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Early Life and Rise to Fame

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was born and raised in London, England. He started posting videos on TikTok in 2020, and quickly gained a following for his prank videos. His videos often involved harassing strangers in public, which he justified as “social experiments.”

Controversial Pranks and Public Outcry

Mizzy’s pranks became increasingly controversial as he gained more followers. In one particularly notorious video, he approached an elderly woman and asked her if she wanted to “die.” He also filmed himself entering strangers’ homes without permission and leaping over an Orthodox Jewish man, sparking widespread concern among viewers about the need to responsibly edit video content for public consumption.  

His videos sparked outrage on social media, with many accusing him of being disrespectful, offensive, and even dangerous. He was also criticized for exploiting and victimizing vulnerable people for views.

Legal Troubles and Criminal Behavior Order

In 2022, O’Garro was arrested and charged with four breaches of a criminal behavior order (CBO) that had been imposed on him in 2021. The CBO prohibited him from harassing or intimidating members of the public and from entering certain areas of London.

He was found guilty of the charges and sentenced to a custodial sentence. He was released from prison in early 2023.

Apology and Mental Health Issues

After his release from prison, O’Garro issued a public apology for his actions. He said that he was “ashamed” of his behavior and that he had taken steps to address his mental health issues.

He also said that he was determined to turn his life around and become a positive role model for young people.

Continued Controversy and TikTok Ban

Despite his apology, O’Garro has continued to post controversial content on social media. In 2023, he was banned from TikTok for violating the platform’s community guidelines.

His continued disregard for the law and social norms has led many to question his sincerity and whether he has truly learned from his mistakes.

TikTok Prankster Mizzy Found Guilty of Breaching Criminal Behaviour Order

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 19, better known as TikTok prankster Mizzy, was found guilty of four breaches of a criminal behavior order (CBO) at Stratford Magistrates Court. The CBO prohibited him from sharing videos of people without their consent.

O’Garro was arrested in May 2023 after he was found to have “deliberately flouted” the court order “within hours” of it being passed. He denied the charges, but Judge Matthew Bone found him guilty after hearing evidence from witnesses.

Judge Bone criticized O’Garro for “lacking all credibility” and said that his behavior was “a deliberate challenge to the criminal behavior order.” He sentenced O’Garro to a custodial sentence, the length of which will be determined at a later date.

O’Garro’s conviction is a reminder of the importance of respecting people’s privacy. It is also a warning to others who may be tempted to break the law in order

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