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Best class poe, Path of Exile (POE) throws you into a world brimming with dark fantasy and relentless action. Choosing your character class is the first crucial step in this odyssey. With seven base classes and a staggering 19 Ascendancy subclasses, the options can be overwhelming. Fear not, Exile! This guide will delve into the current state of POE classes (as of Patch 3.24) to help you forge your path.

Best class poe

What Makes a “Best” Class in POE?

There’s no single “best” class in POE. The beauty lies in its customization. Here are factors to consider when choosing your class:

Playstyle Preference: Do you crave the raw power of a hulking Marauder or the swift dexterity of a Shadow? POE caters to a variety of playstyles – melee, ranged attacks, spellcasting, minion summoning – each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Difficulty: Some Ascendancies are beginner-friendly, like the Juggernaut (high survivability) or the Trickster (evasion and damage). Others – like the Occultist (chaos damage) or the Deadeye (projectile damage) – have a steeper learning curve.

League Mechanics: Certain leagues favor specific playstyles. For example, Leagues with a focus on minion viability might make the Necromancer (Witch Ascendancy) particularly strong.

This article will explore the strengths of each base class and some of their top Ascendancy choices based on current POE trends and community discussions.

The Ascendancy Classes: Unveiling Hidden Potential

The Witch: Mistress of Arcane Might

The Witch excels in spellcasting and arcane manipulation. She boasts high intelligence and access to powerful Energy Shields for defense. Here are two top Ascendancy picks for the Witch:

Elementalist: A master of elemental damage, the Elementalist lets you ignite, chill, and shock enemies with devastating efficiency. This Ascendancy is particularly strong with skills that deal multiple elemental ailments.Necromancer: If you prefer legions of undead minions doing your bidding, the Necromancer is the choice for you. This Ascendancy bolsters minion survivability, damage, and utility, making you a master of the dark arts.

The Shadow: A Master of Deception

The Shadow is all about agility and cunning. With high Dexterity and access to evasion mechanics, the Shadow is a master of avoiding damage. Here are two top Ascendancy picks:

Assassin: This Ascendancy excels at high single-target damage, making it perfect for eliminating bosses and priority targets. Their critical strike chance and damage bonuses are unmatched.

Trickster: If survivability is your priority, the Trickster is your best bet. This Ascendancy boasts high evasion, movement speed, and the ability to phase through enemies, making them incredibly slippery foes.

The Ranger: Swift and Deadly Marksman

The Ranger is a master of ranged combat, with high Dexterity and access to powerful bows and throwing weapons. They excel at dealing damage from afar. Here are two top Ascendancy picks:

Deadeye: This Ascendancy is the undisputed king of projectile damage. With bonuses to critical strike chance, projectile speed, and accuracy, the Deadeye can unleash a hail of deadly arrows that decimate foes.

Pathfinder: This Ascendancy focuses on utility and movement speed. Pathfinders have tools for increased flask charges, resource generation, and movement speed, making them highly mobile and versatile.

The Duelist: A Jack of All Trades

The Duelist sits between Strength and Dexterity, offering a blend of melee and ranged combat options. This class is perfect for players who can’t decide between brute force or swift strikes. Here are two top Ascendancy picks for the Duelist:

Slayer: This Ascendancy excels at dealing high amounts of physical damage while leeching life back from enemies. Slayers are incredibly durable and can wade into battle with reckless abandon.

Champion: If you prefer a more defensive playstyle, the Champion is the answer. This Ascendancy boasts high block chance, armor bonuses, and the ability to taunt enemies, making them an immovable wall of defense.


Q: So, there’s no “best” class?

A: Not exactly. POE’s beauty lies in its variety. Each class excels in different areas, and the “best” depends on your playstyle. Do you crave unleashing torrents of spells? Crushing foes with brute force? Or perhaps you favor a cunning, agile approach? Each class caters to a specific fantasy.

Q: Alright, what are the classes then?

A: POE boasts seven core classes, each with its own starting stats and playstyle:

Marauder: The ultimate tank. High strength makes them damage sponges, perfect for those who like to wade into battle.

Duelist: A jack-of-all-trades, favoring either Strength or Dexterity. They can be sturdy fighters or nimble duelists.

Ranger: Masters of dexterity and evasion, raining down attacks from afar or weaving through enemy strikes.

Witch: The magic powerhouse. High intelligence grants access to powerful spells and minion summoning.

Templar: A blend of strength and intelligence. They can be holy warriors, wielding both offensive magic and defensive auras.

Shadow: The cunning rogue. High dexterity and intelligence make them masters of evasion and damage over time.

Scion: The odd one out. Unlocked later, they have access to all areas of the passive skill tree, offering maximum flexibility for creating hybrid builds.

Q: Can you elaborate on playstyles?

A! Sure. Here’s a quick rundown:

Marauder & Duelist (Strength): Think giant axes, earth-shattering slams, and soaking up punishment.

Duelist (Dexterity): Dual-wielding swords, rapid attacks, and dodging like a pro.

Ranger: Bows, elemental attacks, and setting traps for unsuspecting enemies.

Witch: Fireballs, lightning bolts, summoning hordes of minions to do your bidding.

Templar: Channeling holy magic, buffing allies, and wielding righteous fury in battle.

Shadow: Throwing daggers, poisoning foes, and vanishing into the shadows before they can react.

Scion: The beauty of the Scion is you can be anything! Want a spellcasting tank? A minion-mastering duelist? The Scion lets you explore unique combinations.

Q: I’m new, what class should I pick?

A: If you’re fresh off the boat, the Witch, Duelist (Strength), or Templar are great choices. They offer a good balance of offense and defense, making the learning curve a bit smoother.

Q: I found a cool build guide online, but it uses a different class!

A: Don’t worry! Most builds can be adapted to different classes with some adjustments. The core mechanics might change slightly, but the overall concept should still work.

Q: Where can I find good build guides?

A: The POE community is fantastic! Check out resources like, and YouTube channels like [Zizaran’s Path of Exile Guides]([YouTube Zizaran’s Path of Exile Guides]) for tons of beginner-friendly guides.

Q: Are there any tier lists?

A: There are, but take them with a grain of salt. The “best” class can fluctuate depending on the game’s current balance and the league you’re playing. A strong class in one league might be average in another. Focus on what interests you and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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