A Guide to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Adamantine Forge


BG3 Adamantine forge, Deep within the Underdark, shrouded in mystery and guarded by a fearsome foe, lies the Adamantine Forge – a powerful tool coveted by adventurers in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Adamantine Forge, from its location and activation to crafting legendary equipment and facing the dangers that lurk within.

BG3 Adamantine forge

The Quest for Adamantine: Why You Need the Forge

The Adamantine Forge isn’t just a scenic landmark. It’s a crucial element in crafting top-tier weapons and armor. Adamantine, a near-indestructible alloy, imbues equipment with exceptional properties, making it highly desirable for adventurers venturing into the perilous depths of the Underdark. By utilizing the forge, you can transform basic gear into instruments of war capable of facing the toughest foes.

Locating the Forge: A Journey into the Underdark

The Adamantine Forge lies hidden within the Abandoned Refuge, a treacherous area nestled in Act One of BG3. Reaching it requires navigating the Underdark, a hostile subterranean realm teeming with monstrous threats. To access the Underdark, you’ll need to travel to the Underdark Beach waypoint and take a boat across the lake. Be prepared, as the Duergar, a race of dwarf-like warriors, might contest your passage.

Once you’ve crossed the lake, you’ll find yourself in Grymforge, a sprawling dwarven complex. The Abandoned Refuge is adjacent to Grymforge; explore the area thoroughly to find the entrance. Be cautious, as the Refuge is crawling with dangers, from Duergar patrols to ettercaps and other Underdark denizens.

Activating the Forge: A Puzzle of Levers and Lava

Having braved the dangers, you now stand before the Adamantine Forge, an imposing structure radiating heat and power. But it’s not operational yet. To activate the forge, you’ll need to solve a mechanical puzzle involving levers and a platform. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Locate the Platform and Lever: Look for a large circular platform in the center of the chamber. A lever is situated on the far side of the platform.

Lowering the Platform: Interact with the lever to bring the platform down. This allows access to the lower level of the forge, where the crafting magic happens.

Raising the Platform (Optional): There’s a button located behind the lever. However, you can only activate it while standing on the lowered platform. This is useful if you need to revisit the upper level after crafting.

The Crafting Process: From Mold to Masterpiece

With the platform lowered, you’re ready to unleash the forge’s potential. Here’s what you need to craft a legendary equipment piece:

Mold Acquisition: The first step is acquiring a mold. These can be found throughout the game world, often hidden in treasure chests or dropped by enemies. Explore diligently and keep an eye out for these vital crafting components.

Mithral Acquisition: The second ingredient is Mithral ore, a rare metal crucial for the adamantine forging process. You can find Mithral veins in the Underdark, but be prepared to fight off creatures guarding them. Alternatively, Mithral ore might be available from merchants in certain settlements, albeit at a hefty price.

Mold Placement: Insert the acquired mold into the designated chamber within the forge.

Mithral Offering: Place the Mithral ore into the crucible, a large cauldron in the center of the forge.

Activating the Forge: Interact with the forge lever once more. This triggers a massive hammer to slam down, initiating the forging process.

Lava Flow (Optional): After activating the lever, you might notice a valve near a large grate. Opening this valve allows lava to flow into the forge, potentially enhancing the crafted item’s properties. However, using lava comes with a risk – it can also destroy your creation if not handled carefully.

Retrieving Your Gear: Once the forging process is complete, the finished weapon or armor will be located near the mold chamber. Equip it and witness the power of adamantine firsthand!

The Guardian Awaits: A Fiery Challenge

But obtaining the forge’s bounty isn’t without consequence. A formidable guardian, Grim – a colossal construct forged from magma – awakens upon activating the forge. Grim is a fierce opponent, immune to both physical and magical attacks. Here are some strategies to overcome this fiery foe:

Environmental Advantage: Utilize the lava flow to your advantage. Lure Grim towards the lava streams and watch him take damage. Just be mindful not to get caught in the flow yourself.


What is the Adamantine Forge?

The Adamantine Forge is a special location in Act One of BG3. It’s a powerful furnace that can craft exceptional gear using rare materials.

Where do I find the Adamantine Forge?

The forge is hidden deep within the Underdark. You’ll need to travel to the Underdark Beach waypoint and take a boat to Grymforge. Look for the Abandoned Refuge area adjacent to Grymforge – the forge is located there.

How do I use the Adamantine Forge?

The forge requires three things to function: a mold, Mithral Ore, and a lever. Place the mold in the chamber, add Mithral Ore to the crucible, and pull the lever. This lowers the forge and allows you to activate the lava flow for crafting.

Where do I find Mithral Ore?

Mithral Ore can be found in the Underdark. Look for glowing blue veins on the walls, especially near the Mithril vein blocked by debris close to the forge. Destroy the debris and collect the ore for crafting.

What kind of molds can I use?

The type of mold determines the equipment you create. You can find various weapon and armor molds throughout the Underdark, often hidden in chests or as quest rewards.

Is there a cost to using the Adamantine Forge?

Yes, each use consumes one piece of Mithral Ore. So, use your forge wisely and make sure you have enough ore for the desired equipment.

What are the benefits of using the Adamantine Forge?

The crafted weapons and armor are significantly more powerful than what you can find through exploration or purchase. They offer superior stats and unique enchantments.

Are there any dangers involved with the Adamantine Forge?

Yes, a powerful guardian named Grim protects the forge. You’ll need to defeat Grim in combat before claiming your crafted gear.

What’s the best way to defeat Grim?

Grim is a tough opponent, so come prepared with a strong party and effective tactics. Ranged attacks and crowd control spells can be very helpful.

Can I revisit the Adamantine Forge later?

Yes, once you’ve cleared the area, you can return to the forge at any point to craft additional equipment using new molds and Mithral Ore.

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