Conquer England: An Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Walkthrough


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Walkthrough, Viking raiders! Gather round the hearth fire, for we delve into the epic saga of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to carve your path through war-torn England, forge alliances, and secure your place in Valhalla. Whether you’re a seasoned Assassin or a fresh-faced recruit, this walkthrough will illuminate your journey.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Setting Sail: The Beginning

A Frigid Introduction: The game opens in Norway, thrusting you into the icy realm of Viking life. Here, you’ll learn the basics of combat, exploration, and raiding alongside your brother Sigurd. Complete these introductory quests to understand Valhalla’s mechanics and establish your character’s foundation.

Building Ravensthorpe: After a fateful raid, you set sail for England. Your first major objective is establishing a settlement – Ravensthorpe. Here, you’ll construct various buildings that provide upgrades, quests, and companions. Upgrading your settlement unlocks new abilities and enhances your Viking experience.

Alliance and Conquest: The Power of Diplomacy

The Five Boroughs: England is divided into regions, each with its own narrative arc. These are known as the “Five Boroughs.” To gain a foothold, you’ll forge alliances with local Saxon factions. Complete quests for these leaders to earn their trust and build your strength.

Raiding Riches: A core aspect of Valhalla is the thrilling raids. Infiltrate Saxon settlements, plunder resources, and vanquish enemies. These raids not only bolster your supplies but also unlock essential gear and upgrade materials.

Legendary Encounters: Scattered throughout England lie mystical creatures and fearsome warriors. These “Legendary Encounters” offer challenging battles and rewarding loot upon completion. Tracking them down adds a layer of thrilling exploration to the game.

Hidden Secrets: Keep your eyes peeled for “World Events” – brief, unscripted encounters that add flavor to the world. These can range from rescuing a hostage to participating in a drinking contest. Completing them offers small rewards and enriches the open-world experience.

Romance in the North: For the romantically inclined Viking, Valhalla offers several potential companions. Building relationships with these characters unlocks unique quests and grants special bonuses.

The Assassin’s Path: Striking from the Shadows

The Hidden Ones: While Vikings are renowned for brute force, Valhalla retains the series’ signature assassin elements. You belong to the Hidden Ones, a secret order combating a sinister force manipulating events.

Social Infiltration: Unlike previous entries, Valhalla emphasizes social blending. Infiltrate strongholds while disguised as a Saxon soldier or blend into a crowd to reach your target.

The Art of Assassination: Of course, the thrill of the hidden blade remains. Master the art of stealth takedowns, plan your approach meticulously, and eliminate your targets with precision.

Mythological Might: Through a narrative twist, Eivor, your character, experiences visions granting access to powerful abilities. These “Odin’s Sight” powers allow you to see through walls, slow down time, and unleash devastating attacks.

Beyond the Main Quest: Unveiling England’s Mysteries

Artifacts and Mysteries: England is riddled with secrets waiting to be unearthed. Seek out “Artifacts” – scattered fragments of a powerful weapon. Unraveling these mysteries deepens the lore and unlocks new areas to explore.

Flyting and Sagas: Embrace the Viking spirit by participating in “Flyting” contests – heated verbal exchanges testing your wit. Additionally, uncover hidden “Sagas” – tales whispered by the wind, offering glimpses into Viking mythology.

Legendary Beasts: For the monster hunter within, legendary beasts like mythical boars and fearsome wolves roam the wilds. Slaying these creatures rewards you with unique gear and bragging rights.

Conclusion: Glory Awaits

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a vast and immersive adventure. This walkthrough equips you with the knowledge to navigate its complexities, build your Viking legend, and unravel the mysteries of England. Remember, Vikingr, the path to glory is paved with exploration, strategic combat, and a thirst for knowledge. Now go forth, conquer your enemies, and carve your name in the halls of Valhalla!

Additional Tips:

Utilize your raven, Synin, to scout enemy positions and identify points of interest.

Prioritize upgrading your settlement to unlock essential shops and services.

Experiment with different weapon types and combat styles to find your perfect playstyle.

Complete side quests and activities to level up your character and acquire powerful gear.

Don’t be afraid to explore! The world of Valhalla is brimming with hidden treasures and secrets.


Q: What’s the main story like?

A: You play as Eivor, a Viking raider thrust into the heart of England’s Saxon conflicts. Forge alliances, conquer regions, and unravel the mysteries of a mystical order while uncovering the secrets of your past.

Q: Should I choose Male or Female Eivor?

A: It’s entirely up to you! Both options offer the same story and gameplay, so pick whichever you prefer.

Q: Where do I begin?

A: Start with the “Prologue” quests in Norway. These introduce you to the game’s mechanics and set the stage for your English adventure.

Q: How big is the world?

A: Valhalla boasts a vast open world encompassing all of England. Each region offers unique landscapes, stories, and challenges.

Q: How do I conquer England?

A: Focus on completing the alliance quests in each region. These involve completing main story missions, building your settlement (Ravensthorpe), and aiding local leaders.

Q: Should I complete everything in a region before moving on?

A: It’s not necessary. The beauty of Valhalla lies in its open-ended approach. Feel free to explore different regions and return later to mop up remaining content.

Q: What’s combat like?

A: Valhalla offers brutal Viking combat with a mix of light and heavy attacks, parries, and dodges. Master different weapon types and abilities to dominate enemies.

Q: How do I upgrade Eivor?

A: Spend ability points earned through combat and exploration on your skill tree. These unlock new combat moves, passive buffs, and assassination techniques.

Q: Are there different fighting styles?

A: Yes! You can choose between an aggressive Bear build, a balanced Raven build, or a stealthy Wolf build, tailoring your skills to your playstyle.

Q: What’s there to do besides the main story?

A: Tons! Explore hidden locations, uncover mysteries like flying papers and cursed areas, participate in drinking contests and flyting (Viking rap battles!), or raid enemy settlements for loot.

Q: How do I find hidden things?

A: Use Odin’s Sight, a special eagle vision that reveals hidden objects, enemies, and points of interest.

Q: Are there any puzzles?

A: You’ll encounter various environmental puzzles throughout the world, requiring you to manipulate objects or solve rune-based challenges.

Q: How important is my settlement (Ravensthorpe)?

A: Ravensthorpe is your central hub. Upgrade buildings to unlock new features like a blacksmith, a shipyard, and a stable. These provide access to better gear, mounts, and crew upgrades for your longship.

Q: How do I get the best gear?

A: Complete quests, raid monasteries and military camps, and upgrade your blacksmith in Ravensthorpe to craft the highest-tier armor and weapons.

Q: Can I customize my ship?

A: Yes! You can upgrade your longship’s appearance and crew stats, allowing you to tackle tougher naval battles.

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