A Recap of Succession Season 4


HBO’s scathingly satirical drama, Succession, concluded its fourth season on May 28th, 2023, leaving audiences reeling from shocking betrayals, power shifts, and a cliffhanger ending. 

This season delved deeper into the tangled web of the Roy family, the dysfunctional owners of global media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo. 

Here, we unpack the key plot points, fan theories, and lingering questions surrounding Season 4.

The Looming Sale and Divided Loyalties

Season 4 opened with the Roy siblings – Kendall, Shiv, and Roman – facing the potential sale of Waystar RoyCo to tech visionary Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård). 

This sent shockwaves through the company and the family, forcing each sibling to consider their futures within the Roystar empire (or outside of it).

Kendall’s Moral Crusade:  

Fresh off his public exposé of Waystar’s cruise line scandal, Kendall attempted to position himself as the ethical heir, determined to win back control of the company through a hostile takeover.

Shiv’s Political Ambitions:  

Shiv, ever the political animal, saw the potential sale as a springboard for her own political career, aligning herself with Matsson despite her reservations about his leadership style.

Roman’s Power Play: 

Roman, the perennially underestimated Roy child, surprised everyone with his cunning maneuvering within the company, attempting to secure a leadership role under Matsson.

The Logan Shuffle: Divide and Conquer

Logan Roy, the show’s patriarch and ruthless media mogul, remained at the center of the power struggle. 

As the potential sale of Waystar loomed, Logan expertly manipulated his children, playing them against each other to maintain control.

Weakening Kendall: 

Logan strategically leaked information about Kendall’s past drug use, undermining his credibility and public image.

Shiv’s Sacrificial Lamb: 

Despite Shiv’s loyalty, Logan viewed her primarily as a political asset. He was willing to throw her under the bus to secure a favorable deal with Matsson.

Roman’s Short-Lived Triumph: 

Logan dangled the prospect of leadership in front of Roman, ultimately leaving him disappointed and humiliated.

The Deal and its Fallout

Despite Kendall’s last-ditch efforts, the sale of Waystar RoyCo to Matsson went through. However, the closing scenes revealed a shocking twist.  

Moments before the official handover, Matsson received compromising information about Logan, hinting at a potential future power struggle.

Fan Theories and Burning Questions

The ambiguous ending of Season 4 has sparked numerous fan theories and questions:

Who sent the dirt on Logan to Matsson?  Was it Kendall, finally getting one over on his father?  Did Shiv or Roman orchestrate this move in a last-minute bid for power?  Perhaps it’s someone outside the family entirely.

What does this mean for the future of Waystar RoyCo?  Will Matsson back out of the deal based on the new information?  Could this lead to a hostile takeover attempt by another bidder?

How will the Roy siblings react?  Will they find a way to work together against a common enemy in Matsson?  Or will the revelation further fracture their already dysfunctional relationships?

Critical Reception and Awards Recognition

Succession Season 4 received widespread critical acclaim, praised for its sharp writing, stellar performances, and its unflinching portrayal of a family consumed by greed and ambition.  

The series is a strong contender for the upcoming Emmy Awards, with nominations likely for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor (Brian Cox), and Outstanding Supporting Actress (Sarah Snook) amongst others.

A Show That Continues to Captivate

Succession’s fourth season delivered another dose of dark humor, shocking twists, and Shakespearean family drama.  

With the future of Waystar RoyCo hanging in the balance and the Roy siblings at each other’s throats, audiences eagerly await Season 5 to see how this captivating saga unfolds.


Q: What was the biggest cliffhanger of Season 4?

A: Tom’s public defiance of Logan by siding with Shiv, potentially jeopardizing his future at Waystar Royco.

Q: Did Kendall finally escape his father’s shadow?

A: Not quite. While he rallied supporters and exposed Logan’s wrongdoings, his path remains uncertain.

Q: Who emerged as the “winner” in Season 4?

A: There’s no clear victor. The battle for control continues, with each sibling in a precarious position.

Q:  Did Shiv make a strategic move by aligning with Tom?

A: It’s a gamble. Tom’s loyalty might be fickle, and his public defiance could backfire.

Q:  Is Roman truly out of the running for the top spot?

A: Never underestimate Roman. Despite setbacks, his cunning and opportunism could surprise everyone.

Q:  Will Logan maintain control of Waystar Royco?

A: His health and the fallout from public scandals threaten his grip on the company.

Q:  What is the future of the sale to Lukas Matsson?

A: The siblings’ internal conflict and legal issues cast doubt on the deal’s completion.

Q:  Will Greg rise in power within the company?

A: His loyalty to Tom might pay off, but his naivety could also hinder him.

Q:  Is Kendall truly committed to his newfound activism?

A: His motives remain unclear. Personal redemption might intertwine with his desire to take down Logan.

Q:  What is the significance of Connor’s political aspirations?

A: It adds a comedic element and highlights the family’s disconnect from reality.

Q:  Will Shiv and Tom’s relationship survive their power struggle?

A: Their dynamic is complex. Their alliance could crumble under pressure.

Q:  Did Kendall’s public confession help his image?

A: It garnered some sympathy, but public perception might change with further scrutiny.

Q:  How will Logan retaliate against Tom’s betrayal?

A: Expect ruthless tactics. Logan won’t hesitate to use any weapon at his disposal.

Q:  Will Season 5 explore the fallout from the Roystar Cruise scandal?

A: Highly likely. Legal ramifications and reputational damage will be key storylines.

Q:  Are there any new characters introduced in Season 4 that might play a bigger role in Season 5?

A: Karl, Matsson’s colleague, could become a key player in the business dealings.

Q:  Where can I find reviews and discussions about Season 4?

A: Search online for reviews on websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter also have active Succession discussions.

Q:  When can I expect Season 5 to premiere?

A: No official release date has been announced yet. However, based on past seasons, a premiere sometime in late 2024 or early 2025 is a possibility.

Q:  Has the show been renewed for additional seasons beyond Season 5?

A: There has been no confirmation about seasons beyond Season 5.

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