the Forgotten Realms: A Guide to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Map


Baldur’s Gate 3 throws you headfirst into the sprawling world of the Forgotten Realms, a land brimming with danger, intrigue, and hidden secrets. Navigating this vast landscape is a crucial part of the Baldur’s Gate 3 experience, and that’s where the game’s map comes in. This guide will serve as your compass, detailing the known regions, points of interest, and resources available to aid you on your adventure.

Baldur's Gate 3

A Celestial Prison: The Nautiloid

The Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure begins not on the ground, but amongst the swirling nebulas aboard the Nautiloid, a mind flayer vessel. This introductory section functions as a tutorial, allowing you to grasp the game’s mechanics and potentially recruit companions like Shadowheart and La’zel. Despite its relatively small size, the Nautiloid holds secrets. Keep an eye out for hidden compartments, the unique weapon “Greatsword, Heartstealer,” and crucial story-related items.

Consulting a Baldur’s Gate 3 Nautiloid map [IGN Baldur’s Gate 3 Nautiloid Map] will help you ensure you’ve explored every corner of the ship before initiating your escape.

Untamed Wilderness and the Lurking Underdark: Act 1

Having escaped the Nautiloid, you find yourself crash-landing in the unforgiving wilderness surrounding Baldur’s Gate. This expansive map, encompassing the surface world and the treacherous Underdark, is where a large portion of Act 1 unfolds.

The wilderness map is vast and teeming with opportunities for exploration. Here’s what you can expect to find:

Points of Interest: Keep your eyes peeled for landmarks like the Druid Grove, a haven for druidic folk, and the goblin camp, where danger and potential rewards await.

Hidden Secrets: The wilderness is riddled with secrets waiting to be unearthed. These include hidden stashes, cryptic puzzles, and powerful equipment.

Unique Encounters: Prepare for unexpected encounters with all sorts of creatures, from passive herbivores to territorial predators.

The Underdark, accessible through specific story beats, offers a stark contrast to the surface world. This subterranean labyrinth is a realm of perpetual darkness, inhabited by monstrous creatures like duergar and drow. While the Underdark offers valuable resources and lore, venturing here is fraught with peril.

Here are some resources to help you navigate the vast Act 1 wilderness and Underdark:

Interactive Map: Utilize online interactive maps [Map Genie Baldur’s Gate 3 Wilderness Map] to pinpoint locations of interest, track completed quests, and mark undiscovered areas.

Community Guides: Online communities and forums often have detailed guides dissecting the Act 1 map, highlighting hidden areas and missable content.

Shadow-Cursed Lands and the Call of the City: Act 2 & 3 (Potential Spoilers)

While details about the later Acts of Baldur’s Gate 3 are still under wraps, leaks and datamining suggest players will venture into the Shadow-Cursed Lands and eventually reach the metropolis of Baldur’s Gate itself.

The Shadow-Cursed Lands: This desolate region is rumored to be warped by a mysterious curse, impacting the environment and potentially harboring monstrous denizens.

Baldur’s Gate: The once-proud city has fallen under the control of the tyrannical Flaming Fist mercenaries. Reaching Baldur’s Gate will likely be a pivotal moment in the narrative, offering opportunities for grand quests and potentially altering the city’s fate.

It’s important to note that information regarding the later Acts is subject to change, and as the game receives updates, the map might expand to encompass new regions.

Beyond the Map: Tools for Exploration

While the map serves as a valuable tool for navigation, several other resources enhance your Baldur’s Gate 3 exploration:

Fast Travel: Uncover specific waypoints throughout the map to unlock fast travel, allowing you to revisit explored locations quickly.

Environmental Clues: The world itself offers hints and clues. Look for landmarks, damaged structures, and environmental storytelling to guide your exploration.

Party Composition: Consider the strengths of your party members. A character with darkvision might be invaluable in the Underdark, while a ranger with proficiency in tracking could prove beneficial in the wilderness.

Conclusion: Charting Your Course Through the Forgotten Realms

The Baldur’s Gate 3 map is a gateway to adventure, beckoning you to explore its diverse landscapes and uncover its hidden secrets. By utilizing the map alongside available resources and your party’s unique skill sets, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the challenges and shaping the destiny of the Forgotten Realms


Are there official BG3 maps available?

Unfortunately, there are no official in-game maps included with BG3. However, the internet comes to the rescue!

Where can I find good BG3 maps online?

Two popular options are Fextralife’s Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki [Baldur’s Gate 3 Interactive Map] and Map Genie’s Baldur’s Gate 3 Maps [Baldur’s Gate 3 Interactive Map]. Both offer interactive maps with detailed information on locations, items, quests, and more.

What areas does the BG3 map cover?

The map expands as you progress through the game. It currently covers key locations like:

The Nautiloid: The mind flayer ship where your adventure starts.

The Wilderness: Open-world exploration filled with points of interest and hidden secrets.

The Underdark: A vast network of caverns with unique challenges.

Shadow-Cursed Lands: A desolate region filled with danger and potential rewards.

Baldur’s Gate (Early Access not yet available): The iconic city itself (coming in future updates).

What kind of information can I find on the BG3 map?

These interactive maps are treasure troves of information! You can find details on:

Waypoints: Key points of interest that guide your exploration.

Quests: Locations related to main and side quests.

Items: Legendary equipment, unique weapons, hidden chests, and more.

NPCs: Merchants, companions, and other characters you can interact with.

Secrets: Hidden areas, puzzles, and lore tidbits to uncover.

Can I track my progress on the BG3 map?

Yes! Many online BG3 maps allow you to mark locations you’ve visited, items you’ve collected, and quests you’ve completed. This helps you stay organized and ensure you don’t miss anything.

Are there different versions of the BG3 map? **

The BG3 world is constantly being expanded with new content updates. The online maps are regularly updated to reflect these changes, ensuring you have the latest information.

What if I prefer a physical, non-digital map?

While there are no official physical maps available, some fans create and share their own designs online. You might find one that suits your needs with a quick web search.

I’m new to BG3. Will the map spoil the game for me?

The beauty of these maps lies in their customizability. You can choose to reveal only what you want to see, avoiding spoilers and keeping the exploration exciting.

Are there any tips for using the BG3 map effectively?

Use the map filters to focus on specific points of interest, like quests or hidden items.

Take notes on the map to remember personal discoveries or interesting lore details.

Don’t rely solely on the map – exploring and getting lost can be part of the fun!

I’m stuck! Can the BG3 map help me get unstuck?

Absolutely! If you’re lost or unsure where to go next, the map can help you find your way back to the main path or revisit a previous location for clues.

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