Dribbles the Clown: A Grisly Side Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3


In the wacky, yet often horrifying world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), players encounter a memorable character named Dribbles the Clown. Dribbles isn’t your typical jovial circus performer. This quest takes a dark turn, leading players on a gruesome scavenger hunt to find his dismembered remains.

This guide dives into everything you need to know about Dribbles the Clown in BG3, including how to start the quest, locate his scattered body parts, and the shocking twist that awaits.

The Disappearance of Dribbles

The quest “Find Dribbles the Clown” begins in Act 3 within the flamboyant confines of the Circus of the Last Days located in Rivington. As you approach the main stage, Dribbles appears to be putting on a comedic show. However, things aren’t quite as they seem.

Interacting with Dribbles reveals a doppelganger named Fumm has impersonated the real clown. A fight ensues, and after defeating Fumm, you’ll learn the tragic fate of the true Dribbles.

Lucretius, the eccentric ringmaster of the Circus, approaches you with a proposition. He believes Dribbles is likely dead, but as a necromancer, he desires to resurrect the beloved clown. To aid Lucretius in this morbid task, you must embark on a quest to recover Dribbles’ scattered body parts.

The Grisly Search Begins

Here’s where the fun – or perhaps we should say, the disturbing part – begins. Your search for Dribbles’ remains takes you across various locations within Baldur’s Gate, and unearthing each piece unveils a grim scene hinting at his demise. Be prepared for graphic descriptions as we delve into the whereabouts of Dribbles’ body parts:

  • Dribbles’ Severed Hand: Head to Popper, the diminutive kobold merchant within the Circus grounds. A closer look at the table behind him reveals a severed hand – Dribbles’ hand, to be precise – complete with a distinctive ring. This grisly discovery serves as your first clue and officially updates the quest in your journal.
  • Dribbles’ Head: Travel to the Undercity Ruins, north of the Temple of Bhaal waypoint. Here, amidst the decaying structures, you’ll find the decapitated head of Dribbles. Be wary, a foe named Wilting Alex guards this gruesome trophy.
  • Dribbles’ Arm: Your search takes you to the Lower City, specifically the Peartree House located southeast of Sorcerous Sundries. This boarded-up building requires some forceful entry (via lockpicking or brute force) before you can descend into a hidden hatch. Brace yourself for another macabre scene – a murdered individual clutching Dribbles’ severed arm. A note from a mysterious figure named Orin sheds some light on the events that transpired.
  • Dribles’ Pelvis: The final piece of the puzzle lies within Baldur’s Gate itself. Head north from the Basilisk Gate waypoint and enter an unmarked building nestled against the north wall. Be prepared to deal with a locked door before you can access the horrifying scene inside – Dribbles’ severed pelvis. A document titled “Balthazar, the Fifth” offers another cryptic clue.

The Shocking Twist and the Reward

Once you’ve collected all of Dribbles’ remains, return to Lucretius at the Circus. Here’s where the quest takes a surprising turn. Instead of resurrecting Dribbles, Lucretius reveals a more sinister plan. He intends to use Dribbles’ body parts to fuel a powerful necromantic ritual!

At this point, you have a crucial decision to make:

  • Succumb to Lucretius’ Demands: If you choose to side with Lucretius, the ritual proceeds, and you gain a rare magical item as your reward. The moral implications of this choice weigh heavily, as you’ve essentially aided a necromancer in his dark magic.
  • Defy Lucretius: The alternative path involves a fierce battle against Lucretius and his minions. Emerging victorious grants you a different, albeit less powerful, magical item. This path aligns with a more heroic character archetype.

Beyond the Quest: Unveiling the Mystery

While the quest concludes with your decision regarding Lucretius, a lingering question remains: who is responsible for Dribbles’ gruesome demise? The notes found alongside his body parts offer hints. The name “Balthazar” appears in one, suggesting a potential culprit. Additionally, Orin, mentioned in another note, seems to be aware of the events.

Unfortunately, the full story behind Dribbles’ murder remains shrouded in mystery. Whether future Baldur’s Gate 3 updates or downloadable content (DLC) will shed light on


Q. Who is Dribbles the Clown?

Dribbles, or Norris Greenie by his real name, is a clown performing at the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3 of BG3 bg3 dribbles the clown. He seems like a jolly entertainer, but things take a dark turn when you discover he’s an imposter!

Q. Wait, an imposter? What happened to the real Dribbles?

The first “Dribbles” you encounter is a doppelganger named Fumm. After a fight, you’ll learn the real Dribbles is missing, and Lucretius, the circus ringmaster, tasks you with finding him.

Q. Is Dribbles alive?

The quest “Find Dribbles the Clown” suggests a grim fate for the real clown. You’ll be searching for Dribbles’ scattered body parts throughout Baldur’s Gate.

Q. Where do I find Dribbles’ body parts?

Brace yourself for a macabre scavenger hunt! Here’s a breakdown of where to find each gruesome piece:

  • Head: Undercity Ruins, north of the Temple of Bhaal waypoint. Look for the corpse of Wilting Alex.
  • Arm: Lower City in the Peartree House (southeast of Sorcerous Sundries). You’ll need to break through boarded-up windows and find a hidden hatch.
  • Pelvis: Head directly north from the Basilisk Gate waypoint and enter an unmarked building. Be prepared to pick the lock or break the door.
  • Leg: Lavernica’s House (slightly west of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint). Look for a dead body in a chamber filled with slain spiders.

Q. What do I get for finding Dribbles’ remains?

While there’s no closure for Dribbles, reuniting his body parts with Lucretius grants you some rewards. The exact rewards may vary depending on your choices, but you can expect some experience points and potentially unique items.

Q. Are there any clues as to who killed Dribbles?

Yes! Each body part you find comes with a note hinting at the culprit. By piecing the notes together, you can potentially identify Dribbles’ killer.

Q. Is there a way to save Dribbles?

Unfortunately, no. By the time you embark on this quest, Dribbles’ fate is already sealed.

Q. Is the “Find Dribbles the Clown” quest missable?

Technically, no. You can complete it even after progressing through the story in Baldur’s Gate. However, some body parts might become inaccessible depending on your choices.

Q. I heard Dribbles can be a doppelganger himself. Is that true?

There seems to be some confusion online about Dribbles being a doppelganger. While you fight a doppelganger disguised as Dribbles, the real Dribbles appear to be a genuine human clown.

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