensive look at the Vanilla Unicorn, from its in-game features to its place in the game’s world.

Location, Location, Location: Finding the Vanilla Unicorn

The Vanilla Unicorn is situated on Elgin Avenue in the Strawberry neighbourhood of Los Santos. It’s easily identifiable by its bright pink exterior and glowing purple neon sign. You can head there freely while roaming the open world or as part of a specific mission in the story mode.

Neon Lights and Lap Dances: Activities at the Club

The Vanilla Unicorn offers a variety of activities for players, though some have more consequences than others:

  • Private Lap Dances: The main attraction! Players can choose from any of the dancers and pay for a private lap dance. During the dance, players can fill up a “like” meter by carefully interacting with the dancer. A full meter unlocks the option to take the dancer home for a “rendezvous,” adding their number to your in-game phone for future booty calls. Be warned, getting too handsy can get you kicked out by security.
  • Drinks and Entertainment: Players can belly up to the bar and order drinks for themselves and the dancers. There’s also a stage where the dancers perform routines. While these activities won’t progress any relationships, they add to the atmosphere of the club.
  • Private Dances with Juliet: One particular dancer, Juliet, has a more prominent role. By filling her like meter during a private dance and completing a specific story mission (“Hang Ten”), you can take her home permanently, adding her to your safehouse and enabling random events with her.

Beyond the Lap Dances: The Vanilla Unicorn in the GTA Universe

The Vanilla Unicorn isn’t just a place for entertainment; it’s also interwoven into the narrative of GTA 5. Here’s how:

  • Trevor’s Ownership: As part of the story, the psychopathic Trevor Philips takes ownership of the club after a series of events. This unlocks unique cutscenes and adds a layer of complexity to the character.
  • Hidden Secrets: The club holds a few secrets for players to discover. There are glitches that allow exploration outside the normal boundaries, and rumors (though mostly unsubstantiated) of hidden items within the club.

Real-World Inspiration and Controversy

The developers at Rockstar Games have never explicitly stated the real-world inspirations for the Vanilla Unicorn. However, considering the location, clientele, and overall feel, it’s likely modelled on strip clubs found in seedier parts of Los Angeles.

As with many mature elements in GTA, the Vanilla Unicorn has been controversial. Some critics argue that it gratuitously sexualises women. However, others defend it as a realistic portrayal of a facet of urban nightlife.

Vanilla Unicorn in GTA Online: A Different Experience

The Vanilla Unicorn functions differently in GTA Online, the game’s online multiplayer mode. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

  • Ownership is Static: Trevor doesn’t own the club Online. It operates as a standard strip club.
  • Limited Interactions: Players can’t take dancers home or develop relationships with them in Online.
  • Focus on Entertainment: The emphasis is on the atmosphere and entertainment value, with players able to throw money at dancers and participate in mini-games.


Q: Can I fight the bouncers or security guards?

Technically yes, but it’s not recommended. Fighting will lead to a wanted level and get you kicked out of the club.

Q: Are there any cheat codes for the Vanilla Unicorn?

There aren’t any specific codes for the club itself. However, general GTA 5 cheat codes might affect your experience there. Use them at your own risk!

Q: Can I take the dancers out on dates?

Only Juliet can be taken home for a “rendezvous” in Story Mode. There are no dating mechanics in the game.

Q: Is the Vanilla Unicorn based on a real place?

The exact inspiration is still being determined, but it likely draws from real-life strip clubs in seedier parts of Los Angeles.

The Vanilla Unicorn is a significant landmark in the world of GTA 5. Whether you choose to partake in its activities or simply admire the pink exterior, it serves as a reminder of the mature themes the game explores.

Q. Where is the Vanilla Unicorn?

You’ll find the Vanilla Unicorn on Elgin Avenue, right next to the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry, Los Santos. It’s easily identified by its bright pink neon sign.

Q. What can you do at the Vanilla Unicorn?

The main attraction is private lap dances from the club’s dancers. You can choose a dancer and pay for a lap dance. There’s a meter that fills up based on your interaction with the dancer.

Fill it, and you might get a little “extra” for your money (wink wink).

Q. Is there anything else to do?

You can grab a drink at the bar, throw some cash on the stage for the dancers, or just enjoy the atmosphere. However, unlike some other games, there are no further activities beyond the stage shows and lap dances.

Q. Can you take a dancer home?

Yes, but you have to work for it! If you fill-up the dancer’s like meter during a lap dance, you’ll get the chance to meet her outside the club later. Success isn’t guaranteed, but if you can find her, you might be able to get her number for future… “activities.”

Q. What happens if you misbehave?

Security guards are present and will kick you out if you get too rowdy or grope the dancers. There’s also a bouncer who will toss you out after three warnings. After a certain story mission (“Hang Ten”), however, you won’t get kicked out anymore.

Q. Are there any cheats or glitches for the strip club?

There are occasional glitches and rumours of getting backstage or into hidden areas, but these are usually patched out by Rockstar Games eventually. It’s best to stick with the normal gameplay.

Q. Is the strip club appropriate for all audiences?

No, GTA 5 is an M-rated game for mature audiences, and the strip club reflects that. There’s nudity and suggestive content, so be mindful of that before heading in.

Q. I’m interested in the dancers. Are any of them important characters?

One dancer, Juliet, has a slightly larger role. By completing certain actions with her, you can add her to your contacts for future… “opportunities.”

Q. Alright, I think I get it. But what if I want to see more?

There are plenty of resources online! You can find gameplay videos of the strip club on YouTube or detailed walkthroughs online.

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