Birgit Wetzinger: From Flight Attendant to Wife of a Legend


Birgit Wetzinger’s name is often mentioned alongside Niki Lauda, the three-time Formula One World Champion. But beyond being his wife, Birgit carved her own path, working as a flight attendant and living a private life. This article delves into her life, exploring her journey from meeting Niki Lauda to her current endeavors.

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From Takeoff to Love: Meeting Niki Lauda

Born on March 4, 1979, Birgit Wetzinger’s early life remains largely private. Sources suggest she hails from Vienna, Austria, and pursued a career as a flight attendant after graduation. Her educational background hints at a focus on aviation, with some reports mentioning a diploma in Aviation and others suggesting a degree in Hospitality and Management.

This career choice proved pivotal. It was while working for Lauda Air, Niki Lauda’s airline, that their paths crossed. Details about their initial encounters are scarce, but their relationship blossomed. Niki Lauda, a legendary figure in Formula One racing, had already been married once and had two sons from that union. Birgit brought a different dynamic, and they married in 2008.

Building a Life Together: Marriage and Family

Birgit’s life became intertwined with Niki Lauda’s racing legacy. While details about their private life remain guarded, she was a constant source of support for Niki. In 2009, a year after their wedding, Birgit gave birth to twins, Max and Mia. The arrival of their children undoubtedly brought immense joy to the couple.

Niki Lauda was known for his fiercely competitive spirit on the track and his meticulous approach to business. Birgit, on the other hand, preferred a quieter life. She rarely appeared at public events with Niki, and there are no known social media accounts associated with her. This privacy fueled public curiosity, and many questions arose about her role within the Lauda family.

Facing Challenges: The Lawsuit and Aftermath

In 2016, tragedy struck when Niki Lauda passed away. Three years later, in 2019, news broke about a lawsuit filed by Birgit against the Lauda family foundation. According to reports, she contested the distribution of Niki’s estate, seeking a significant sum of money. This legal battle cast a shadow over Birgit’s public image, with some portraying her actions as insensitive towards Niki’s children from his first marriage.

The details of the lawsuit settlement remain confidential. However, it undoubtedly caused a rift within the Lauda family.

Life After Niki: Where is Birgit Wetzinger Today?

Since the lawsuit and the subsequent media frenzy, Birgit Wetzinger has retreated further into private life. There are no recent public appearances or interviews. Her current whereabouts and activities remain unknown.

While the public narrative often focuses on the legal dispute, it’s important to remember Birgit’s life beyond that singular event. She built a successful career as a flight attendant, met and married a racing legend, and together they raised a family.

Beyond the Headlines: A Look at Birgit Wetzinger’s Legacy

Birgit Wetzinger’s story extends beyond being Niki Lauda’s wife. She carved her own path, achieving professional success and building a family. While the lawsuit undoubtedly tarnished her public image, it shouldn’t overshadow her life as an independent woman.

The privacy surrounding Birgit makes it difficult to understand her motivations and perspectives. However, it’s important to acknowledge the complexities of family dynamics, particularly when dealing with significant estates.

The story of Birgit Wetzinger is a reminder that public figures often have private lives filled with challenges and complexities. While the lawsuit garnered significant attention, it’s just one facet of a much larger narrative.


Who is Birgit Wetzinger?

Birgit Wetzinger is best known for being the second wife of the legendary Formula One driver, Niki Lauda.

When was Birgit Wetzinger married to Niki Lauda?

Birgit and Niki Lauda were married from 2008 until his passing in 2019.

What did Birgit Wetzinger do for a living?

Before marrying Niki Lauda, Birgit worked as a flight attendant for Lauda Air, the airline founded by Niki himself. There’s also some speculation that she may have a degree in Hospitality and Management.

How many children do Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda have?

Birgit and Niki had twins together, a son named Max and a daughter named Mia, born in 2009.

What happened after Niki Lauda passed away?

Following Niki Lauda’s death in 2019, Birgit became involved in a well-publicized legal dispute with Lauda’s foundation and his children from his first marriage.

Is Birgit Wetzinger on social media?

No, Birgit Wetzinger reportedly avoids social media and maintains a private life.

Where was Birgit Wetzinger born?

Birgit Wetzinger was born in Vienna, Austria on March 4, 1979.

How old is Birgit Wetzinger?

As of today, May 30, 2024, Birgit Wetzinger is 45 years old.

How did Birgit Wetzinger meet Niki Lauda?

It is believed that Birgit met Niki Lauda while working as a flight attendant for his airline, Lauda Air.

What is Birgit Wetzinger’s net worth?

There are varying estimates of Birgit Wetzinger’s net worth, with some sources suggesting it could be around $3 million. It’s important to remember that such figures are not always accurate.

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