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Adin Ross, the popular streamer known for his energetic and often controversial NBA 2K and GTA V broadcasts, isn’t the only Ross captivating audiences online. His sister, Naomi Ross, has carved her own niche as an influencer, model, and streamer, building a dedicated following across various platforms.

This article delves into Naomi’s journey, exploring her rise to fame, her relationship with her brother, and her independent endeavours in the ever-evolving world of social media.

From Stream Supporter to Social Butterfly

While Adin’s streaming career propelled him into the spotlight, Naomi’s path unfolded gradually. Early on, she appeared in some of Adin’s prank videos on YouTube, offering a glimpse into their sibling dynamic. 

However, her presence wasn’t solely for entertainment purposes.  According to Wikipedia,  Adin initially streamed from their shared living space. Naomi’s quiet support behind the scenes undoubtedly played a role in his early success.

Around the same time, Naomi started building her own social media presence.  Her focus leaned towards Instagram, where she began captivating audiences with her modelling photos.  Her glamorous style and confident persona resonated with viewers, establishing her as an influencer in her own right.

A Sibling Stream Duo: NBA 2K and Building a Community

The Ross siblings didn’t shy away from collaborating.  Their joint NBA 2K streams on Twitch marked the beginning of their online ventures as a duo.  These streams offered a unique perspective, showcasing their sibling chemistry and competitive spirit.  This early collaboration not only helped Naomi gain recognition but also solidified their reputation as the “streamer siblings.”

While Adin’s streams often take on more chaotic and unpredictable energy, Naomi brings a calmer, more grounded presence.  This dynamic can be seen in a YouTube video titled,” where they address a misconception about Naomi and navigate an awkward situation with grace and humour.

Despite their different approaches to streaming, both siblings prioritize audience interaction.  They foster a sense of community within their streams, creating a space for viewers to connect and engage.  This focus on community building has undoubtedly played a significant role in their individual success.

Beyond the Stream: Exploring Independent Ventures

Although their initial foray into the online world involved joint streaming endeavours, Naomi has consistently built her own brand separate from her brother.  Her Instagram presence continues to flourish, with a current following exceeding 400,000.  She utilizes the platform to showcase her modelling work, promote brands, and connect with her audience.

While streaming isn’t her primary focus, Naomi maintains a presence on Twitch.  She occasionally streams on her own channel, offering viewers a chance to get to know her outside of the collaborative dynamic with Adin.  These solo streams showcase her personality and interests, further solidifying her status as an independent figure in the online creator landscape.

One notable instance of Naomi venturing beyond streaming and modelling came in August 2023.  As reported, Adin expressed frustration on stream after viewers trolled him by attempting to show him explicit content featuring Naomi.  This incident highlighted the challenges creators face online, particularly when their personal lives become entangled with their online personas.

A Supportive Sibling Bond: Family and Online Success

Despite their separate online journeys, Adin and Naomi remain a close-knit unit.  They’ve been vocal about their support for each other, both on and offline.  This supportive bond shines through in their interactions, adding another layer of authenticity to their online presence.

In a world where online drama and manufactured feuds often grab headlines, the Ross siblings offer a refreshing alternative.  Their genuine sibling bond and willingness to support each other’s endeavours resonate with viewers, fostering a sense of positivity within their respective communities.

While Adin’s boisterous personality often takes centre stage, Naomi’s steady presence and independent pursuits showcase the multifaceted nature of online success.  Their story highlights the importance of fostering a supportive network, both online and offline, while also carving your own path within the ever-evolving social media landscape.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Naomi Ross?

As with any online creator, Naomi’s future endeavours remain to be seen.  However, considering her current trajectory, it’s safe to assume she’ll continue to grow her online presence.  Whether she expands her focus on Twitch streaming, further establishes herself as a fashion influencer, or ventures into other creative pursuits, one thing remains certain: Naomi Ross has solidified her place in the online world, independent of her brother’s success.


Q. Who is Adin Ross’ sister?

Her name is Naomi Ross. Like her brother, she’s an influencer and streamer, carving her own path in the digital world.

Q. Is Naomi Ross a streamer too?

Yes, she is! While not as active as Adin, Naomi has streamed on Twitch, sometimes even collaborating with her brother on NBA 2K streams. Their sibling streams back in the day earned them the title of “streamer siblings.”

Q. What else is Naomi Ross known for?

Naomi is also an Instagram model with a strong following. She’s built a successful career there, known for her captivating photos.

Q. Are Adin and Naomi close?

They seem to have a supportive sibling relationship. They’ve been seen hanging out together, and Adin has defended Naomi online when faced with negativity.

Q. Have they ever streamed together?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, they’ve collaborated on Twitch streams, particularly in the early days of their careers. There are also clips of them together on YouTube

Q. Has Naomi’s fame come solely from being Adin’s sister?

While Adin’s sibling introduced her to the online world, Naomi has built her fanbase through her modelling and personality on Twitch.

Q. Where can I find Naomi Ross online?

You can likely find her on Instagram (though her username might be subject to change) and possibly catch her streams on Twitch.

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