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Anthony Martial, the French striker known for his pace and skill on the pitch at Manchester United, has had a personal life that’s garnered attention alongside his football career. Here’s a deep dive into Martial’s relationship history, addressing the most common questions fans have been searching for online.

Anthony Martial

Early Relationship and Samantha Jacquelinet

Martial’s first serious relationship began with his childhood sweetheart, Samantha Jacquelinet. The two were together for a significant amount of time, with some reports suggesting they were even engaged. However, details about their relationship remain private. In 2016, their romance seemingly ended abruptly.

There’s a lack of clarity surrounding the reason for the split. However, Martial soon moved on to a new relationship, which fueled speculation and rumors online.

Reality TV Star and Model: Enter Melanie Da Cruz

In 2016, Martial began dating Melanie Da Cruz, a French model and reality TV star. Da Cruz had participated in the French version of “Secret Story,” a reality show similar to Big Brother. Their relationship progressed quickly, and they welcomed a son, Swan, in 2018. Martial even left Manchester United’s pre-season tour early to be present for his child’s birth.

The couple’s social media presence often showcased their seemingly happy family life. However, by 2019, cracks began to appear. Allegations of Martial’s infidelity surfaced, specifically linked to another French model. Martial denied the claims, but the rumors cast a shadow over their relationship.

A Tumultuous Marriage and Public Separation

Despite the controversies, Martial and Da Cruz tied the knot in 2018. Their marriage, however, wasn’t meant to last. In 2021, Da Cruz announced their separation via social media, stating, “There comes a time when you have to stop running after things and focus on yourself.” She further added, “Love wasn’t enough.” The exact reasons for the split remained unclear, but speculation swirled around a possible return of the infidelity rumors.

The public separation was followed by a period of social media back-and-forth between the former couple, with cryptic messages adding to the intrigue. Martial was seen with a mystery woman in 2023, further fueling the media frenzy.

Where Things Stand Today (May 2024)

As of May 2024, Anthony Martial appears to be single. There haven’t been any confirmed reports of him being in a new relationship. His focus seems to be on his football career, although rumors regarding his personal life persist.

What we can learn from publicly available information:

Martial’s relationship history has been complex, with both long-term partnerships and controversies.

The reasons behind his splits haven’t been officially confirmed, but media reports suggest infidelity may have played a role.

Martial is currently single and focused on his football career.

Unanswered Questions and Remaining Speculation

The internet continues to search for answers regarding Martial’s personal life. Here are some lingering questions:

Will Martial ever publicly address the reasons behind his breakups?

Could there be a reconciliation with either Samantha Jacquelinet or Melanie Da Cruz?

Is Martial truly single, or is there a new relationship kept private?

Only time will tell what the future holds for Anthony Martial’s personal life. While the focus remains on his footballing achievements, the public’s curiosity regarding his romantic life is unlikely to disappear anytime soon.


Is Anthony Martial married?

Anthony Martial is not currently married. He was previously married to Melanie Da Cruz, a French reality TV personality and model.

When did Anthony Martial get divorced?

There isn’t a publicly confirmed date, but news reports suggest Martial and Da Cruz split sometime in 2022.

Why did Anthony Martial and Melanie Da Cruz get divorced?

The exact reasons haven’t been officially revealed by either party. However, there were unconfirmed reports of infidelity during Da Cruz’s pregnancy.

Who was Anthony Martial’s wife, Melanie Da Cruz?

Melanie Da Cruz is a French model and television personality who participated in the reality show “Secret Story.” She has a large social media following.

Does Anthony Martial have children?

Yes, Anthony Martial has a son named Swan from his relationship with Melanie Da Cruz.

Is Anthony Martial dating anyone now?

In 2023, Martial was spotted having dinner with an unidentified woman, sparking dating rumors. However, there’s no confirmation about his current relationship status.

Was Anthony Martial married before Melanie Da Cruz?

Yes, Anthony Martial was briefly engaged to Samantha Jacquelinet before meeting Da Cruz.

Why did Anthony Martial leave his first fiancee?

The reason for the split with Samantha Jacquelinet is not publicly known.

How did Anthony Martial meet Melanie Da Cruz?

Details about the start of their relationship haven’t been widely shared.

Can you find pictures of Anthony Martial with his ex-wife?

There are pictures available online of Anthony Martial with Melanie Da Cruz from their time together. However, be cautious of where you search as some sites may contain misleading information.

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