A Guide to All Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogwarts Legacy


All demiguise locations, The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy offers countless secrets to uncover, and Demiguise Statues are one of the most intriguing. These unassuming statues hold the key to upgrading your Alohomora spell, granting access to previously locked doors brimming with treasures and hidden areas. But finding them all can be a daunting task. Fear not, aspiring witches and wizards, for this comprehensive guide will reveal the locations of all 30 Demiguise Statues scattered across Hogwarts and its surrounding regions.

All demiguise locations

Demiguise Statues: Unlocking Their Secrets

Before embarking on your Demiguise statue hunt, it’s crucial to understand their mechanics. These mischievous statues are only visible and collectible at night. They appear as small, golden creatures holding glowing moons. Once you cast Lumos on a Demiguise Statue, it will reveal its true form and release the captured moon, adding another upgrade to your Alohomora spell. Remember, you can only collect Demiguise Statues at night, so plan your expeditions accordingly.

The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament: The Key to Demiguise Hunting

You won’t be able to start collecting Demiguise Statues right from the beginning. To unlock this feature, you need to progress through the main story and complete “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest. This quest introduces you to Mr. Moon, the caretaker, who reveals the connection between Demiguise Statues and Alohomora upgrades.

The Demiguise Statue Locations: A Region-by-Region Breakdown

Now, let’s delve into the exciting part – finding all the Demiguise Statues! We’ll explore each region and pinpoint the exact locations of these elusive collectibles.

Hogwarts Castle

Clock Tower Courtyard: As you enter the Clock Tower Courtyard from the main building, look to your left for the statue hidden behind a pillar.

Great Hall: Head towards the back of the Great Hall, near the fireplaces, to find the statue tucked away in a corner.

Divination Classroom: Enter the Divination Classroom and locate the statue perched on a shelf near the back of the room.

Library: Venture into the Restricted Section of the Library (requires Alohomora Level 1) and find the statue on a bookshelf.

Hogwarts North Exit: Exit Hogwarts through the North passage and turn right. The statue will be near the bridge overlooking the Forbidden Forest.

Bell Tower Courtyard (Counts in Astronomy Wing): This statue is a bit tricky. From the Bell Tower Courtyard, head towards the Astronomy Wing. You won’t be able to access this area until you have Alohomora Level 2, but the Demiguise Statue is located just behind this door.

Professor Fig’s Classroom: Enter Professor Fig’s Classroom in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower and find the statue near the fireplace.

Potions Classroom: Inside the Potions Classroom, look for the statue on a shelf near the potion ingredients.

Beasts Classroom: The Demiguise Statue in the Beasts Classroom can be found perched on a beam near the ceiling. Use the Revelio spell to highlight it if you’re having trouble spotting it.

Transfiguration Courtyard: Exit the Transfiguration Classroom and head towards the courtyard. The statue will be near the large double doors leading back into the castle.

Hogsmeade Village

Hog’s Head: Enter the cozy Hog’s Head pub and look for the statue on a shelf behind the bar.

The Three Broomsticks: Head upstairs in The Three Broomsticks pub and find the statue near the balcony overlooking the bustling village.

South Hogsmeade Floo Flame: Fast travel to the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame and turn right. The statue will be hidden behind a shop on the main street.

Dervish and Banges: This Demiguise Statue is located inside Dervish and Banges shop, near the back counter.

North Hogsmeade Floo Flame (2 Statues): Fast travel to the North Hogsmeade Floo Flame. You’ll find two Demiguise Statues in this area:

The first one is near the Floo Flame itself, hidden behind a pillar.

The second statue is located across the bridge, near the Honeydukes sweet shop.


What are Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues are small, golden representations of Demiguises, magical creatures known for their invisibility abilities. Each statue holds a glowing moon, which you can collect to improve your lockpicking skills.

Why should I find Demiguise Statues?

Finding Demiguise Statues is crucial for upgrading Alohomora, the spell that lets you open locked doors. There are three levels of Alohomora, each requiring a specific number of collected Demiguise Moons. With higher levels, you’ll gain access to previously locked areas containing valuable loot, hidden passageways, and exciting secrets.

How many Demiguise Statues are there?

There are a total of 30 Demiguise Statues waiting to be discovered throughout Hogwarts Legacy. These are spread across various locations, including Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade Village, and the surrounding open world areas.

When can I start collecting Demiguise Statues?

You won’t be able to collect Demiguise Statues until you complete “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” main story quest. This quest introduces you to Mr. Moon, the caretaker who teaches you Alohomora and rewards you for finding Demiguise Moons.

How do I find Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues are only visible and collectible at night. They’ll shimmer with a faint glow, making them easier to spot in the darkness. You can use the Revelio spell to highlight nearby interactable objects, including Demiguise Statues.

Where can I find Demiguise Statue locations?

There are several resources available online to help you locate all 30 Demiguise Statues. Here are a few suggestions:

Interactive Maps: Fan-made interactive maps often show Demiguise Statue locations alongside other collectibles and points of interest.

Video Guides: Many video guides on YouTube showcase the exact locations of all Demiguise Statues, often with helpful commentary.

Text Guides: Websites and forums offer comprehensive text guides listing Demiguise Statue locations with detailed descriptions.

Are there any tips for finding Demiguise Statues?

Explore Hogwarts thoroughly, especially at night. Look for hidden corners, alcoves, and behind tapestries.

Keep an eye out for shimmering lights – that might be a Demiguise Statue!

Use Revelio frequently, especially in dark areas, to highlight nearby interactable objects.

Don’t forget to explore Hogsmeade Village and the open world regions. Demiguise Statues are hidden outside the castle walls too!

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