Armor Up in Style: A Guide to Minecraft’s Armor Trims


Armor Trims Minecraft offers a vast array of customization options, allowing players to personalize their characters and builds. One exciting addition in recent updates is armor trims. These decorative elements add a unique flair to your armor, letting you express your style and stand out from the crowd.

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Minecraft’s armor trims, answering all your burning questions from YouTube searches and beyond.

Armor Trims Minecraft

What are Armor Trims?

Armor trims are cosmetic additions that modify the appearance of your armor. They come in various designs, each with a distinct visual style. Trimming your armor doesn’t affect its protective properties, but it lets you personalize your look and create a truly unique avatar.

How to Find Armor Trims

Obtaining armor trims involves exploring specific structures and defeating hostile mobs. Here’s a breakdown of where to find each trim type:

Pillager Outpost: Slay pillagers and loot chests within their outposts to acquire the Sentry Armor Trim. This trim features a pointed design, ideal for warriors seeking a fierce aesthetic.

Desert Pyramid: Delve into the heart of a desert pyramid to find the Dune Armor Trim. This trim evokes the sandy dunes with a wavy pattern, perfect for desert adventurers.

Shipwreck: Explore the depths of shipwrecks scattered across the oceans. Chests within these sunken vessels may hold the Coast Armor Trim. This trim features an anchor motif, ideal for seafaring players.

Jungle Temple: Enter the perilous jungle temples to unearth the Wild Armor Trim. This trim boasts a tribal-inspired design with spikes and feathers, perfect for jungle explorers.

Ocean Monument: Defeat the Elder Guardians residing within the majestic Ocean Monuments. They have a 20% chance of dropping the Tide Armor Trim. This trim features a wave-like pattern, ideal for underwater explorers.

Ancient City: Venture into the newly introduced Ancient Cities (requires the 1.19 update or later). These deep underground structures hold chests with a 5% chance of containing the Ward Armor Trim. This trim features a protective rune design, ideal for spelunkers.

Woodland Mansion: Conquer the formidable Woodland Mansions guarded by Illagers. Chests within these mansions hold the Vex Armor Trim. This trim features a swirling pattern reminiscent of the vex mobs, ideal for those seeking a mystical look.

Nether Fortress: Brave the fiery depths of Nether Fortresses to find the Rib Armor Trim in chests. This trim features a skeletal ribcage design, perfect for players who like a touch of the macabre.

Bastion Remnant: Explore the Bastion Remnants found in the Nether. Piglin Brutes within these structures have a chance of dropping the Snout Armor Trim. This trim features a pig-like snout design, ideal for players who embrace the Nether aesthetic.

Stronghold: Locate and activate the End Portal within a Stronghold. Chests near the portal hold the Eye Armor Trim. This trim features an Enderman eye design, perfect for those venturing into the End dimension.

End City: Slay the Ender Dragon and explore the End Cities that spawn afterwards. Chests within these cities contain the Spire Armor Trim. This trim features a spiky, ethereal design, ideal for those who conquered the End.

Trail Ruins: Found in the Suspicious Sand biome (requires the 1.17 update or later), Trail Ruins often contain chests with the Wayfinder Armor Trim. This trim features a compass-like design, ideal for adventurers seeking the unknown.

Remember: The specific location and drop rates for some trims may vary slightly depending on the Minecraft version you’re playing.

Applying Armor Trims

Once you’ve acquired an armor trim template, you can apply it to your armor using a smithing table. Here’s how:

Interact with a Smithing Table. The interface will display four slots.

Place the armor trim template you wish to use in the first slot.

Put the piece of armor you want to modify (helmet, chestplate, leggings, or boots) in the second slot.

Select a material from the third slot to determine the trim’s color. Available materials include iron, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, emerald, diamond, netherite, redstone, amethyst, and quartz.

Add an optional material in the fourth slot to increase the durability of the armor if desired.


What are Armor Trims in Minecraft?

Armor trims are a cool way to customize your armor in Minecraft, adding a decorative edge to your chestplate, leggings, boots, and helmet. These trims come in various styles, allowing you to express your personality or match your gear to your adventuring theme.

How to Get Armor Trims?

Unlike crafting other gear, armor trims require exploration and a bit of luck. You’ll need to find Smithing Templates scattered throughout different structures in the game. Here’s where you can hunt for specific trims:

Jungle Temple: Wild Trim

Desert Temple: Dune Trim

Shipwreck: Coast Trim

Ocean Monument: Tide Trim (dropped by Elder Guardians)

Pillager Outpost: Sentry Trim

Ancient City: Ward Trim (found in chests)

Woodland Mansion: Vex Trim

Nether Fortress: Rib Trim

Bastion Remnant: Snout Trim

Stronghold: Eye Trim

End City: Spire Trim

Suspicious Gravel (Trail Ruins): Wayfinder Trim

Using Armor Trims:

Once you have a Smithing Template, head to a Smithing Table. You’ll see a new slot for the template. Place it alongside the armor piece you want to trim and an optional dye (iron, copper, gold, lapis, emerald, diamond, netherite, redstone, amethyst, or quartz) to color the trim.

FAQs about Armor Trims:

Can I reuse Smithing Templates?

No, unfortunately, Smithing Templates are single-use items. Once you apply the trim to a piece of armor, the template disappears.

Can I trim enchanted armor?

Yes! Applying a trim won’t remove any existing enchantments on your armor.

Do Armor Trims offer any benefits besides looks?

Nope, armor trims are purely cosmetic.

What’s the rarest Armor Trim?

The Silence Trim is generally considered the rarest. It can only be found in chests within the deep and dangerous Ancient Cities.

Are there any Armor Trims not found in structures?

Currently, the Wayfinder Trim is the only exception. You’ll need to explore suspicious gravel patches (Trail Ruins) to find it.

Tips for Trimming Your Armor:

Plan your look: With so many trims, think about what style you’re going for. Will your armor reflect your bravery, resourcefulness, or connection to a specific biome?

Consider the dye: Dyes offer another layer of customization. Experiment with different color combinations to create a truly unique look.

Explore different structures: Trimming your armor is a great excuse for some epic Minecraft adventures!

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